Best of the Best

Take a tour of my most craptastic work, won't you?

See my Ginormous Music Room Mirror:

See my Pantry Makeover:

See my oh-so-Pinteresting, NOT made by me longitude/latitude signs,

and where they really came from here.

See my This Old House Inspired Garden:

See my Living Room Molding:

See my Stairs Re-no:

See my Window Seat and flanking built-ins:

See my Spice Shelves:

See my Easy Peasy Heels Shelves:

See my Mudroom Wall:

See my (hated by the hubs) Mudroom Floor:

See it again, and still hated:

And again, (and still hated):

See My Open Shelving:

See my Faux Wainscoting here and here:

See my Ginormous Subway Art:

See my Faux French Door:

See my Outdoor Lamp Post Made Indoor:

See my son's Window Bed here:

See my bedroom makeover, including my vanity table, here:

See my Photo Booth Wall: