Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dang It Jim, It's a Family Room, Not Rocket Science.

I have so much to say about my living room reno and I don't even know where to start.
But let's start with this:
pillows in this home prior to now have been the bane of our existence. When I picked up new pillows this time, we had a family convo that went a little something like this:
"You kids see these pillows? They are going to stay right here. You got me? They don't belong in your room. You don't get to sleep on them.. They don't go in the basement. They don't belong on the floor. They're not for pillow fights. You are old enough to leave these dang pillows alone. ALONE. They will stay here and not move. None of y'all are two years old anymore, and you can handle this. Got it?"
This is why we can't have nice things.
I give up on the throw blanket laying just so on the sofa in the magazine spread.  Any way I lay it, it just isn't working like in the mags. Whatevs.
Okay. Now, let's get into it:
Have you ever, like, unintentionally sabotaged your own decorating plans? My decorating style is black and white. Black. White. This isn't complicated.
And yet here we are staring at black and CREAM. Black and actual, true, WHITE is like impossible to find. I didn't even realize I was bringing home fluffy fuzzy furry pillows that weren't white. Even Ikea has black and "white" (CREAM. Agggg. Why?).  I'm over it, but I just wanna know if it's hard for other people to stick to their personal code of décor.
Okay. Enough about pillows. So I got some new pillows. I also got myself a coffee table.
I like this coffee table a lot, and I really liked the price. But truthfully I regret not bringing in more white to the space. A white coffee table would've been cool. Just being honest even though I want to punch myself in the face for saying it. But do you see what I mean? You don't keep your eye on the prize and realize just how you want things to be, and you sabotage yourself.
Still like it though. I swear I'm really not picky. I do like this space a lot. I just could've thought through things a little more is all.
Rugs. Ho man-- rugs. Don't let me bore you, here--
but doesn't it seem like a good idea to bring in some texture with a rug? Like a sisal rug, right? That was my idea. I picked one up at Overstock, umkay. The Safavieh Hand-woven natural fiber natural jute rug to be exact, and we lived with it for two weeks in place. Not like this picture. Like for reals furniture back in it's spot 'n everything.
Here it is getting ready to be rolled back up.
#1: this rug is not sisal. They've since changed the name to jute, because that's what it is, duh.
#2. This rug stinks.
#3. This rug is a filthy mess.
#4. This rug looked 10 years old in 2 weeks and was getting big holes in it after 1 week.
I don't even need to go on but you look at all the dirt falling out of this thing:

Can you see that? That's not from us. We are filthy animals but that was from this rug. People warned about it in comments but I thought the people who loved it knew more and I gambled and I lost.
I stared and stared and staredandstared at a new rug to take it's place. Don't you think this one looks cool?
I thought it was totally cool in a retro, grunge-y vintage-y way if there's even such a thing.  Like it belongs in the Addams family mansion.  'N I loved it.  Can't really say it looks that way in real life. Sigh.
The Jeffro insisted we needed a smaller rug. Not so, said I. "They" said that it's a decorating faux pas to have too small a rug, I said. Read it on Pinterest, I said.
Jeffro ( in a "someone is a moron" tone, deadpan): "Who is 'they'? That's a dumb rule. It gets in the way and people trip over it. I want a smaller one."
In your face, rug Nazis. In.your.face. Why don't you tell on me.
I guess the rug's staying even though I'm not sure it gives off that grunge vintage look I wanted. Even though I'm picking apart my family room, I like it and I'm confirming it as done. I swear I like it. We're just, ya know, conversing! Man, I'm sending mixed messages.
Humor me and look around the room with me, won't you? You're a doll.
In March we had:
And now, we have:
New paint. New crown moulding. New huge fireplace moulding. New huge fan. New tile. New stairs. Freshly stained dark walnut banisters and handrails that TOTALLY DESERVE their own post because they were such a pain in my buns but it's too boring for me to talk about,
Couple pillows, coffee table, foot rest that is far too trendy even for me but I still like it, improperly sized rug, fabulously long curtains,
drug in a chair from another part of the house to give it more of a "room" feel, and it really is like, a room.
It's cozier. More comfy. I like it. Everyone seems to like it better. It also feels a little more chaotic. Just to be real.  But I'm okay with it.
And just as a sidenote,
on a whim I threw this huge corbel up here to start the room off. It's holding up nothing. Maybe that's strange. I don't care. I love it.


Rach said...

Love the corbel. And the rest! A lot of hard work you done did.

Jen said...

You could try placing the rug partly under the couches- see if that makes it better as far as tripping over it. I think it all looks great!

Libby said...

Please don't send nasty thoughts my way, but you "could" (whisper) paint the coffee table white. And 'antique' it to bring in the grung look you like.

I agree with you that the rug is too small, but just by a bit, it doesn't look like it shrank or anything like that.

Overall, it looks more homey.

BTW the pillows will stay put after the kids abandon you and have their own homes with pillows that won't stay put.

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

Well I like it! I love the new paint color, and the stairs, and the corbel. I also like black, white, tan/cream all together, I think it looks great. I know what you mean though about messing with the decor plans. I sometimes have a plan then find a great deal on something that is not in the plan and get it because of the deal and usually am sorry but somehow it all works anyway.

R- said...

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