Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let's Try A Hard One.

#96(Compose an arrangement on the piano): Check.
This was one of those "hahaha shhhhhhhure ya will!" items on the list. So what brought me to try this one this week? No idea, man. I guess I wanted to stretch myself.
But I couldn'ta just tried #2: "do the splits again", huh?
Get it? Stretch? Splits?
Bad, BAD joke. Sorry there.
So I chose to arrange one of my favorite primary songs. "Baptism". You know? "Jesus came. . . to John, the Baptist". You know! I know there's a piano duet for it, but haven't seen a piano solo.

Now, I'm going to level with ya. Trying to write out the music for this made my brain muscles hurt. I mean, like, total brain explosion, man.
I think I did a better job notating music in the 3rd grade for reflections. Seriously.
So it went like this. Type it up,

curse. Freak out. Groan "Why? Why? Why?" Beat head against computer desk. The hubs asks (again): "What's the matter?" "Oh this stupid thing won't let me put a quarter note here. It just. . . oh never mind."
Print it out. Take it downstairs.

Try it out.

Mark the shiz-nit out of it.

Take it back upstairs. Fix it. Freak some more. Curse that I left the dotted note on for two whole freaking measures, again.

But we've got a finished product.

This project was good for me. Like a good kickstart to the ole brain.
And this song is cheese. You can actually hear my personality in it. Full out runs, diddily doodily's, and even a big, dramatic key change, people. I said it was cheese. It's an extra-large double cheese pizza. But here it is.

And since I've tried 9 times to upload the file to hear this and it refuses to work, I'm going to take the interweb's hint and leave it be.
#96: check. Can I do #97 (compose an original song)? Shhhhhure I can, hehehe.


WhettenWild said...

You did GREAT! I've done it a couple of times and it isn't easy for sure!

chris w said...

I can't read music enough to know what you did, so you better keep uploading the music so I can experience the cheese first-hand.

Way cool!

Emily said...

You are amazing. I can't read music let alone arrange it. I can only appriciate the finshed project. I am sure it sounds awesome.

dena4kids said...

That is AWESOME! I am going to print it out right now! I still want to hear you play it so I can get my timming sort of close.(you know how I like to make my own up.=)

Jacky said...

Oh wow. I am super impressed and super jealous at the same time. Great job, Mandi. ;)