Friday, March 5, 2010

2 birds with one stone.

So, um, we're "enjoying" snow here again (although "enjoying" is a very relative term), and of course first thing after breakfast the homies headed out in it. And, of course, when they came back in they took a big dump.

Er I guess I should say dumped their stuff.

This stuff is also clogging up my hall closet, man. 'Cause, you know, dumps often do clog. I've had plans to do something about it but have sat on my lazy butt, just not doing it.

So here's to #83 AND #84's completion!

First, or A, got myself a 4 ft piece of pine. Ya know, some cheap stuff. $3 at very most.

Painted it black, distressed it. 'Cause apparently I have "distress sickness". Symptoms include not being able to paint anything without taking sandpaper to it's edges.

Might you be afflicted too?

Took these hooks leftover from this re-do.

And applied them, like so.

This is where frustration set in. You see, the drill and I. We are not one with each other. Not.At.All. He's suuuuch a butthead.

Anywho after multiple cussings and cursings, I got this bad boy set up on the wall.
(This is going down to the basement. It's a good spot-- out of the way, not too visible, but in reach).

You know what this needs? A giant oversized poster of Atlantic City.

Er, some numbers.

Oh! And some clothes pins. Yeee-ah! They can hold lil mittens.

Like so.

Huh. Looks like a certain 5 year old rolled around in the mud. Well, there.
C'est finis.

And ya know, maybe this is just a tad late in the winter department. But I see these hooks holding up bathing suits and towels, too. So if I'm too late for winter, well, that won't hurt my feelings at all. Not.At.All.


chris w said...

SUCH a good idea. You are the idea queen.

La TempĂȘte said...

LOVE IT. LOL at Atlantic City. I love that movie.

dena4kids said...

LOL! Atlantic city...good times...
Love the idea! Great job!

Emily said...

that is awesome. I want a coat rack like that I just don't know where to put it. My house is crazy, no place to put anything

WhettenWild said...

That is such a great idea! I hate having coats and boots all over all of the time.

And hopefully you did just jinx yourself into an early spring =)

Rebecca D said...

What a good idea... I love the little clips...

Anonymous said...

Love you for the inspiration! Read the post and ran for the clothes pins and black paint. Gonna glue 'em on today! WOOT!

Rebecca D said...

I linked up to you on my Sunday Driving post… I hope you don’t mind… not that my three readers will make any difference to you in the long run…

Kim said...

CLOTHES PINS!!!!!!! just what I was missing! I am sooo adding them to mine (& painting mine - I didn't 'waste the time' when Dh was eager to hang the board -gotta take the 'help' when I can get it) THANK YOU!!