Saturday, December 13, 2014

Paint. (Houah.) What Is It Good For?

Do you know what the holidays are good for?
Well, lotsa things, but one un-obvious one is it's potential to shame you into fixing crap in your house.  Because people are coming over, hello.  Christmas dinner and what not. Fix the house! Unclog the toilet! Hide the bodies! People and their stupid social customs.
Remember thee ole "Gray Owl" fiasco that was so, so wrong in my home?
Actually, it's kinda growing on me as I'm staring at it. . . .
Well, I neglected to mention that I went nuts with that color on another wall. I don't know what I was thinking.  The day I picked up that sample bottle of paint was the day my brain was like oatmeal. Maybe I had an aneurysm. Moment of temporary insanity.
Why in H would I just go nuts on another wall?
It just sat like this all mostly painted (It's like "mostly dead" on Princess Bride.) One thing I just love about my personality, is how I swing back and forth between making crazy impulsive decisions, or being crippled by complete indecision.
Oh, my endearing quirks.
And don't let me forget to mention that the moulding on the bottom of this wall was NOT there until I painted that wall all fugly-like.  I was covering up the paint job, people. Because, I mean, if you gotta fix a wall, why wouldn't you cover it with more moulding? Am I right or am I right?
And why stop there? Just keep on going until the problem solves itself.
I totally love this wall now, totes serious.
(It matches the rest of the hallway moulding motif don't worry.) 
I also had this crazy impulsive idea that I should carry more of that black and white style I adore that I mentioned a while back that nobody gives a poop about but me, and just go nuts painting an entire wall in the kitchen a nice, dark, black.
Let's just cut right to the end and spare you the worry. It didn't happen. But I have seen it look soooo cool in other peep's houses. Just so you know.


What I did do, however, on a complete whim, was take this wall and experiment. I have black paint already. In the form of chalkboard paint. And what better place to put chalkboard paint than on a "command center" wall?
At least it's what I told myself at the time.
I actually really do like it. My kids think it's totally funsies. I think I'm used to it, but when I first did it, it felt like the wall was creeping up on me. Like totally closed my kitchen in.
Thank heavens I didn't paint an entire kitchen wall black. It would have felt like I turned my cooking area into a motor home kitchenette. And we can't have that. Kitchen morale is already so low.


james and bess said...

I love your chalkboard wall! It's just the right size. I have thought about adding one around here, but I don't know if I could resist the urge to "direct" (strongly) what my kiddos could/could not draw. (As in, if I even get a hint of butts or poop, big trouble will follow, which would be a problem for a certain 7-yr-old Captain Underpants devotee.) :)


Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

The black is perfect. Love chalkboard walls. you can now see the built in cubbies so much better.

paranoid annadroid said...

i painted a room in our basement black. then a bathroom. then a wall in our master bedroom. then one in our kitchen. what i am saying is i think black walls totally rock. no room is too small. but it IS addictive. it just looks so elegant/classy/sophisticated/hip. proceed with caution. (sounds like you are.)

Denise said...

Love your sense of humor. Must match mine.