Monday, October 5, 2009

What are you doing?

So my music room is nearly done. Nearly- it just needed one more little thing. And when I say "little", I really mean "big". Huge.

I relied on my dad mainly for this big of a project (thank you Mom and Dad!). He came on over.

He measured.


Busted out the drill.

Ta Da!

Whadaya think? Hehehe. . . Okay not funny, sorry. That there's the frame. The frame that should be strong enough to "hang your piano on it", as my dad says. Hee hee. Makes me laugh every time.

The frame is for the gigantic MIRROR (say it like a monster truck rally guy: MIRROR). This here mirror is one heavy son of a gun.

*No men were harmed in the hanging of this mirror.*

And Jeff cleaned it for me. Aw. Thanks Jeff. Incidentally it's hard to take pictures with a baby in your hand.

This MIRROR has a story behind it:

It's original home was on the wall of the Celestial Room in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.

One day, my dad was doing volunteer work over at the temple prior to the dedication. Several guys came out hauling out this massive mirror. My dad said "Hey- where you going with that?" And they explained that a general authority had stopped by and said this mirror wasn't what they were looking for in there.

Apparently it had a cheap, thin, gold looking frame at the time. They explained they were going to break it up and haul it to the dump. And that's when my dad intervened from it's certain death.

And here (a portion of it) is on my wall. Ta Da!

What the heck kind of piano is an ahamay?

You like the new frame?

Hehehe. . . just wait. My dad & Lowe's (where half our paycheck goes to nowadays) will fix that. Just you wait.

There's big plans.

See it finished, here.


dena4kids said...

OMG I am LOVING the music room! Forget the purple room, I am just going to sleep under your piano when I come over!=)
I love the curtains, and the knick knacks, and the mirror ,and the music stand, and EVERYTHING!

arianne said...

ok LOVE the mirror and the story behind it! how cool is that, that it was in the temple!!

SO when are you having the UTAH MM party at your beautiful house?????? I am seriously in love with your house and everyhting you have done to it! it is gorgeous!!

wanna come decorate my house??

Jacky said...

Oh my. The mirror? Great. The piano? Fabulous!

Seriously, I am so jealous of your piano. I have an old (very large) upright, which I do love (it being my first piano and all), but I dream of a grand. Technically a baby grand. Super technically, a Steinway. But I'm not going to hold my breath for that long...

Anyway, I'll stop now. Your music room looks great! But I've never heard of "trazom" before. Is his music good? =D

Renee said...

Wow! Your dad is a woodworking genius! I can't wait to see that frame come to life, the plans make it look amazing!

I love your music pretty! You are a talented girl!

Ryan and Rachel said...

Loving it. Your dad amazes me. Do you loan him out?

Hayley said...

Ok. I don't know if you are able to reply to commentors or not, but just in case....Could you tell me how the frame works with the mirror? Is there something similar on the back of the mirror so that it sets up on the frame? I have a huge mirror and I am afraid for the children. Thanks!