Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Day Mandi Did Nothing.

I've got what people like to call "issues". 
You know you've got a problem, when you continuously, week after week, write painful journal entries that are similar in nature.  These blog entries contain the words,

"insane".   "Ornery".  And my personal fave: "Psycho Hose Beast".  They also contain the term:
"Psycho Saturday".  Perhaps you've had them at your house?  It's where you have a to-do list so long you couldn't possibly get them done if you had complete free time to do them for 2 weeks, but instead, you scrunched them all onto one list for one Saturday.

And ya know what? I'm tired of that errand list having a trip to Hobby Lobby and Lowe's on there every.single.week. Plus, the dudes at Lowe's made fun of me last week ("She's always here").

And then things really get ugly when you go run your 10th errand and come back and the kitchen exploded while you were gone, everyone's down in the basement playing, except for you, and you're ready to start spanking butts.

But maybe that's just me.

I've chatted with you about this before-- this insane ability I have to rush things and make myself miserable.   I guess I'm here to tell ya that I'm still doing what I said I wouldn't do.
Last weekend?  If I had to sum up my behavior in two terms, I'd probably use these:
1.  Paint brush glued to hand
2.  Full of rage

Swore to myself this wouldn't happen this weekend.  Swore I'd keep to the code.  I'd follow my list I wrote up there, come heck or high water. 

This may be one of the best Saturdays I ever did have. 

What does a good Saturday look like to me?  Oh, ya know.  It's nothing spesh.

Fixin' breakfast with the youngin's. Eating at 10:00 a.m.

Sitting around in my jammies at 11:00, and taking the time to play Super Mario with the 4 year old. Just 'cause he asked. And we all know nothing's more important than teaching boys about a dude that jumps on people's heads, wears a porn-stache with dignity, and can fall a hundred feet without a scratch.

A perfect Saturday also looks like taking the time to make "those" sandwiches. You know the ones. "You know the one sandwiches, and they, like, have an olive sticking out of the top? I wanna make those."

Your wish is my command, son. Because today, I'm not psycho hose beast mommy. I'm laid-back mommy.

And, ya know, maybe it's all wrapped up in a friendly game of kickball with the neighbs.

Which my kids promptly ruined by being poor sports one by one. But let's not focus on the negative. The point is: Mommy wasn't a poor sport. 'N right now, that's all that matters.


Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Good for you.....

cathgrace said...

"Plus, the dudes at Lowe's made fun of me last week ("She's always here")."

We are apparently at our Lowe's enough that we are known as "that Barbie and Ken couple" by most of the staff, which I thought was a joke at first when someone told me that, until one day a girl I had never met before asked me where "Ken" was and then saw my husband coming up 30ft behind me and said "Oh there he is" (for the record my husband's name is Paul, and I might really be at Lowe's too much since I know half the staff by name, can comment on their weight loss, haircuts, and ask about their children.......)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Good for you, Mandi! I'm sure weekends can be crazier when you have young children. My husband asked me yesterday what my "plans" were and I told him "I have no plans, except I'd like to do my nails today". We went to the store to pick up dinner, he took me to Jimmy Johns for lunch and home we went. And, I got to do my nails! : ) I save the store trips for during the week and that's when I make my lists. This way I can get in and out with what I actually went there for; not come home and curse that I bought everything but the thing I went there for.

Suesan said...

I would call this The Day Mandi Did Everything Beautiful. I just found out my oldest at home will be spending most of the summer working at a scout camp. I'm not ready for him to leave home for that long and I will tell you just goes so very, very quickly. Enjoy the summer. Projects will always be around. Kids, not so much.

Lauras Crafty Life said...

I need to do this, too! I always have a million things going and my poor kids suffer because of it. I cannot count the times they ask me something and my canned response is - "just a minute! - which often turns out to be much longer than just that minute.

Emily said...

Do nothing days are awesome. I think I am going to have one tomorrow!

Cox Family said...

YAY, good for you!!

Teri said...

I'm SO glad you had a lovely, fun, relaxing Saturday! Here's to another one this weekend! :)