Sunday, December 7, 2014

How Much Tree Could a Jeff Fluff Fluff if a Jeff Fluff Could Fluff Jeff?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And thank heavens for that, because what else would we do during the cold 'n dark besides complain?
Our entire weekend was spent decorating, tree fluffing (Jeff is a tree fluffer. Only three hours this time! New family record. Good job, Jeffro), fixing (hate) and stringing a bajillion Christmas lights, and my new personal favorite tradition,
yelling "That's it, Christmas is cancelled!" if even the slightest thing ticks me off.
 It's sick. But it feels so right. Try it in a sentence.
We don't need to talk about my one open kitchen cabinet agaaaaain, except that I really wanna point out that I have these silver wine buckets, as you see up there, and although they'll hold nothing more than sparkling cider, I'm insanely excited about their decorative and hosting potential. Planning out my Christmas dinner tablescape now, people.
And it's exciting and compelling. Believe dat.
what I really wanna talk about this holiday season, is our ginormous tree again.  Remember? The one that was given to us with a "Hehehe suckers!" thrown our way as we drove off with two hee-uge boxes of 14 foot faux pine?
"Hey Griswold, where you going to put a tree that big?"
"Bend over and I'll show you."
I haven't watched that movie yet this season. I'll fix that today. How can it be Christmas without it?
So we haven't decorated the "tower of Babel", thus far.
And why can't a ginormous pre-lit 14 footer just be pretty on it's own? Gosh. People were all incredulous that I wouldn't stand on the very top rung of a ladder and spend $500 to decorate it. Well there's a few reasons for that:
1. lazy
2. cheap
3. lazy
So I have this fabulous friend.
She is like glitz and glamor and sparkly and frankly I don't know why we're friends because I'm so paint clothes frump and she's so scarf 'n heels. I'm jagged nails and dirty jeans and smelling faintly of paint thinner and Tonya is so diamonds and perfume.
Somehow she puts up with me, and she hooked me up with all her old tree decor when she redid hers (oh my stars you should see it-- black and white damask and sparkle. It is right up my alley. Actually I should go take a picture of it. I really should.)
And these ornaments are legit. They're so fancy-like and fabulous,
and it was so fun to decorate my tree with free awesomeness.
Ta da.
So I need a big fancy star on top. Thanks for noticing. Your noticing has been noted.
I owe her big time, don't I? Now no one will whisper "The Tremaynes have this Christmas tree in their house and they don't even decorate it!" (snicker) anymore.
Thanks for saving us from such a big social faux pas, fabulous friend. I'm sure it won't be the last time.


DressUpNotDown said...

I actually like undecorated, lights only Christmas trees. :o) That said, you have an awesome friend there!


Libby said...

with a tree that big I'm sure ours would only be decorated up to the 5'8" mark--I think that's how high I can reach. If I'd use a ladder there might be a tree-Libby collision. And the tree would win.

Awesome friend and tree!

Merry Christmas and your sparkling apple juice bucket looks sharp!

Jacquelyn Cory said...


What movie are you quoting when you say "Thanks for noticing. You're noticing has been noted."?