Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I know you are but what am I?

You can call me Ms. Manners, but I have this thing about people leaving lame-o comments for others.

You know, Mr. Anonymous? With the lame comment? Maybe they need their own nickname. Hmm. . ..


Eh. Let's just stick with dufus.

Allow me to give you 3 examples of dufus-isms:

The lovely Kim and "A Girl and a Glue Gun" made some freaking adorable candy corn pots for Halloween,

and received this anonymous comment:

"The pot is not painted in the correct order. White, orange then yellow :) "

To anonymous:

Did you think the little ":)" took away from your lame comment?

It didn't.

The lovely Chenin Boutwell posted about the
absolutely fan-freaking-tastic nursery
she had just completed,

and then received this comment:

"very nice tone on tone. think your "S" is upside-down though..."

Seriously, dude? Shut it!

And I laughed with annoyance with my own most recent anonymous/annoying comment:

"looks cute, fyi your spoon is a bit off the center."

We-hell, Captain Obvious, thanks a bunch. But, Oh cap-i-tain, let me tell you a little bit about that wall.

Those "EAT" letters are centered on that wall. They were the biggest pain in the A to hang. Took an entire evening because of the way they are made. The spoon? It's centered on "EAT".

The spice shelves? They are between studs, so that left me no choice but to put them where they are. Am I going to move "EAT" and the spoon for them?


And most importantly, do I care that the spoon is off-center?

Just a "little FYI":

nope. I don't. Not one bit.

If they didn't know they were being total dufuses, then they wouldn't have bothered to leave the comment anonymously.

So I guess all that's left to say is,

I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I INFINITY!

They started it.


Mallory said...

Those losers with third nipples!

Jill Nittolo said...

Stumbled upon your blog tonight and read about a gazillion posts. You made me laugh out loud! You are too funny.

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

darn, I was going to point out that you need labels for your oil and vinegar bottles, but I couldn't find the "anonymous" button! ha! {that was SO a joke, ya know I love ya!} I never understand why people feel the need to leave rude comments. UGH, so annoying!

Trina said...

My favorite anonyloser comment came to me from someone who forgot to click "anonymous" and posted something rude, and then quickly deleted and reposted anonymously, but not before the first identifying comment went straight to my email. HA.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures/Treasured Moments said...

Ok my husband thinks I am famous for noticing things that are wrong and I never noticed the EAT and spoon weren't centered over the spice rack. Maybe I was just noticing the fabulous built in spice rack like I was suppose to. After I redid my breakfast area and I got a new rug I had a comment(not anonymous) how my new rug was still too small. Oh well, I like it and I don't want to pay the price for a bigger one! I didn't notice the upside down S or the wrong order of colors either under I read what you wrote.

Miranda said...

I happen to enjoy candy corn, and I don't give a flying rat's butt what order the colors should be in. I didn't notice the 'S' might be upside down, but hey, to each her own, right? And you know what else? Your spice shelf ROCKS, along with the spoon and 'EAT'. I wouldn't move it either. HAIL. NO.

Evelyn said...

You always make me smile Mandi...I'm so glad I follow your blog. I'm shocked and amazed at the things people not only notice, but feel the need to nitpick about as well. Psychos!

Angela said...

Okay, I've always loved Elaine on Seinfield and you remind me so much of her. You just say it. God bless you for that. We should all be more like that. No confusion in the world then. Entertained, as usual.

Hoosier at Heart said...

I wote a post a few months back about how much I loved my family and Anonymous wrote, "You think you're so great!." I read back over my post several times but never did figure out what he was talking about.

gina3 said...

Hopefully I've been a hot, secure, cool comment leaver. I didn't notice any of those things that were pointed out when I originally read the posts. It's too bad some people don't have more in their life and have to find petty fault with others to feel good about themselves.

Lori said...

Mandi, too funny... the smiley face comment made me smile.

Emily said...

Why do people feel the need to say something rude?? What nerds!

P.S. I just noticed that I have the same salt and pepper shakers.

Leca Unplugged said...

You just said what I always think in my head. There is nothing I hate more than the annonymous commenter!!!! They say something stupid or mean and then hide behind the annonymous like some kind of creepy stalker! I've always wanted to post about it but I was afraid I'd scare off you and the two other normal people who comment on my blog. Geez people-- leave us alone or give us your address and let us leave you a few lame-o comments of our own. Now that would just be too much fun.

Janelle said...

you make me laugh

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

People are seriously annoying. Dear Ms. Anonymous, get off your freaking computer and take care of your kids.

Love your guts

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

This post made me laugh. I finally just turned off anonymous commenters. I guess I feel that if they want to say it, they ought to own up to it. (That... and I have a fragile self esteem...ha!)

Thanks for telling it like it is!!

dena4kids said...

I didn't evn notice the "eat" and spoon in the picture. I was blinded by the beauty of the spice rack.=)

Layne Bushell said...

I think you are my most favoritest person on the planet!

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

Annd that last line is why you are one of my favorite blogs to read.

Kimmy said...

Oh my... love this post. Made me truly laugh out loud... you're good. (Thanks for you comment by the way... you're one kind blogger.) ~ kim

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

So funny! I always find it interesting that these people with the third nipple always leave their comment anonymously. Hmmm, maybe that should be their clue to not leave one at all.

Audra said...

Um...Okay. I pretty much devour your blog and all the coolness that it oozes and I didn't even notice the spice rack, EAT and Spoon proportions. I noticed how flippin',freakin' awesome the spice rack looks and how cool the letters look. I just drool over yours cuz they are that Ah..may..zing.

Sorry about the anonyloser or Anonyosaurus Rex as I refer to them, but they are anonymous for a reason. No Cajonies!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

Anonymous commenters are E~N~V~I~O~U~S!! ok so am I! The lamp is so totally cool, ah sigh, more envy! btw, you are always a nice commenter & thank you very much for your last comment & your prayers. you rock dufus!! hugs, Cathy

Teri said...

As my mother would say to the lame-comment-leaver, "Go sit on a tack".

Ann Marie | white house, black shutters said...

It makes me feel better when I respond to anonymous comments when I get the email link. I know they'll never get it, but it makes me feel so good. I love this post (and its comments) on so many levels!

My favorite is someone who commented on a REALLY old post of my kitchen twice. First to harshly critique it, and then again to agree with the first anonymous comment and offer some more advice. Hey loser - you don't think I know that BOTH anonymous comments received within minutes were from the same person!?!?

WHEW. I feel better, lol. I should post them next time I do something to my kitchen.

mamascrapper said...

I just found your blog and I LOOOVE it! This is like the sixth post I've read and I have laughed at everyone but this one is too funny! It's amazing how rude people can be when they are sitting behind a computer screen! I'm off to read more and thanks in advance for the rest of the laughs I'll have tonight!

1 Funky Woman said...

Seriously if you don't have anything nice to say then shut the hell up!
And WTF putting the smiley face afterwards. Oh that just made me forget what rude thing you said! I've had a few stop over and I don't think they are ever coming back. I got em good! No but it felt good to say that! :)

Tim and Katie Jean said...

wow. i love you. i am actually considering writing a book with my angry thoughts toward people like that, but this is much more fun. good work.

Kathleen said...

Hi. I am a new follower and am sitting here laughing at your posts- in a good way. I love your sense of humor. I will be looking forward to more posts. Kathleen @ alwayssewlove

Mela said...

Great post! I hate it when people leave annoying comments like that too!