Thursday, January 21, 2010

Interior Desecrations.

First off, I'd like to talk to you about "The Machine".
("Because nobody withstands the machine." Name that movie!)

My sister in law and I share this. I got it back this week, and it was full out Pépé Le Pew:
"Oh, l'amour. . . (mouah mouah mouah). . . how I have meesed you. . . (mouah mouah mouah)." If this thing had arms I would have kissed up them. It's that fun.

And somewhere in the valley, my sister in law is saying "Geez, I had it for what, 2 weeks? And you had it for what, TWO MONTHS? Jerk."

I am sorry. I am a jerk. You should have it back.
Anywho, this was it's trial run when we got it months ago--

It cuts stuff. Lots of stuff. (almost) Anything I can make on my computer, stuff.
Okay, now onward to this weeks desecrations, since I've got "the machine" back.

This was another trial run. How complicated can I have my graphics be?

Thems are supposed to be dandelion seeds. Hmm. . . well, that's pretty complicated but I still like how they turned out, even if they look like somethin else.

Remember this?

Well I did it. And I still giggle every time I step into my shower, in za nude.

No. The shower door is soo not clean. Inside or out. And thanks for noticing.

And, have you seen the PB numbered pillows? I adore them.

Um, yeah. . . I learned a lot from doing this one. One through Three will turn out better. Really. Don't you judge me!

And finally, remember my new spot to decorate?

Ooh, the possibilites.

Well, waste not, want not, right?

I still really like this strange chess piece from yesteryear. So it went up. I also still love the chunky frames, also from yesteryear. They went up with new art.
An old postcard from the graphics fairy:

And I saw this once and loved it. Don't remember where, though.

For the record, this was $499 at the time. Wha?
Well this is different, smaller,

and the cost of ink and cardstock, so . .. yeah.

And finally, have you seen the "wall clocks"? Martha did one, I believe. They're so intriguing.

I decided to add some words underneath. I da know- just to be different. Let my skirt fly up-- you know.


It needs a little something more. Hmm. I guess I'll be waiting on some inspiration. Oh, and um, just wait to you see the disaster I've made of my kitchen door.


WhettenWild said...

PRINCESS BRIDE! What do I win for a prize?

I like the new things on the mantel. It looks great! I haven't seen the wall clocks before. That's cool.

BTW.....remind me to tell you what to do with your shower door.

Angela said...

Very nice. Very unique.

chris w said...

I love me some chunky frames. Chunky chess pieces...chunky just about anything.

I would go pepe le pew on it too. I covet those things. It's not just a "oh, that would be nice to have." It's an unhealthy desire.

dena4kids said...

I love the chess piece. I found one at Hob Lob after you left but it was broken.:(
I can't wait to see that kitchen door!heehee!

Emily said...

I love the princess bride!! I love the mantel.