Monday, January 25, 2010

This is what happens when you have ants in yer pants.

Ya start 10 things at once. You just can't help yourself. It's the "ants in my pants!" syndrome.

Take this for instance.

What do you do with leftover beadboard? 'Cause you certainly can't just, like, not use it. Hello? That is a crime to decorating humanity.

So, you paint it antique white.

Then, you take your leftover vinyl. Vinyl that's not used for things like this:

How could I throw away these letters?? I ask you?

You make some strange art with it. That's what you do.

Some more letters, a black frame, and it will be ready for the world's finest. ..
trailer park.
Maybe you'll put it above the bookcase.

And then you head in to your daughters room.

And you see this: and you think to yourself,

"self, this is begging for a mobile. It's perfect. BEGGING!" So you start making one.
A little "Dream Sweet Dreams",

Some moons, stars,

music notes,

and yer done.

Oh yeah, and you forgot. Ya totally effed up your kitchen door. It's supposed to be a full menu when you're all through.

Um, first off, you spelled "today" in french wrong. That's a problem. Secondly, this might be craptacular.

If it ends up something like this, will it be okay?

Oh crap. I'm gonna be in trouble. I mean, you're gonna be in trouble. Hehehe.

But then, your dad gave you these from a leftover project. And the wheels started spinning again. . .
you remembered a PB wall art for $200 or so. ..

(insert dreamy sounds here)

Diddily-doo, diddily doo, diddily do. . .

Dude, it could like totally be 3D and stuff. . .

And finally, back to the beadboard. Ya know, we all love beadboard right now-- does that mean it's gonna go out of style and be yo mamma's '80's wallpaper in 10 years? "Oh, that's soooo, like, 2007."

Anywho, you've got a long strip.

New coloring:

And you hope for it to be like so.

'Cept not 10 feet tall or whatever the heck that is. But like 8 feet. That's still a respectable height.

Gee, sure hope you can pull all this off.


The Schoonies said...

where do you get your energy from? can i buy that at the store?!? i am just hoping that i get my bathroom cleaned today before i have company over tonight!! and i really want to see your bead board project when you get it all finished.

dena4kids said...

Girl, you are borderline intervention time with
projects! =) #1 Where do you find all these ideas? #2 How do you find the time to do them all?
I did find a project that was right up your alley (aka your Dad's alley. hee hee)

I don't know if you have seen this or not, but I think it is AWESOME!
Love your projects. The mobile is really cute!

Mo said...

The mobile is so cute!

Where do you find the time for all of these?

Can't wait to see the finished products!

Shellie said...

in your pic of the painted beadboard... is that a bookstore box from yesteryear in the background? hehehehehe