Thursday, January 12, 2012


If we're gonna be friends, there's a few things you should know about me.

One of these things, is that I'm kinda/sorta obsessed with ice cream glasses.

Be a friend: don't let me buy one more of these. Unless they're banana split dishes; those I just have to have. Now those: enable me. Tell me where you've seen them. I must have them.


not long ago, I put in my own, craptastic plate rack.

As seen here. Do you remember? Aw, you're so sweet.

I never really liked how those dishes just, sat, up there. It was lame. Uninspired. Stale.

But, see, I had other plans.

I wanted some of my glasses hung.

Like so. (Via The Handyman)

Now, don't think I a big jerk. BUT, that glass hanging project I have pinned up there? He uses floor transitions.


Maybe the "duh" was a little much. My apologies.

Now, long, loooong ago, the Daddy-o gave me some molding.

Are you seeing what I'm seeing? "T" molding. Purrrrfect.

Why has it taken me so long to complete this project? I couldn't find that bleeping piece of molding for the life of me. Thanks to my boy toy, I can now find pretty much anything I want.

Thank you, boy toy.

And so, I got to hanging. And cussing.

Tools barely fit in there-- I've got my arms over my head, I'm standing on a step ladder,

it got ugly.

But it got done. And I reserve the right to change up this open cabinet as I see fit.

Some stripe-y straws in my vintage milk bottles, and I'm likin' this much better. (Um, there's something you should know-- I have a slight obsession with straws. . .)
See it with my brand spankin' new backsplash?

Come have a malt with me? And no, you can't clean my stove top, but thanks.


Meghan said...

That turned out so great!

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

I'm loving it! Love those black and whit straws too. And just yesterday I saw the cutest idea in a magazine. You can use those containers to bake cake batter in, add some marshmallow creme to the top and add a straw, looks like hot chocolate or a shake. I also use those containers to plant succulents. And lastly, (way to go on and on, huh?) When you were talking about your dad and then boy toy I kinda got the heeby jebbies until I realized they weren't the same person! LOL

Emily said...

I will be over tomorrow for our malts!! Yeah! I live your hangin glasses and those straws are awesome!

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

This turned out great! Makes all the cussing and swearing worth it!

I'd come over and have a malt, except for the fact that I'm slightly lactose intolerant (not to mention live out of state) but thanks for the offer.

And I'll keep an eye out for banana split dishes for ya...

SueAnn said...

I will leave the stove top to you! I have my own to clean! Ha!
Love what you did to the rack.
Very cool!

Lisa Scibilia said...

Great idea for your collection! And the glass is like a little bling for your kitchen. Purdy.

Rach said...

I am obsessed with sstraws too!

Good it.

The Miller Five said...

Awesome! You are a rockstar. Come and do my house?

Ellie said...

Cool! I like!! And your plate rack is awesome.

WhettenWild said...

It looks great. I really like your backsplash a lot too!

Maureen said...


This is really great. You are so creative! One idea though - the apothecary jar on the counter is needs something. What about blue striped straws to coordinate with the others? If your kids are anything like mine - yes husband counts as a kid (sometimes more than one) - candy is not the best choice but an empty jar screams to hold something. Just a thought.


Layne Bushell said...

Where do you get your cool stripey straws? I use at least 3 straws every day...can't live without them...and those are soooo cute!!! Would it be ok to tell you that I had my grandmother's banana split dishes and I can't find them anywhere???? I might even be willing to donate them to your cause...but I guess another sibling got them instead of me.

DressUpNotDown said...

Oh we're supposed to clean the stove top? Hum, I guess I know what I'm doin later! (Maybe even later tomorrow, hehe) Um, I think last time we saw the big jar it was NOT empty! :o) Munchy little munchkins! Lookin great, can't wait to see what you do next!
PS: I now have Straw Envy!

Nicki Rocky said...

Really like that. Where did you get stripy paper straws? I haven't seen those since I was a child...sooo many memories! Love the rack I wish I could copy but hardly any of my glasses have stems!

Anonymous said...

I like how you make cute, creative things around your house. And then, you make them even better. Thanks for inspiring. :)

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

I would love to have a malt with you and I would never offer to clean your stove. Love this for a storage idea though. I want to build a bar someday in our basement, and it will for sure have some racks like this.