Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Third Installation of the Lakehouse Series.

Surely, you remember, the "Luggage Room" from the parental unit's Lakehouse.

And surely, you remember,

the "Pirate Ship Revenge Room", too. Don'tcha?

Well, today, I'm here to share the 3rd installation. Eventually.

'Cause I just wanna say something, here. I feel like I haven't been home, really, in a month. Came back from this awesome trip to the Lake, walked in my house, and went, "Whoa." You know how when you're gone, and then you come home, and your house feels all alien-like? Sort of like Willy Wonka's shrinking hallway or suddenly you have a hobbit house and everything is out of proportion or something? That's how I felt.
do you remember this picture? It's the piece of inspiration for the 3rd room of the Lakehouse. And I'm happy to report (but not nearly as happy as the daddy-o) that it's done.

Check it, yo. The Sailboat bed. The sails are made of wood. Pretty awesomesauce, Daddy-o.

Now, I mentioned before, that every room has/will have a vanity. Isn't that a great idea?
Ever been on a vacay with a bunch of people, and you're in the bathroom, right out of a shower, trying to use a fogged up mirror and you're hurryin', and out in the hallway it's cats and dogs living together, people banging on the door yelling "Open up I have to go, man!" And you're like, "JUST A SECOND!"
It's kind of nice to avoid all that. 'S all I'm saying.
This room's vanity table? Bam.

I don't know how the Daddy-o made that anchor out of wood. My arm muscles are twitching just imagining trying to jigsaw all that out. And did you see the lil table?? Yeah. It's part of a SURFBOARD.  There's a matching end table next to the sailboat bed made of the other side of said SURFBOARD.  I just neglected to take a decent picture of it (palm smack to the forehead).

Something you should know about this room, is that it has an odd little nook in it. The mommy-o and the daddy-o sat and scratched their heads about how best to utitilize this nook. And then it hit them:

 Beach. House. Baby.

Yep, a triple bunk again (to accomodate the potential 16 grandkids terrorizing visiting),

and the bottom's even a boat. So bad ace.

Couple options here: you can open the door and climb in, OR

The entire front unhinges and can be opened. That's thinking with the noggin', Daddy-o.

Well, gee, I'm happy to see you too, Kenna.

And here it is:

another room for the kids to squeal over and enjoy. And not go to sleep for 3 hours after you put them to bed.  It's why Jeffro and I always say, "The kids are 'in bed'".  With huge air quotes.

Do you know what this means? Only the master bedroom is left for a little makeover. And anything goes. Thoughts? Suggestions?  Anyone?


Cristeen said...

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SueAnn Lommler said...

So much work and so fabulous!!! What a great imagination!! Love the rooms and the cool!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Such fun and talented parents. No wonder you are too!

Rebecca D said...

Ok, it's official... I want to be a kid in your family! This lake house will no doubt be a constant source of fond childhood memories! And these kiddos get an annual carnival too? I think being a kid in your family sounds wonderful!

james and bess said...

those rooms are AMAZING!!! all the lake houses in my family were filled with the furniture "leftovers," if you know what i mean. :) ideas for the master suite? well... what about a deserted island/island paradise theme? you know, the boat rooms are the transportation, and the master is the destination. :)

bess :)

Emily said...

That room is just awesome! My vote is for the pirate ship from goonies for the master bedroom!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

This is the coolest house ever...

Lisa at Shine Your Light said...

Oh.Em.Gee. Mom & Dad have totally outdone themselves once again! I can't get OVER the triple decker in the nook. How many mattresses are in this house total? Because between the other kid bedrooms and this one there already must be 14 or 15????? Crazy awesome I tell ya. Your kids & nieces and nephews must be so fired up to go there! I can't believe all that creativity in one family!!!!!!!

Kelly Biggs at My Dear Trash said...

Love these rooms- how about a map inspired room for the master- This is where all the plans for travel are made. Can't wait to see what the parentals do next.

Liz C. said...

LOVE. IT. Especially the surfboard tables.

I say the Master should be Captain's Quarters. You know, like Hook's quarters in "Hook". Lush but everything able to be closed away in case of a little motion in the ocean, IYKWIMAITYD. ;)

Teri said...

Wow. Just wow. That house is unbelievable! Your dad should have a show called "This Old Lakehouse!"