Tuesday, December 30, 2014

This Year Let's Resolve To Make Better Bad Decisions.

First off, I want this sweatshirt, and it pretty much sums up how I'm feeling. Right.now.
I hope you are having a fan-freaking-tastic holiday vacay. The Jeffro's home, the kiddos are home, the fam dam is in town, and we're moving from one partay to the next. It's been awesome.  I actually feel like I'm attempting to gain weight these last two weeks. It's this insane combo of fun/totally out of control. Because as we all know, every pizza is a personal pizza if you put your mind to it. Also, want one of these donuts? Becase they aren't going to eat themselves.
(If you're a nerd you laughed)
Prior to 2013, I thought new year's resolutions were totally lame-o.  I don't know what happened post 2012, but suddenly, BAM--
I am obsessed with making (and occasionally breaking) goals. Seriously it's so awesome. I thrive off this crap lately. I love it.
Just in case we haven't been friends long,
I should explain that 2013 was the year of the great "SPENDING CLEANSE". It was awesome. Thanks to my tightening of the belt and reigning it in, we saved a sweet slice o money, I didn't buy any clothing for myself for the entire year, and no one really noticed because I dress so poorly on a daily basis anyway.
Then came 2014, and just for the record it's like I went on a binge and undid the "SPENDING CLEANSE" with kind of sort of at times it was like the great "SPENDING BINGE". Sort of. At times. Occasionally I had some problems wandering around at Target down the kitchen aisles.  
Plus I spent a small fortune on the backyard project. And I don't regret it, okay? Gosh.
So anyways.
I want to go on record saying that 2014 was a year of awesome. No one got hurt, no one got seriously ill, overall, it was a fantastic year. It really was. I can only hope and pray 2015 will be just as fun. The main 2014 goal was:
It didn't go well. It did, but it didn't. It did in that I reminded myself a ton of times that I was going to chill and live in the now. And several times I dropped what I was doing and went out and flew kites with my kids at the park and it was totally awesome or forgo that shower right then to push a kid around on their trike. But then I sucked it all up by being all uptight and control-freak ish and sometimes I want to punch myself in the face for the things I do. . .
So CHILL is definitely on my mind this year. Again.
Last year, just a small FYI that no one gives a poo about-- one of my goals was to read the scriptures 365 days of the year. Barring some crazy forgetfulness on my part tomorrow morning, I succeeded in reading every single day of the year. In fact, I read the Old Testament this year.  Every single word. From covereth to covereth. Go me.
But back to new stuff.
Can we talk money? Let's talk money. I don't think I need to get all crazy and spending cleanse ish, but I do want to save a serious amount of dinero this year.  My goal is to sock away $30,000. And I don't get to count what we get back from our tax return, so I'm going to have to put in a big ole effort. This means cutting back on a lot. No trips to Target. Gonna pretty much not step foot in Costco. Less patronizing of my local chinese joint.  It's gonna get rough at times. I'm up for it.
Other money related goal:
actually, this should just be considered a test. A scientific experiment, if you will. Every single dollar bill that gets put into my hand will be added to my dollar jar.
I just wanna see how much actual cash passes through my hands. And I cannot take it out for any reason. Not to hurry and pay someone, not for the ice cream man, nothing. What I'm saying is, if someone hands me over cash because they owe me or whatevs, it's not going in my wallet, it's going in the dang jar.
It's ridiculous things like these that keep me excited about life, folks.
Other random goals I've made and mostly promise to keep in 2015?
*I'll be embarrassing myself with a video of my violin playing before I hit my two year lessons mark
*I solemnly swear to finish up two major projects that are hanging over my head in this house, namely:
-The other arch in my living room (Oh my GOSH I do not want to do that)
-The really high windows in the family room will get trimmed out in the moulding that's been sitting in the garage for 4+ months (somebody come hold the ladder for me)
*I'm very excited to makeover my staircase and put down stair trim AND nice new fabulous stained stair treads
*The living room is getting this freaking awesome (can one overuse the word "awesome"? I think not, and yet I'm sure I have) crown moulding treatment extravaganza. Wait for it. It's down the road a ways because I have to kick my own A into doing the arch first, but wait for it.
*I'm shooting for 900 miles ran by moi in 2015. That's gonna be tough for me. But it's gonna happen.
So, that's some of 2015 excitement, right there. It's gonna be a good one, y'all.


Evelyn said...

I had no idea your theme was CHILL for 2014! I'm so behind the times...I chose CHILL for my theme for 2015 two weeks ago. You are so awesome!!

Zefi said...

Well done on the savings and all the great work. And good luck on the new resolutions. I don't do resolutions cause I never keep them... :(

james and bess said...

Good luck on the money-saving goals - you can do it!!! I, myself, have already broken the I'm-not-going-to-Target-AT-ALL-this-year goal, but I'm resetting that one today, since I didn't go today. :) Is it lame that I can't wait to see your stair reno? I've been known to stare at our carpet-covered stairs, trying to figure out what to do with them, and I bet you have the answer. (No pressure - lol.) :)!