Tuesday, December 29, 2009

101 in 1001.

101 "to-do's " in 1001 days.

I got the idea from here, and I have adored the idea ever since I saw it a couple years back. And hey, it's new years! This is the time to do something like this.

And lemme just say, it's kinda hard to make a list of 101 things. Good grief. This took me several days to think about the fun things I want to accomplish. Do I expect to do them all? Heck to the no. For the record, Melissa Jill got 60 done out of 101. That's pretty dang good. I'll be happy if I do 30. So, onward with ze leest!

I'm gonna level with ya-- just writing the numbers on my piece of paper alone gave me a perfect "#1" to-do.

1. Fix the handwriting
2. Do the splits again (muwahawhaha)
3. Tile the bathrooms
4. Learn to play the harmonica
5. Take the boys camping
6. Go 365 Days without.one.swear.
7. Make a "scratch a day on the wall" chart for the no swears promise
8. Fix Jace's lisp before kindergarten
9. Cash out/close Wells Fargo Account
10. Sell other house
11. Get more life insurance
12. Double our savings account
13. Take the boys fishing
14. Potty train Johnny
15. Make a french "Metro" sign for the downstairs
16. Get a rad looking "street light" lamp for the family room
17. Be completely confident with the flute
18. Practice a lot (see #17)
19. Super Duper organize my closet
20. Learn to really sew
21. Practice violin again
22. Have violin restrung (so #21 can be accomplished)
23. Stay on top of the stupid cell phone bill
24. Start Jamison & Jace on piano lessons
25. Get a new filing cabinet
26. Organize said cabinet
27. Teach Johnny to read
28. Organize the basement
29. Learn to decorate a fancy cake
30. Fix my nasty feet (this will NOT be explained)
31. Make my table runners
32. Organize the gay-rage
33. Learn calligraphy
34. Learn to play the guitar
35. Have vein on my face removed
36. While having vein removed, consider a little laser hair removal
37. Have a full years' food storage
38. Stain headboard and footboard for a beautiful bed (finally)
39. Take boys for one-on-one activities
40. Help Jamison with basketball skills
41. Work on more meaningful FHE's
42. Have a seriously organized pantry
43. Learn to dive well
44. Be 90% less a whiner
45. Get a great tan
46. Put the scriptures 1st in the day
47. Visit the temple 1 time a month
48. Learn to cook great Chinese food
49. Have a Chinese food shindig
50. Have an appetizer/comedy night
51. Potty train Mckenna (I have 1001 days, after all)
52. Get a good mixer so I can
53. Make deelicious bread like Sis. Craig
54. And deelicious southern biscuits like Dena (don't need the mixer for that, I know)
55. Have a fondue party
56. Get Kenna to sleep through the night (really soon, PLEASE)
57. Glass etch the goblets (oooh plans)
58. Get an upside down goblet holder thingy
59. Get a cheese grater thingy like at Olive Garden
60. Find Olive Garden's salad recipe
61. Get a chest freezer
62. Seal the tile and grout in the boys bathroom
63. Figure out some rad organization around my computer for projects
64. Get all the old pics off my old computer and onto our external drive
65. Learn to juggle again and well
66. Teach the boys to swim
67. Teach the boys to ride a bike
68. Visit Mo in Cheecago
69 Visit Mo in Cheecago
70. Visit Mo in Cheecago
71. Visit my homegirls in NC
72. Learn to shoot in full manual mode, and well
73. Get the shutters up on the "door"
74. Find those cool roman numerals for the other side of the wall (ooh I love them)
75. Get the piano tuned again
76. Visit the dentist (after one year-- oops)
77. Learn to do a flip (muwaahahahah)
78. Real toy boxes for the playroom
79. Learn how to get up before my kids, shower, and get them to school on time
80. Speaking of which, get the kids caught up on immunizations
81. Re-landscape the yard (less water, less mow)
82. Learn to make a gawgeous lookin' pie crust
83. Organize the downstairs closet
84. Get the hooks up for snow clothes
85. Tile the mudroom
86. Ask Jeff nicely to some day do the mantel
87. Make/buy/redo the piano bench to fit the style of the room
88. Clean the stairs going down to the basement (ew)
89. Be kind to everyone, even if they're totally annoying me
90. Get over my fear of public speaking
91. Get enough sleep
92. Know everyone in the ward
93. Spend less time on the computer
94. Get the chandeliers up
95. Make a cleaning list and stick to it
96. Compose an arrangement on the piano
97. Compose an original song
98. Learn to play hacky sack well
99. Be tons less selfish
100. Never go a day without kissing my kids and my hubby and telling them I love them
101. Eat out once a month (okay, maybe twice a month at most)

Whew. We'll see. I've got til about, let's see. . . Tuesday, September 25, 2012. And if you read every single one of those, you deserve a gold star to the forehead. And a ringpop. Or a hamster. Your choice.


WhettenWild said...

NO hamster=), but I'll take that ring pop!

Holy Cow! That is an awesome list! Just looking at it makes me tired. ha ha. If there is anyone who can do it, it's you!

I can't wait to see what you do first (Please let it be 68,69 or 70).

Jacky said...

I'd like a ring pop, please. ;)

Sheesh, reading this list made me want to make one of my own, but I don't know if I could come up with 101 things! I definitely want to learn to sew in a zipper this year. At least that. :)

dena4kids said...

I would love a ring pop! I am also all for #71. I think it is a great idea and should be done ASAP!=)
Miss ya!

Joanna said...

Let me know if it works. http://www.bigoven.com/163725-%22olive-Garden%22-Salad-and-Dressing-recipe.html

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