Monday, March 8, 2010

25 things you might not know about me.

I read her 25 things post, and I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants.

I have to make my own list, man! And this is hard, 'cause what don't I share? Dudes, I had to really, really think.

1. When I was 6, and camping, I accidentally crushed a camper's sewage pipe. You can imagine what that smelled and looked like. Oh, and I made the only eyewitness swear not to tell.

2. As I'm typing this my 2 year old walked up with poop on his fingers from sticking his hand in his diaper. You know, just since we're talking about poo I might as well share.

3. I feel humiliated when I announce that I am pregnant (I'm not announcing any-thing; I just had a baby people). I feel like I'm running around yelling "Hey I'm knocked up!"

4. I dream of turning the basement into my very own dance studio. Except I have absolutely ZERO desire to ever start a dance business. Like, ever. So I guess I'm saying it would be just for me.

5. I've listened to this song probably about 200 times in the last week. I'm obsessive about music like that.

6. I haven't cooked a real dinner in like 2 months or more. Mainly 'cause there's no adult to cook a real meal for. Well, 'cept me. Do I count as an adult?

7. When I was real little, my favorite thing to do was to wear my long purple shirt, put an (80's) belt around it, pretend it was a smokin' hot shirt-dress, and wear gigantic high heels.

8. I do not think monkeys are adorable. I think they are ugly & annoying.

9. I literally skipped at least one class in high school (almost) every single day. I'm sorry mom. But hey! I graduated with a good G.P.A. and I got college credit, so . . . what was the harm?

10. I literally slept through (almost) every single class in college. You couldn't keep me awake if ya propped my eyelids open with toothpicks.

11. Donnie was my fave NKOTB.

12. I sleep with a loaded Smith & Wesson very near my bed. It helps me sleep better and feel safer. I am not the village idiot- my children can NOT access this.

13. I think that funeral viewings are very morbid and they disturb me.

14. I like "accidentally" mixing my soy sauced rice and my salad with ranch. It's so good.

15. I just might have the "Flashdance" tryout dance memorized. Might.

16. I tend to dream the same things over and over. These things include (but are not limited to): being able to do the splits in every direction, flying, teeth falling out, not being able to get bad tasting gum out of my mouth, never graduating from college, and being back in high school and never attending 1 English class.

17. I am hypoglycemic, and if I haven't eaten correctly in the morning, you better watch out. I'll bite your head off, man.

18. I just found out I've been spelling "accidently" wrong this whole time. wow. Guess that's what I get for skipping out of classes.

19. I don't get sick when I'm pregnant. I get very, very depressed. Like a very dark cloud is hanging over my life. It's not fun to be depressed for that long.

20. If I see a cop on the road, I think he's out to get me.

21. I've got a white heart on my right bun. It's to keep track that tanning trips are working. 'Mmm hmm. Too much information.

22. 1 small phase of sleepwalking when I was about 8 included opening and closing the garage door and attempting to use Ban Roll-On as a cup for a drink.

23. My biggest pet peeves include (but are not limited to): people moving who believe the whole world should do their moving for them (move yourselves lazy), Utah college students who take any handout they can get when they do NOT need them,crunchy moms who are better than the rest of us, and friends who try to get friends into pyramid schemes.

24. The worst sore throat I have ever had was 9th grade, and the doctor said it was a bacteria that had a viral shell around it. Thus, I had to wait for my body to fight the virus so I could take an antibiotic. I didn't want to ever swallow.

25. I believe that they need some new, fresh blood for music video ideas, and that I should be that new, fresh blood.

Er maybe you already knew some of these?


Emily said...

I did...I knew #11

Kim said...

hehe.. thanks for the giggle! trying to think if there are 25 exciting/funny/rediculous things I could/should share.....

dena4kids said...

LOL! I hate the teeth falling out dream!

WhettenWild said...

I think I knew most of those. I SO am the best sister ever! LOL!

chris w said...

I'm so glad you shared those. You are so someone I could hang with.

Rebecca D said...

I can't claim that I would write any of those things on my list (should I do one) yet strangly I can relate to all of them...

The Schoonies said...

ha, ha! you are hilarious! love your dice too!