Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's So Pinteresting.

Wanna know the most Pinteresting thing I've ever done? Apparently? Well, do ya?

With 5,217 pins, I give you:

my wall of longitude/latitude signs.

This is the most interesting thing I've ever done? Really?

Anywho, since I get several emails a week on these, I figure I ought to give it up and tell you that I did not make these.

I wish I did. I wish it was my cool idea that I patented. And boy. . . do I.


you can order them here.

And hey! I see that you can now order them in different colors! Huzzah!

I want you to know what a cheapskate I am. I want you to know that I think that price up there is one sucky price.

For the record, the hubs gets gift cards there from his job for working his life away. I like to spend his gift cards while I wait for him to come home. Occasionally I ask permission.

So. . . if I were to make these?

I'd go the lazy route, man. I'd buy these from the Hob Lob:

But on sale, of course. Oh, those tricky Hob Lob people and their weekly "sales". And I always fall for it.

A little paint, a little distress action, and I'd get my longitude/latitude numbers from here,

and then I'd totally go the lazy route. I'd have it cut in vinyl and slap it on down.

That's how I like things: easy and cheap.

Hmm. . .sounds kind of trampy.


Megan said...

bwahahahaa- as SOON as I saw the price for ONE, i busted out the calculate to figure the cost for your 6. ;) relieved to know you didnt actually pay for them! and I do love these... I *might* have to make my own, one of these days.

Theresa said...

What was your reason for the 6 different locations? Places you've lived or you have family there..?

Sueann said...

Yeppers! I am with you...Easy and cheap for sure! Trampy or not...that's the way to go!! Ha!
Love the signs...I think I would steer towards L.L. Bean myself...cause you forgot one word...LAZY!! Ha!

Shirley said...

So to most people, your route is the harder one. But I agree, I wouldn't pay that much for a sign that is intentionally distressed to look old and beat up. I can do that all on my own with some sandpaper and chain. The idea of them is very cool, especially since I lived not far from Asheboro, NC growing up! Have a happy day!

Carrie @carrieloves said...

Definitely better than forking over $35/each! Thanks for the DIY info.!!!

COTTAG3 said...

Isn't funny that you actually make all these grandnormous things and the one thing you don't actually make, they are all over it? Props to you for coming clean although I know if you really did make them they would be that cool.

Nicki Rocky said...

What a genius idea! Sooo going to have a try at making a UK version when I get back from holiday!

Rebecca D said...

I like things "cheap & easy" too... Wonder what it says that my esteem for you grew after you said so?... Anyhoo, I live juat a little ways north of the afore mentioned LL "cool" beans and my husband loves for it to be the "destination" of "going for a drive." (Please someone explain to him it isn't a "drive" if there is a destination..) Anyhow, to make a long story longer, I have looked at these sings so may time but refuse to buy them since they are such a simple concept... Alas, I don't have them yet... Go figure...

Janice said...

Well, people are just plain stupid to pick that as your most pinteresting thing! I mean they're cute and all, but what moron would pick a clump of cute signs over an amazing window seat or the stupendous bed you made? :)

Funny post! I love your blog and seeing all the cool things you make!

Emily said...

I have always loved those signs. They kinda remind me of the post on m.a.s.h.

Hey maybe I should make them for all the places Dave has been. He could stick them in his office at work or something.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is a dumb question, but how in the world do you know how many pins that got? I can't figure it out.

Thanks in advance, Kirsten

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

I love these maybe if I had ever lived anywhere but utah. Ok actually I have lived all over as a kid but my family now not so much. I'm thinking putting up MY childhood homes all over the world in our home a little tacky huh? P.s. I didn't know you played piano. Have you had to learn the organ yet?

s said...

share your pinterest addy with a girl will ya? looove pinterest and love your renos.. so will def' find your pins pinteresting.

Whittenx5 said...

Let me just say that I'm having an artist friend make me some. I actually cried reading your blog because just thinking of where our family has lived and all the amazing people and stories we have (like our first crappy apt that sounded like your IN place) makes them super special to me... that's why they mean so much to me and probably why everyone else thinks they're an amazing homage to cities past, too! Thanks for the inspiration!

dsacjwolf said...

Did you live in Bakersfield?

Shan said...

Shared today how I made these today: http://blog.familybringsjoy.com/2012/01/17/memory-project-places-weve-lived-boards/

Mentioned you in the post :)
Thank you for this awesome idea! Enjoying your blog!
Happy Tuesday!

Jeannine said...

Love these!!! I've been wanting them but couldn't spring for the price so I made them myself!
Loving that mine cost $24 for all 5, including the hanging hardware. I've only lived in one place so I made them for where we live, where my husband was deployed, and our vacation spots. Thanks so much for the idea and I LOVE your blog!!!

paintedFACEmakeup said...

FACT: I adore these
FACT: I currently live in Bakersfield, CA
FACT: I'm moving to Houston, TX in less than 2 weeks
FICTION: I have a third nipple.

paintedFACEmakeup said...
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Unknown said...

These are what brought me to you but even if I someday make them, I will still follow ya because,, well, A Hoot. You're a Hoot, I can't stop laughing.

Unknown said...

These are what brought me to you but even if I someday make them, I will still follow ya because,, well, A Hoot. You're a Hoot, I can't stop laughing.