Thursday, January 7, 2010

Potty Talk.

A wise man once said, "Cheap is good. But free is better."
A wise man also once said, "Spending the least on yourself makes you a frugal person. Spending the least on others just makes you a cheap person."

Alright fine those are dumb quotes. And they are neither wise nor from a man.

Anywho, we get free gift cards from the hub's work. It's their way of saying, "Here. Have some gift cards for working your life away and missing your kid's childhoods." That's what the card they came in said. Really.

They're from the store-that-must-not-be-named. I don't want to be rude 'cause I don't like any of their stuff. (and my family's like "oh please as if we don't know where you get those cards for!)

Okay so back to free stuff. I spent the hub's gift cards, with his permission, on decorative items. Ain't that sweet of him? That's not to say that he didn't roll his eyes with disgust when I told him that I ordered monogrammed robes that were for decorative purposes, only.

Yes, decorative purposes. I'm trying to make thee ole bafroom look all "Hotel Tremayne" -esque.
Got these hooks:

And I adore these hooks. If I didn't need hooks I'd have bought these and figured out a way to use these hooks.

Ta Da. ..

Huh. Hmm. . .

Well gee, Cleetis, I thought thems robes would be all purty like. But they just look kinda gimpy, right thayre.

I asked Mo how I's supposed to hang these. She said "I don't know. I'm not fancy." Well neither am I, man! Hmm, what if I got me some wooden hangers,

a la Funky Junk Donna, hung 'em on these, and starched the shiznit out of them to make them like razorblade sharp?

And furthermore, I got us some bath sheets.

No not bath towels, man. Bath SHEETS. Ginormica could use these. And I can't tell you how badly I'd like to say bath "sheets" without so much an "EEE" sound as an "iii" sound. You ever been to "Sheetz bakery" in the east? 'Cept it's not really "sheeeeetz" for most of us? hehehehe. . .

These need a place to go, too.

But I kinda like 'em hanging off the ole tub . ..

And finally, remember this in thee ole bafroom?

Well I saw this on the shower of some other blogger's. And I'd love to give him/her credit but I'll be darned if I remember where I saw it.

I think my shower just has to have this. Hehehehe.


WhettenWild said...

Didn't the boys get towels too?

LOL over the get naked. That rocks!

dena4kids said...

You are fancy! That pinky must just stay up in the air!LOL!
Love the towels, and of course the hooks!(oh and the get naked.heehee)

chris w said...

Husbands will NEVER understand the value of decorative items.

The get naked is AWESOME.

julie said...

Love your bathroom and your "new decorative" robes! It really does look like a swank hotel. Have to admit, I'm dying to know "the store with no name". Thanks for stopping by my blog this evening. Happy to hear you like the French linen napkins. :)

Anny said...

This whole post made me laugh - poor hubby LOL

I like the robe and sheets!

Nobanno said...

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