Sunday, March 7, 2010


That word probably best describes the ideas rolling around in thee ole brain. Also, it's my word of the week. Similar to Pee Wee's Playhouse. I really dig the word "odd" right now.

Anywho, this is my current odd idea.

Speaking of odd, I like 1 in about 50 of Wisteria's ideas. But I like to check 'em out. For that 1 in 50, ya know? Like those dice. Soo interesting (odd. Oh, and $40).

This chess piece (odd) needs a buddy.

I was thinking an hourglass (odd). Don't you think an hourglass would be soo interesting (odd)? Those are expensive, though.

So, how about some dice instead? (odd) Huh, huh?

Dark walnut dice? (odd)

So I asked my dad for how I could pull this off. And he explained,

And I'm like, yeeees! Muhahahha! (Totally mad scientist) Yeees! (odd)
(lightning flashes, loud thunder)

So here's what you do. You cut up some leftover 1x6. Or 2x6. Whatever- I'm spatially challenged.

See how these are cut on this interesting angle to make it easier to put them together:

Took my pieces, which were currently being played with by the 5 year old,

took my other good friend, Mr. Wood glue,

who has clearly seen some spray paint action,

and some duct tape. Duct tape?? Duct tape.

He's going to act as a grip while these bad boys dry.

Leftover stain from the aquarium re-do:

And then in a village idiot moment, I ignored mistake #14

and let the boys do the first round of staining. But, notice that I made them take off their shirts. At least.
Three rounds of stain,

such impatience that I busted out the fan to dry 'em, (if you ever do something like this, do yourself a favor a spray paint these.)
a little distressing, a tad bit of a clear coat, vinyl dots. . .

So. . ..



(linked to DIY showoff)


Anny said...

If I were at your house I'd constantly be trying to roll them :(

This would probably get me in all sorts of trouble

Janelle Bartlome said...

When I saw the first picture- you know the one that gave you the idea? I thought they were dominos. Then you called them dice. I went back to look and they look like dominos except for the sides that were clearly dice. So anyway- I LOVE yours. They are not confusing or odd. Or maybe they are odd but who cares.

Dayhomemama said...

Ohhhh, very clever!!

WhettenWild said...

I like the dice. I seriously can't believe you let the boys paint them though. ha ha.

Rebecca D said...

Wonderfully Odd...

PS. You can use "Thanks for Listening" if anyone asks I'll say I copied you... lol

chris w said...

Niiiice. They go very well with the chess piece. You are the bravest mother I have ever seen.

dena4kids said...

OOoooo... I really likey! Does that make me interesting (odd)?

1 Funky Woman said...

Awesome! I love how you have an idea and bam like Emeril you get it done. They really turned out great! I'm a follower thanks for letting me know!

Heidi said...

They look good. I too thought the 1st pic looked like dominos. I like your better.

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

Love the dice. I want to make some. How big are your dice? And where did you get the vinyl dots?

shelly said...

Not odd...Brilliant!!! I love them next to the chess piece!

Emily said...

They are odd but that is what makes them cool...if you didn't do odd things life would be boring Ü. I really like them. They look cool with you chess peice and your clock

Simple. Inspired. Homemade said...

I think they are great, I could totally see them in a "game" room! Great job!

Hepworths said...

I really love those. REALLY LOVE THEM! I'm going to have to make some now. Thanks for the idea!
Allison @

Meg said...

Very cute! I love the idea. And yours turned out awesome. (Do people use that word anymore?) Anyway, you're also very brave to let your kiddos do the staining. I can't even stain without managing to get it all over me!

The Comfort Girl said...

I love these! I'm bookmarking this and filing it away for when we re-do our gameroom. :)

Teri said...

Love it. So odd, and so very very beautiful!!

Heather said...

Those are awesome, and I am totally impressed that you let your little ones help you stain them. Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

So cute and different. I'd want to play with them too!

Cheri said...

Oooooh! Pretty. Great idea. I love it!