Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You can do this, Homeslice.

The hallway, mes amis, is done.

Well, mostly done. I actually need to put one more coat of paint on there but that's not getting done until all 4 children are asleep. Because, frankly, my boys and painting is like Homer and donuts.

Kids: painting sucks. It's not fun. You should learn that now.

But as I was saying, you can do this, Homeslice. This is the easiest, cheesiest, molding on the planet. And off we go with a brief tutorial, shall we?

First. The easiest/more expensive way.

You need:
-strips of wood
-nail gun & compressor OR those teeny nails and hammer
-tape measurer

Begin by measuring your wall. How tall do you want your trim? Roughly, how spaced do you want the slats? There is no wrong answer. You could always use this site to divide your feet and inches to be exact. 'Cause we need exactness here, of course. Draw this all up on a piece of paper so you know EXACTLY how many slats you want, how tall you want them, how far spaced apart, etc.

Now get on your horse and head to your favorite home improvement store. WITH your cut list in your hand.

I believe (don't quote me on this man) that poplar might be the cheapest wood. You can buy this in slats of 4x4x1/4 in. I think. If I was going this route, I would do it 4 feet high. Why not? Why waste wood? Why make more cuts? Or, or! You could go 3 feet high, and have the last foot cut off for the 2nd layer if you were going that route. Just a thought. Anyway, buy those 4x4 inch for your vertical slats, and by some 4x8 in. slats for going along the top and bottom.

If you are doing the double decker, you need long slats for the bottom, the mid, and the top. Also, if you are doing the double decker, I would suggest doing the 2nd layer 1/3 the length of the bottom. I believe it's pleasing to the eye.

I just made that last part up.

Now, have the home improvement store dude cut the slats to fit the horizontal length of your wall. That way, you're going home with all your pieces already cut and good to go. For anywhere near a 10 foot wall, I'd expect to pay anywhere around $30-$50. Depending on how far apart you space your slats. AND, if you're topping it all off with a chair rail (like I did here), expect to pay more. (the cheapest chair rail is $1 per linear foot).

Draw this all on your wall in pencil. All of it. Measure it, use your level, & mark it. Measure it again. Be sure. Once you've done that, the rest is a breeze. Start nailing those bad boys up and you'll be done in no time, and ready to paint.

Second. The cheap way.

Same thing. 'Cept you're gonna buy a huge piece of um, what the heck is that called? Wood. Of some sort. Is it plywood? I think it's plywood. It's $12 for a 4 ftx8ft sheet. You're gonna have to cut it all up. Sucks. It's a lot of cuts-- but it's only $12 total. You can't beat that with a stick.

So did I just talk down to you? Are you going, yeah DUH. You can always make fun of my lack of know-how involving wood and the proper way to notate feet and inches in comments. Hey, I might deserve it.



WhettenWild said...

I like it! You did an awesome job!

1 Funky Woman said...

I think you are the pro, so just come on over and do it for me. I will provide the refreshments, and hey maybe you can have your own photo shoot, I know this great new photographer, lol!

gina3 said...

You make that look so easy! Seeing the difference in your hallway makes me think that's what's been missing in a couple of mine. Hmmmmm.......You've got me thinking!

Teri said...

It looks great, and it's so awesome that you've done it all yourself!! Love!

Sandra said...

Wow, wainscoting is hot right now. I'm seeing it everywhere. Looks great!

Anonymous said...

My way would involve far more cat hair, and since my husband is an engineer, probably more power tools than are necessary in any three universes.

I like your ways (both of them) much better.

Surfed over from 3RingCottage because she said nice things about both of us in the same sentence, so of course I had to come see. Cause nice things said about one just aint something to take on the casual.

And I'm really enjoying your blog!


Kristine at The Painted Hive said...

Oh, I'm so pleased you posted this. I'm about to do my living room and this gives me some extra confidence. The only problem I have is finding that type of timber in Australia. I can't get the right dimensions anywhere! Will keep trying.
Looks great!

Teri said...

You are funny AND sweet as can be! :) Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. If I wasn't falling asleep at the keys I would probably send you an email with all of the gory details. But please, please know that you really put a smile on my super-tired-and-still-have-to-find-the-energy-to-take-off-my-make-up face. :) It was just what I needed to hear, to be honest.

Banaghaisge said...

That all looks so good - I do like what you have done with your hall.
I wish I had a hallway...sigh.
I shall get in touch with Kristine (above - the Aussie who can't find slats of wood like this) and tell her where to get it. She doesn't live too far from me (on an Australian scale of things I mean).
I hope you don't mind but i linked to you because of your lovely boys and their cutie cute sayings:
If you would rather I didn't I can easily delete it. Let me know.

TOTEally Posh! said...

I'm so glad I stumbled upon your link at Somewhat Simple! What an amazing tutorial! It looks awesome! We are getting our house ready to sell and I think I may do this in our dining area!

Amanda said...

Very cool! Thanks for the tutorial. I really want to try it, and you make it look super easy!

Emily said...

That looks so cool, I love it with your pictures.

Chris said...

LOVE this idea. I've wanted to do something like this I know a cheaper alternative to what I was contemplating. Thanks!

Stacey @ Fun to Craft said...

It is gorgeous. I love it!! I love how cheap it is too.

Anny said...

I really love all of your projects and color selections. Your house is just so beautiful.

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

You are so cute! Thanks for the giving such a good tutorial, Im loving this!

Krista @ Craving Some Creativity said...

Love the tranformation! Wins as my favorite blog post I've read this week for sure so I'm featuring you on my blog tomorrow :) ...hope people check it out and love it as much as I do!

Katie said...

It looks amazing. Great tutorial- and hilarious, too! I love just reading what you write.

Stephanie Cameron said...

Maybe more laughable than your measurement notations is the way you spell know-how, "no-how". But that did a fantastic job! I love the double layer thing...looks more stylie.

Chocolate Sundaes said...

i love it! great job! I'd love to see it at sundae scoop

Becky said...

it looks GREAT. As far as the home improvement store guy cutting the wood though, I went to Home Depot & they said they can't cut anything smaller than 12 inches (or something like that). where did you go? (or are these larger than 12 inches?)

Rory from Tools Are For Women Too! said...

Wow! Congrats on a super job! Your tutorial is hilarious and informative. Thanks for joining Modern Craftswoman Monday. Hope you'll have more fun stuff next week! Rory

Salsa Mama said...

I have been wanting to do this, and your tutorial pushed me to finally get it done! Here's a link to mine, if you want to check it out.
Thanks so much for posting this!! I LOVE it.

AM from White House, Black Shutters said...

Owww, owwwww! Saw this back when you posted it, but saw it at a party and had to come back and show you some love for it. Great job!

Diane@InMyOwnStyle said...

This came out looking great. I have seen a few tutorials on doing the board and batten, but I think the way you did it, makes it so easy. I am doing it soon, if I don't have to move. Once I know I will be staying in my house, it is happening. Coming from Toolsr4wowmen2.

Deidre said...

Chick YOU ROCK!!! ha Ha Ha IM so glad I found you and your Bodacious blog as your my kinda gal! Rockin it with the mouldings and pwer tools! YEAH right? Im totally following you and your never ending sagas of life,lol LOVE IT!!! come visit your newest friend!