Friday, September 23, 2011

This Blows.

I've been the cleaning queen this week. Totally got my semi-annual dusting done,

even had ev.ery.ounce of laundry done (AND put away!). Family had to walk around in the nude for the rest of the evening to accomplish the task, but it was totally worth it.

So why the sudden burst in cleaning? Yep. Thanks a lot snot-nosed punk who made me feel all bad about my house!

Anyways, to make a long story short, (TOO LATE!) it didn't take me long to figure out just how bad being the cleaning nazi totally totally blows.

And ya know what I do in times like these? I start like, oh, 10 projects. Allatonce.

One involves the kitchen. One involves the homies' bedroom, one involves corbels, and one involves a hazmat suit and a scrub brush.

I'm gonna let that last one sit for a while.

Oh. You wanted to know what I'm workin' on?

You are soo thoughtful.

For a while now, I've been kinda obsessed with people's racks. That didn't sound right. I love plate racks.

You know, plate racks?
Dude, there's lights on that for crying out loud!

Now I have white kitchen envy. Again.

So, I walked past the Lowe's cabinets, took a closer look, and thought to myself: "Self, this is soo easy."

I hate it when I do that. Anything that is "easy" ends up being freakin' annoying.

But that didn't stop me.

Today's kitchen destruction started at our old spice cabinets. And I may or may not have photoshopped out some splatter on the doors.

Back in the day I could always count on opening those doors to have all sorts of things (LIKE MY COLORED TOOTHPICKS ALL IN MY RED SAUCE) fall into my food.

So you can imagine just how pleased I was to clean this sucker out.

And it was then that I realized that the microwave cord hangs all over the place in there. Sunuva.

But that didn't stop me, either. And I'm so glad that I could remind myself why I do these kinds of projects out in the gay-rage:

Yes, friends; it's as "easy" as it looks. 2 inch spacing for every drilled hole for the dowels,

and you've got yourself a pet jail.

Wow, that was lame.

Perhaps you remember my obsession with ice cream glasses?

I think it's time to display a couple a those. . .

See it at night?

Huh. I don't like it at night.

And during the day. . .

So what do you think of the possibilities of hanging those ice cream glasses from the top instead of just sitting them in there? Huh? Huh?


Shirley said...

Um, hello? Of course you can't just sit them up there! That would be totally lame, and like...ordinary!!! So get to work, missy! :) Have an awesome weekend!

Jessica said...

favorite part: "got yourself a pet jail" You make me smile.

Emily said...

I love the plate racks! If I had any matching dishes I would totally have one!

Suesan said...

I love it!

I have a wine rack under a cabinet in my kitchen. Since I don't have wine glasses, I want to repurpose it to hold the ice cream glasses. I have to space them a bit wider to hold the ice cream stuff, but I'm thinking it may even hold the banana split boats.

It's project 479 on the list, so it's not going to happen soon but it WILL happen. Keep on inspiring us, and knock it off on the whole laundry thing, will ya? You're making the rest of us look bad!

Anonymous said...

you. are. awesome.

calikas said...

looove it! hang them hang them!

~ Laura said...

Love it so much!!!! You make it look easy...but you are talented so that helps!!! :)

Hanging upside down like at a bar?? Cute!!! And maybe a splash of color back there behind the glasses??

Dede said...

You make me laugh. Emily's comment also made me laugh, but only because I know what she's talking about...that's SO awesome Mandi, but then I'd have to have matching dishes!!

You rock.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Can't believe you just whipped that up there! Love it!!

Heather said...

Seriously? What can't you make! I'll come in and do some cleaning for you if you do some projects around my house!

SueAnn said...

Can you say...GORGEOUS...??? Seriously...fantabulous!!
And hanging the ice cream goblets would be perfection!

What's next said...

yes, upside down! and then could you come to my house? We'll cook out of the betty crocker cookbooks and you can teach me all about power tools

Tanya said...

Hang the ice cream dishes or let them stand, but I think you need a pop of colour behind them. Fun idea!

Anny said...

I LOVE IT! I have one of those annoying cabinets too but mine has the stove cover exhaust (which I never use) smack dab in the middle of it. Its this huge silver thing which I wouldn't be able to hide as easily :(

Carrie G said...

I think all you need is a splash of color. Maybe the back of the cabinets? Maybe a robins egg blue? I love it!

Teri said...

Love it, love it, love it! What an awesome DIY!

Teri said...

PS: I don't even own A gun let alone MANY guns that would necessitate an entire RACK.

julie - eab designs said...

two words... "loving this"!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this tutorial Mandi and it looks great too! I've got this linked to my plate racks post today - you've done a fabulous job!