Monday, September 26, 2011

Good News.

'Member when I tole ya about all our breaking crap bad news?

Like my much beloved blender that I broke?

That I was using every day up until the unfortunate mishap?

I am pleased to announce that the replacement part was a mere $5.

Now, if I can just get the da!# part to come off so I can replace it with the new one,

I'll be back in blending biz-nis.

And something excruciatingly important--

the thorn in my side. The tool that makes most of my projects possible, but of course, I am talking about my beloved nail gun. . .

please note that I did not break it. It broke. I did not break it. Notice that I didn't say that about the blender.

I can't be blamed for everything, okay? (voice rises in pitch, runs off, slams door)

Anywho, the parts were super duper cheap. Like $1 cheap and I'm not playin'.

Had the parts shipped to the Daddy-o. Why? 'Cause if you live in my neighborhood, perhaps you've had a problem with shipping to this street name as well. You know what I'm talkin' about.

Got a call from the Daddy-o:

"Hey! Looks like I've got a package of O-rings and gaskets here for ya. And ya know what? I'm not giving you your parts until I get my dang nail gun back."

"You wanna play that way? Fine. Where do you wanna make the drop?"

Slowly now. . . slowly. . .

Please regard that I have paint on my butt. And I am now officially on a diet.

Aaahhh! Aren't these affordable fixes for seriously important house items such a relief?

And finally, the foremost, thee most paramount of all the fixes. . . the one that had me crying sweet, sweet tears of relief. . .

'member my poor TV?

I knew we hadn't done this. I knew it was a defect of some sort.

Just trust me. I knew.

Samsung dude agreed, too. And I am happy, nay, overjoyed, to report,

that the entire panel has been replaced.

And this is where the Samsung dude thought I was a complete moron for snapping pictures while he worked.

But I don't care, man! And this time we're getting TV armor on it so I don't have to watch and protect it for the rest of my/its life like a freak!

But what is important here, is. . . I have my TV back!

And I think I just tipped you off to what a big nerd I am.

p.s. I should have named one of my boys "Jean-Luc". That is all.


SueAnn said...

4AM and I am laughing my butt off!!
Loved your pics....Jean Luc huh? Ha!!
So I love watching reruns of Law and Order!! What of it?

Janelle said...

I love Jean-Luc. Way better then Captain Kirk.

I'm so glad your stuff is getting fixed. Good luck with your blender. Ours was stuck together for months.

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

AW! Gotta LOVE cheap I mean, cheap replacement parts! And, HOLY COW, thank goodness they fixed your tv, that was so sad! AND you are BRAVE!! That shot of the blender mixing your pretty purplish drink BRAVE! I would have been cleaning that stuff off my ceiling for years!

Bludart said...

Yay for fixed tv's & TNG! Also, I had the same problem with my blender, and was completely devastated until I found the spare parts online. Love those cheap n easy spare's. Great idea on the tv armor...I'm going to look into some for our own goliath screen :)

Janelle said...

Speaking of naming kids Jean-Luc...

Andre's family are all french names. I always thought that if he had had a brother he would have been named Jean Luc. Or Pierre.

But all he has are sisters: Yvette, Monique, Monette, Marci, Nicole.

Knowing you, I thought would like the French aspect of my life.

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

This goes to show that happiness only needs to cost a few dollars, am I right or am I right.

AND I have the entire series of Star Trek Next Generations and Voyager on my NetFlix instant queue. Soul mates I tell ya.

Layne Bushell said...

Wow! Lucky. I wouldn't have thought about trying to fix the blender..I would have gotten something new...Like my new rice cooker...wonder if I could have fixed the one I threw away...hmmmmm. Way to go Mandi!!!

WhettenWild said...

YES. I remember the TV. Not a pretty day. Oh yes, I was there for the blender too. Same day. Maybe its ME. That's why all of your stuff is breaking. Wait, I wasn't there for the nail gun. I didn't touch your nail gun. Irv, we were never anywhere near the nail gun, I'm tellin' ya. honest. =)

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

I'm happy for you and all your good news! Your posts still give me a fit of the giggles, though.

P.S. There's nothing wrong with being nerdy, I'm half watching The Lord of the Rings - Two Towers: Extended Edition as I type this :)

Katie Johnson said...

I'm pretty sure my husband has decided to name our first born son Riker. But he's leaning towards James Tiberius. I think I need to remind him that I can't just have as many kids as he finds names for..

calikas said...

haha so glad things are getting fixed and are looking up.

I love you hair, so perty.

~ Laura said...

Haha!!! If you're a nerd then I'm a nerd...guess what was on our not so cool TV last night!!!! :)

It's so nice to see a father and daughter working out their tool issues so nicely! ;)

Totally cool that you got the all the parts so cheap!! Man, how often does that happen???

Aren't street names weird? I was kinda (really) glad we moved last hear...I hated our street name!! lol!!!

Dee said...

Is it weird that I'm a little in love with the fact that you placed Picard in the same post with your nail gun? You are a girl after my own heart.

Shirley said...

Well, I watched all of Will Shatner Star Treks, then all of Jean-Luc's and all the various ones in between and after, so there! I'm just jealous you have a kitchenaid mixer! My poor oster is so on it's last legs, but I just keep pushing it. I'm gonna assume there were other tv's in the house, cause we would not have lasted if the tv was broken. yes, we do watch a lot of tv. We are from 'that" era. :)

Libby said...

Jean Luc is a cool name.

Glad the TV dudes thought it was a rare to have that happen.

Love the Daddy-O's garage...full of wood just waiting to have a home.

Emily said...

I'm glad you got everything fixed!! I was worried about the TV.

I really like your hair in that picture with your dad. Way cute!!