Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Shut the Front Door.

So you know there's a problem when you go around taking pictures of all the stuff you got done around here, and then you throw them on the ole pc and every picture needs to be retaken because the wall next to the project was dirty.
Or the window was splattered.
Or someone's pooped on the floor.
Okay no one ever poops on the floor, but never say never in this house, and I don't know what's going on in this joint but these people are sick.

("Who's your mother? Were you born in a barn??")

Eh, forget it. I'm not taking new pictures. I am who I am. I don't care if the world knows what my secrets are. Secrets are. (Let's sing it together.)
So I'm into doors lately. Got my blue door,

and then when my bro moved, he was just going to throw away a kick plate for a door. In the garbage. And I was all like Gandalf, "You shall not pass!" blocking the way to the garbage.

You totally know how annoying it is when you're moving and you're stressed to the max and you have a hundred million things to move and sort through and people are questioning what you're doing?

That was me the other day. Head is hung.
I've always wanted a kickplate. Even if it is silver and all my hardware on my doors is brass.  No matter--
that's what spray paint is for. Oh and I really liked the whole understated "hello." that I saw on Etsy so I had to just order that for $2, too.
Kenna thinks my raspberry wreath is Christmas. She's got me all paranoid.
So while I was at it, I was staring at my other doors, and they were so grungy. Scary dingy. And I love how other people have painted their interior doors black, and so I took the plunge.
I absolutely forbid the speaking of this former disaster of a project from 5 years ago. Just know that I sanded the area down to smooth it out and the black went right over the top and all sins be hidden.
I said we won't speak of it!! And don't mention how messy the mudroom is while you're at it. I'm in the middle of projects, here! I'm projecting! There's no time to straighten.
Okay people-- have you considered the whole interior black door thing? Do it. DO IT. (I'm totally saying that like Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Predator". Say you know the part.)
Kitchen door? Bam.  Snap. This door is the only one without the raised moulding above it. Project list added to.

Bathroom door? Bam.

They're just so cleaned up and sharp. I should have done this a long time ago. And black is so forgiving and easy and doesn't need a bajillion coats.
Um, question?
I have a blue door not 10 feet from a black door. Is this okay? Well I guess it's gonna hafta be. Also I may or may not paint the upstairs doors. I believe that what goes on at the main floor needn't go on at the second floor.

Yeah- I'm just going to go with that.


KC Bailey said...

Love this blog. What brand, color, and finish did you use? Doors look great!

RachelK said...

I love these! I've thought about painting my doors black, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough. So I'm going to buy you a plane ticket so you can come help me do this stuff in my house! That sounds like a great idea, right? :)

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

I love the look of the black door! I only painted my pantry door black and hadn't thought about the others maybe I will have to try some more. Love it!

Jaim said...

You are, sincerely, one of the coolest ladies on the blogs. I read you on my feed and think to myself "Now, why don't I just go off and paint a door or trim out my.. everything?" You are my spirit animal. I hope to someday be this proactive in my meanderings around the domicile. Please always keep blogging. Even if it's just a little.

jtatiana21 said...

Love it, I painted my laundry room,pantry and bedroom closet door black last year and I love it. It looks great. I don't think I will paint all of them, I think they stand out better as few chosen ones. And couple months ago I painted my son's closet door fire engine red. It looks awesome.

Stephanie said...

I painted mine a few years ago, just the outsides. Should the insides be painted black as well you think?

Darryl Smith said...

I see you are truly into doors lately. Well, if the doors are as pretty as those, then I understand why. I guess giving each door in your house a different color and character added more vitality into its interiors. I love how yours turn out. Thanks for sharing, Mandi!

Darryl Smith @ Franklin Window and Door

Earl Mark said...

I love the fixation for the moment...Doors! I never have thought of it that way, I always fixate on just painting rooms in the house different colors, never thought about putting in different doors and different colors to really make the house pop. Add that to my painted rooms and I think I am ready to sell.

Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock