Thursday, April 15, 2010

A little Q & A.

1. "Mandi has supersonic hearing."

That would be Jeff's submission on a weekly basis.

I do not have supersonic hearing. Mom's have special hearing. Don't we? You can hear your baby whimper in their room from 800 feet away, right? Right. And, you're so tuned into your children that you can distinguish screams. You hear a scream, and within seconds, you know if you should make a run for it and call 911 or just ignore it. Am I right? Right? Double pound to the chest, mommy's.

2. From anonymous: "I'm afraid you might mod podge me to death or something."

Well, Anon. . .can I call you that? Anon, that wouldn't be that accurate around here. If you knew me better, you might suggest death by spray paint, or sanding, or even nail gunning, perhaps. Heck, glue gunning would be more accurate than mod podge.

I'm not saying I don't own and use mod podge, I'm just sayin'.

3. Where do you get your stencils?

The machine. 'Cause nobody withstands the machine.

I love being able to pick my own size and my own font. If I have told you I'll cut you stencils, I mean it.

4. Where did you get that door on your wall?

This door?

It is my odd creation. You can find more about it here and here. I highly suggest that if you are ever buying a door that's not for the purpose of being hung, opened, and shut, ask your home improvement dude (my dude is named "Byron") for the dinged up, $5 doors.

and finally,
5. Do you always keep your camera around?

I have had this question like a million times the last 2 weeks. And when I say a million, I really mean a mil 4 times.

And the answer is,

I try.

Otherwise I'd miss out on these little gems.

Like a picture of each of my kids' poo face.

Which I will promptly be murdered for in about a decade.

Or these.


Or this oddity.

Not sure why I have one behind censored and not another. . . anywho. . .

Thank you, and all other questions can be submitted to:


Krista @ Craving Some Creativity said...

As I'm new to this blogging thing, I was just thinking this morning that bloggers must have there camera ready ALL the time! haha, thanks for making me laugh this afternoon:) Feel free to check out my new blog at

Amanda said...

That reminds me... I've been meaning to ask you about your French theme in your house. Does it have significance? Did you live in France, or do you just like France? Did you buy something with French writing on it to hang in your house and it just grew of there, or is it based on your love of "Fronch fries, Fronch bread, Fronch dressing..."

Anny said...

Oh boy, your kids are going to kill you as soon as they realize there's an internet out there.

The peeing picture was ridiculously cute though.

Anonymous said...

you are so funny!! i love reading your blog! :) also, will you come decorate my house?

Anonymous said...

you are so funny!! i love reading your blog! :) also, will you come decorate my house?

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

You are so sassy and I love it. I really enjoy blogs that have great photos and ideas, but what really gets me are the ones that I love to read every word that is written rather than just flip through the pages so to speak. Yours is one of the best. I may have to take you up on the stencils if I can figure out what I want.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

One moare thing. How do you take such great photos?

Audra said...

My sides..hurt..from..laughing.
You made my day! Love the photos, envious of the MACHINE and the door. I am going to find my own "man" to badger into giving me a good price on banged up doors.

You continue to inspire me am just saying.

Teri said...

Mandi, you don't scrapbook, do you? I think you should reconsider. These photos are just begging to be featured in a mini-book entitled "Cherished Photos for my Future Daughters-In-Law." It's just a working title, but I think it gets the point across.
(I love your photos! They always put a smile on my face!)

crib said...

This is so funny! I like the post, really! I do love the photos!

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

I have asked almost all of those questions. Thanks for answering.
I love your photos and your sense of humor. Oh and thanks for the tutorial on your hallway. Love that too. Your the best!
Have a great day.

Emily said...

you are hilarious! I love it.

1 Funky Woman said...

Ok, I gotta ask. Did your husband pee on the cement and your son wanted to copy him? Geez look at the wet mark there! And the little green boobies, what will his future wife say?

kim said...

such cute pics! love it!

dena4kids said...

That pic of Jamison and the stickers....dude....what can you say...he cracks me up!Jace peeing in the backyard...classy!LOL!