Thursday, December 30, 2010

What to do when housesitting.

'Cept I'm not really even housesitting-- I'm just picking up the mail. But that's kind of housesitting, right?

Let me back up a bit here. (beep beep beep -- that's my backup warning) the parents were out of town. Agay-an. (Hey, Mom and Dad! Pssst. . . sometimes people own houses so they can live in them) And, you know, for some time now, I just really wanted to show some of my dad's work off, and it is his birfday, and like I said, they were out of town. . .

So I broke in. Brought the camera. Maybe I ate some food, too.

See, my dad has every saw/tool known to man.

I am not making this up. Do they make it? Then my dad has one. Or two.

Do you need some wood or trim?

'Cause my dad has some of every kind hanging around some place.

This is a list of my favorite projects from the Daddy-o, if you will. You know, a sort of, "you were out of town and it was your birthday and I kind of ate your food and violated your privacy BUT I dusted first I promise" kind of list.

So, you've seen the foyer.

Remember that?

You've seen the grandkids playroom:

Remember? Wanna come over and play, by the way?

Now we're on to the new projects. Er, new to this blog, that is.

So I guess I ought to start with number one.

My childhood bedroom-- the mural the Daddy-o painted. The one I stared at before I went to bed and what I woke up to for 18 years.

(and now some of you are collectively going, "Aaahhhh. . . it's all starting to make sense now. . .")

Number 2.

This bathroom re-do:

The Daddy-o just sees these things in his head and goes for it, man. Trim? In a bathroom?? Why the heck not!

Numero tres.

The family room- (almost) every piece of molding done by the man.

Number 4.

The living room. Yes. Molding.

Is there a theme, here?

See, my dad is the kind of guy who dreams of ideas. He goes to a movie and thinks of new ideas. Eating? Ideas. Sleeping? Ideas. Showering? Talking? Reading?


Then he goes home and does them. There's always something new to see.
Take this art he loved:

He wanted it in his office; he felt like it needed a big, beautiful custom frame. So he made one one morning.

Or two weeks ago when he decided he needed a new engineer's type of desk. So he whipped one up.

He's got one of those brains that can see things in detail; and he can turn it around in his brain 360 degrees.

And then he tries to explain the simplest thing to his daughter:
"So you're going to take a 2 inch screw, and. . . "

"Whoa whoa whoa. . . you lost me, there. Dumb it down a little?"

So I guess what I'm trying to say, besides

I'm sorry mom and dad you can have Britton pick up your mail from now on.


Happy Birthday Dad!



You da man, Dad.


Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures/Treasured Moments said...

Yep the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I see where you get your need for trim. I want a dad like yours. Maybe if you get disowned for being a bad house sitter then I can get adopted. Just kidding. It was fun to see his house and all he can do.

Jen said...

Well this explains A LOT!! Like father, like daughter! Their home is GORGEOUS!!!!

Lori said...

Wow, you get your inspriational brain side from him! Happy New Year.

gina3 said...

He paints too? All of that moulding work is amazing. LOVE that desk! If he runs out of space for all of his ideas, he's more than welcome to visit Texas and put some moulding in my house. I want my bathroom mirrors framed just like those! Happy Birthday to him!

Kim said...

is he adopting? I could certainly use a dad that handy!! ;) their home is GORGEOUS tfs

Emily said...

I totally remember that mural! Your dad ROCKS!!

chris w said...

Sometimes genetic dispersion is really not fair.
He is pretty darn cool.

And ze decor is making so much sense now, no?

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

Now we see where you get it. You are never affraid to start a project because you always have back up if something goes wrong. He is seriously amazing with the building skills.

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

Okay love it all the work with the molding and trim. It feels very Versaille and grand to me. And I love that entry way. It was funny my dad suggested we do a spiral staircase going from our basement to second floor, and then I was like, well how would we move any of the furniture up and down it since that would be our only staircase? He was like, good point.

Daddy-O said...

Best b-day present EVER! Thanks Mandi!

Renee said...

Amazing! I've never been passed the big family room. That is wonderful. I love all his handiwork, a true treasure! Has he been to the Beehive house & seen all the inticate woodworking details? Thanks for sharing this Mandi! :) Love that mural in your bedroom, too, that is so cool!

Love it!!!

Leca Unplugged said...

Your Dad rocks! I can see where you get your seriously creative genes from. The apple didn't fall far from the tree on that one. You guys are awesome!

Libby said...

hey this is the 21Century so I can have two Daddies...I have a house that is crying for his inspirational touch. So classy. And mega-gorgeous homes (yeah, including yours!) I love trim but know it would only get half done & then look worst!

Stacy said...

WOW! My jaw is on the floor. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I just found your blog :) I'm off to see more. . .

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

sweet! misty eyed now! hugs, Cathy

Anny said...

Your dad is just soo awesome! I am in serious bathroom covet mode right now :)

WhettenWild said...

What---you didn't take a dip in the hot tub too? LOL! You rock Dad! Happy Birthday!!

Kate (Little Beach Bum) said...

Mandi....I am in AWE of your dad's talent. Now I see where you get your creative streak! Seriously, I'm drooling over that bathroom...and the living room...and the stairwell...pretty much everything. What is your dad's process when he gets an idea? Does he draw up plans? Wing it? Would be so interesting to find out!

dena4kids said...

I am drooling! I love all the molding!

Teri said...

What a wonderfully talented man! Happy birthday, Mandi's Dad!

Ashe's said...

You are HILARIOUS and I am now hooked to your blog!!