Saturday, May 16, 2015

Demolition Derby

Hey hey hey there, blogging neighborinos! I hope your weekend is treating you fabulous, and your Mother's Day was awesome last weekend.
My 7 year old gave me a book just for me, and the second page has a picture of me, as a fabulous stick figure, working on my stairs with a huge frown, and a tear, and the caption says,
"My mom works at home. She thinks it's hard."
Thanks, bud.
In the midst of working on said stairs, before the last nail was even in place, I started on the next project. Because it's who I am. It's all I know.
We decided to utilize the space under the stairs. I was so crazy excited about it. The hubs wasn't even an hour off to work, and I'd already hauled all the crap out of there, brought in the drill with the largest circular bit I have, and my sawzall.
And I just started cutting.  The beauty of this was I knew, by looking under there during stair reconstruction, that I didn't have to contend with electrical, and I knew where the studs already were so this was a breeze.
I made some circular holes here and there to fit the sawzall blade in there and just cut that drywall away.
You would NOT believe the gigantic mess. Would not. I'm still dusting it up everywhere. Remember how I said the builders of my house had swept all the construction crapola underneath here?
You monsters.
Tons of big pieces of drywall, stud pieces--
I actually had to get a dumpster just to get rid of it all, those bastages.
But check this out, yo.
After hauling out all that stuff and tons of sweeping, and then reframing the opening to make it rock solid and as open as possible,
  I had enough space to stick ALL my Christmas stuff under the stairs. I have like a lot. I'm so happy I could cry.
So instead of hauling my ginormous Christmas trees up a flight of stairs, through the kitchen, and to their official places, I pull them out of this closet, 10-15 feet over, and voila.
Remember that I inherited the world's largest tree?
There's 3 tree boxes under there. My storage room in the basement is practically empty, people. Now I can go shopping to fill it up with other junk! What a glorious world we live in. Sob.
Gratuitous side note:
I hooked us up with thee most fabulous Christmas clearanced decor for both my trees. They are so freaking shiny and sparkly that I almost can't wait for the holidays.
Almost. This is nearly summer and I'm not crazy.
But these are these hee-uge sparkly pears! Just take my word for it my trees are going to be legit this year.
But back to the huge gaping hole in the closet.
I know I can utilize this space better. I know I can. I put my coat bar back up and this is all carefully hidden so basically I don't really care what it looks like in here.
Maybe one day I'll come up with this fabulous way to organize the extras in here, but today's not that day.
Here's some embarrassing trivia:
this is the door I put on this closet.  Let's call it, #1.
Make it so, number one. (I had to.)
This was #1 two years ago. Just a flat door that I drew all over.
Then I did this.
Then I did this.
And I declared it boring, and I went bold.

This is like, huge for me. I painted something an actual color. My kids were so proud.

I confess that I went through phases of loving what I'd done and thinking it was crazy.

Today's an, "I like it." kind of day. Navy doors are sooo European.


the other side of the same door I left, just. . .as it was.

Dinged up and hideous. You can tell that I drew on it already, can'tcha. I can't pull anything past you.

I nailed on my favorite thin moulding that also happens to scare the shiznit out of me when I cut it because it easily splinters, and yet I keep using it,

busted out the same navy paint, and here we are. 'N I

Can I please get a high five for taking off the door knob to do a proper painting? I'm really growing up, lately.


Juli G said...

Is it wrong that I actually do know what's behind door #1... and I LOVE it???

Janelle said...

Wow! You had a secret room in your house. That is cool.

Anonymous said...

as a fellow person-who-neglects-to-take-off-doornknobs I give you a huge hi 5! (also the door looks great!)

L K said...

We reclaimed space under our stairs too... it became the dog bedroom for our german sheperds. I love it. No more ugly crates in the house. I was so thrilled to gain a 4x4foot space that is almost 3 feet tall at the highest point. The dogs love it too.
Love that you claimed the space too, and what a great use! And the blue door is fab!

james and bess said...

Love the door! And the storage! The homemade book my 7-yr-old gave me was filled with those "poems" where you write a word vertically and then write words/phrases for each letter, and everywhere there was an "E" he put "Earn money" - not because I earn any money (this whole stay-at-home thing is not very profitable) but because we've recently been trying to be more consistent with paying their allowance and he seems to reeeaaalllllly enjoy pay day - lol. :)


Bon-Bon said...

I love your house with all your projects! If I lived closer I would volunteer to be your maid just to see everything up close and personal. Shellie may laugh at me but I'm NOT kidding! Keep the projects coming, Mandi. Love from waaaay back east in VA. ~B.

Libby said...

I'm a painter (we would work well together, you construct & I paint) so I would paint the 'room under the stairs' a beautiful colour just to spruce it up and make it really legit as a secret room.

I love the concept of using the space under the stairs, my favourite is those pull out shelves, which won't work for either your space or mine (it is also accessed through a closet)

Hippymom83 said...

If that was my house? That long, narrow trimmed rectangle near the top of the blue door would have "POLICE BOX" painted on it in white paint. Yes, I'm a Whovian. And that door would make the perfect Tardis. Plus, with the whole secret room thing going on behind the door, you could TOTALLY get away with saying "it's bigger on the inside!". LOL ;)