Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Little Follow Up.

Do you remember Jamison's little friend? Adelle?

You know, "Adayle", and they traded love notes?

She moved. Like, to the other side of the country. And when Jamison's teacher told me they were moving, I nearly wept. We did get to have her over once to play, though.

Ain't she cute? Jamison now says all the time: "My best friends were Adelle and Ryan. They both moved, though."

Geez. Take my heart and throw it in a blender. Hit purée.

I also want you to know that my idea board is well-used.

It's fillin' up nicely. (Or is that a bad thing? Dena says I need an intervention.) I love havin' somewhere for those scraps, man.

I'd also like you to know about that inspiration for the mantel.
Talked to the hubs.

He said,
"So, ya puttin' anything else on the clock?"

"You mean like clock hands?"


"Um, wasn't plannin' on it. Does it need something else?"

"Um, yeah. . . "

I know. I Know! How about clock gears! CLOCK GEARS!

Clock gears. .. ?

It seemed like a really interesting idea. Now it is interesting. . .but interesting good, or interesting bad? Sometimes less is more. Thoughts?

And then there's the robes. The decorateeve robes.

I did get 'em some wooden hangers. Hung 'em.

Added a little touch right on the hangers. It'd be better as a stamp but until I figure out how to do my own stamps, this'll have to do.

Maybe if I just got someone to adjust those to be straight it'd be okay. . .

And finally, I want you to know that Jamison made a basket last week.

We're hoping that will do wonders for thee ole confidence.


Anny said...

Awww poor Jamison :(

I like the robes but have you thought about putting real gears on the wall? Like aged brown/burnished gears?

Trina said...

Two thumbs up for the gears! I think it's the perfect touch.

FleaMarketTrixie said...

Love the hangers, great personal touch!!

Julie said...

Hello there,
i love you blog. I came upon it one sleepless night while blog-stocking. I can't even remember who I got to you from,. Oh well, anyhow I love your stuff, but I have to say I really love that you have a Jamison. I have a 2 1/2 year old little guy with the same name. I haven't run into to many of them.It is a super awesome name so I know your little one must be one pretty cool kid :)

dena4kids said...

LOL! I said you were
"borderline"...heehee. I do like the idea board.
Sorry Jamison's friends had to move. That is hard.
I like the gears on it. Good job!

WhettenWild said...

Hey, my comment didn't post. What the?

Yeah for Jamison for making a basket!

So sad that his friends moved. That Adelle girl is really a cutie too.

chris w said...

I love the gears. I do love Anny's idea of real gears.

Love the robes, love everything.

Jamison rocks. This seems to be the week of moms hurting for their little ones.

The Schoonies said...

It is so sad when friends move away. His little friend is such a cutie. I really like the clock gears. I think it adds just enough but doesn't over do it.

Ryan and Rachel said...

You amaze me. Which is why instead of showing people my blog, I take them to yours. Because you have amazing ideas!! I like the gears you put on there. Real ones would be cool too which (you probably already know) you can get at Walmart in their "craft" section.