Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Next Time: Remind Me.

Please, please for the love of all that is holy and decent,

remind me to take an extended trip to Lowe's, before the hubs goes on a long business trip.

See, I'd compare my trips to Lowe's with my children the equivalent of having my gums scraped--

and so last week, I had nothing to do. Nada. I was ree-hee-heally bored--

my house was spotless. It was totally lame.

And so! This week, I've got sumfin' fun up my sleeve.

Allow me to explain what I'm buildin', here. This, is DVD shelving. See, we have a DVD problem around these parts.

All we own sit in crate after crate, all over the house.

It's kind of ridiculous.

And I've had it in my head to create my own shelving, see. But not just any shelving. . . oh-ho, no.
I'll be finishing the staining and shellacking of my new DVD shelving today:

I know-- it's just a work of art, isn't it? The attention to details-- the intricate work. . .

Just wait, okay? I'm so excited I'm doing the potty dance. See, this DVD shelf, or a "MovieCase", if you will, is going to have a faux front.

Now I've been thinking on this for a long time. Perhaps a giant Domino? Something cool and game related? A gigantic Monopoly Board??

Nothing quite caught my attention.

Oh heck, I'm just gonna tell you.

No, I can't.

I have to play this cool-- I have to wait until it's all done. I have to be spiffy, and all surprise-y.

Let's just say, that at the top of my list of ideas, was a copycat of the Daddy-o's Telephone Booth.

Can you imagine?? You open it up, and inside is shelving for all your movies??

It got vetoed by the hubs for it's red color. It doesn't "go" with the rest of the space. Whatevs.

So wish me luck-- it's gonna take me a while to plan and execute this. But it'll be worth it.


julie - eab designs said...

Who wouldn't want an English red telephone booth in their home? I know I would! Can't wait to see the finished project.

Nicki Rocky said...

Cant't wait to see it. We wait with baited breath...

Maureen said...


What about a juke box? Maybe the hubs would go for it better. I love the British phone booth idea though. Unfortunately I would need an entire phone company to house all my DVDs. I have three sets of shelves in the family room and two under the stairs in the storage closet - I NEVER throw anything away. If we can remodel and add on the family room I want, I'm debating on whether to build DVD shelves with sliding doors similar to the shutters in your family room or leave the space open to put the piano. I'm leaning towards the shelves so the I can make a family piture wall above them.


Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

I love it that I never have any idea what you'll come up with next. It's amazing.

Your shelving looks dope, but riddle me this, what method did you use to attach the shelving to the sides? Pocket holes? Good old fashioned screwing in from the outside? Dowels? What what what!!?! Someday I will build shelves, and I want them to look as nice and even as yours do.

COTTAG3 said...

What's wrong with the red color? Boy, your hubs would hate my house. Good luck!

Lisa Scibilia said...

You never cease to amaze me with your creative ideas! Come on Mr. Boy-Toy Tremayne, the phone booth idea is realllly cute!!

The Egan 4 said...

Would ya hurry up and get it done already!!

I can't wait to see what you come up with! Everything that you do is amazing!

(I am attempting within the next week to replicate your stairs..minus the rug, my kids are old enough if they fall down the stairs, well I will laugh... and I remember floor paint CAN be tinted oh and IT will be)

<3 <3

Jen said...

'scuse me, but....um....red goes with EVERYTHING! I'm slightly obsessed with the color. ;) I know that whatever you do, it will be jaw dropping awesome! Total pee-my-pants-I-wish-I-had-one-just-like-it AWESOME!! You NEVER, EVER disappoint!

SueAnn said...

I like it!! And I love the idea of red!! Why the heck not??!!

Emily said...

That is such a fabulous idea! All my DVD's take up 3 shelves in my closet!

Jenni said...

My nerd side really hopes it is a Tardis. Similar look and it is blue! How can the hubs reject blue? Plus it would be bigger on the inside which would be super convenient for a growing DVD collection...heres hoping you've watched Dr. Who and get this.

Rosemary said...

The solution is obvious. Hubs doesn't like red. Make a TARDIS front - it's blue after all - not red. :)

~~Rhonda said...

Ditto Rosemary. Just what I was going to say...a TARDIS is the ticket. ~~Rhonda

Banaghaisge said...

Just what I thought - TARDIS. Lovely blue, too...
Go for it.