Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's done is done.

So I got off my fat butt and finished my living room today.

Also, I've never used so much math in my life as now, working on this joint. Honest.

Also, I'm more sceered of the saw now than ever.

Also, check out all these pieces.

That's probably half.

But the living room, man. The living room is done. Really. Okay, fine-- mostly.

I'm tired, man.

I need a hot bath.

I stinketh.

Of course we need a before. Of course!

And it just needed a little somethin' somethin'. Didn't it?

Trim. Trim makes everything better. EVERYTHING. It even goes with veggies. True story.

And again, here is my freak out point.

But I pressed on. Let's get some angles, baby!

Umkay. My main wall. My couch wall.


Um, I um, have one leg longer than the other er something. . .er maybe a hump back. Er both. That's why I can't take a straight picture. . . (do you feel like you're falling over?)
My aquarium wall.


This other, (and seriously bowed {I found out}) wall.

See. Look?

I'm not knockin' my house- everyone has a bowed wall somewhere or other.


Are these bams annoying? Also, apparently I need to clean my wall 'smore. I really did clean it though- I swear.
(thanks Jace)

That there's a pencil in my mouth. It's to help with the pain. The pain of being a pain in the A!
Next up- trimming out those windows.
Stealin' my brother and sister in law's gawgeous trim idea- with their permission of course:

Like so. Stay tuned.

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Angela said...

Impressive. Love trim and moulding.

WhettenWild said...

It looks great!

The trim around the windows is really pretty.

chris w said...

Gaw-geous. Seriously - amazing work. So impressive. You are the woman. Bam!

dena4kids said...

Nice job Girl! I love it! Can't wait to see the windows!

Kendall said...

Wow, the trim makes such a huge difference! I love that you didn't do the standard placement that you see in model homes and such. It really looks great!

So glad I found your blog through Sanctuary Arts at Home! Stop by and say hello sometime. I'm giving away a decorating book per day through next Wednesday in honor of exceeding 200 followers! Come check it out. Today's book is The Nest's Book of Home Design!

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

I love that! I can't believe you took that on and finished no less.
Great job.

Teri said...

Love it! So calm and peaceful! (And yes, I frequently feel like I'm falling over! :) )

Audra said...

This is be.u.ti.ful! What does the French quote say?

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Lovin' it! I have been wanting to do a wall with a bunch of trim for ages...very inspiring!

Dolly said...

Wow that trim makes a world of difference! I love it! Hooray for you girl!

That love seat makes me drool...... where on earth did you find that gem?
I am lovin it!!!!

Hugz, Dolly

Betsy and Randy Justis - and Ellen and Laura, too! said...

Love it! What color is the paint?