Tuesday, March 4, 2014

You're Doing It Wrong.

I hunted all over the house for my journal, because I had some crazy ideas I just had to jot down right then or I might explode. 
Couldn't find it anywhere.  I nearly shat my pants.  Sound like an overreaction?  It's 'snot.  Promise.
I was convinced I'd left it at church and it was already a new internet meme.  The titles be all,
"Crazy mom's journal.  You can't make this crap up."
"Psycho lady leaves diary behind.  Craziest sh#$ you've read in years."
People, I'd said it before 'n I'll say it again:
I love my journal.  And I write everything in it.  Please don't read it.  I'll hate you forever.  When I'm dead you people can read it.  But know that I wasn't crazy.  I was just excited about a lot of weird things.
I found it.  Phew.  Gotta keep a better eye on that thing. 
So I have a point, here.  The point is---
I am a huge nerd.  Also, though,
get yourself a journal.  I'm serious.  It's so very choice. 
I'll bet you already have a journal.  And you feel guilty because you wrote in it once on your son's 4th birthday 17 years ago and never picked it up again----
this is where I tell you something important:
You're doing it wrong.
No one should feel guilty that they didn't write down every little detail of their child's life.  Or every birthday or special moment or word or whatever.  Stop feeling guilty. 
And you know what?  Detailed, every day, dry "Today I went to work and did ______ and _____ and we had ______ for dinner and . . . "  well, sometimes that's fun to do, and some days you do wanna remember every detail, and for the rest of the days,
fuggedaboutit.  Ain't nobody got time for that.
You know what crap's in my journal?
*Page 1 might've been my shopping list.
*Page 2 might be a drawing of some pi-ece de crap I want to build.
*Page 3 might be notes I took at church.
*Page 126 might be the party I planned.
*Page 127 might be something I was upset about.
--It's like a random smorgasbord of my brain, really.
You know what other crap I keep in my journal?
* A dream journal.  People, keep a dream journal.  It's so fun.  Dreams are crazy awesome.  It's like you get to live another life while you're sleeping, with zero consequences of your actions when you wake up.  It's amazing.
*Gratitude list.  I'm not a cheese, but I love it.
And guess what?
The Daddy-o keeps a journal just like mine.  He loves it just as much.
One page he's planning a built-in for the kitchen (kind of like spice shelves but cooler and fancier with fancy oil 'n vinegar bottles 'n stuff.)
And the very next page,
he's taking notes for church.  Or something else.  Whatever else.  That's the point--
If you're a planner, plan. In your journal.
Artist, make art. In your journal.
If you're a list maker, list and check off in your journal.  Those things give a great indication of who you are and what you're up to.
If you write down the funny stuff your kids say, write it in your journal. 
(Example: conversation at dinner couple nights ago:
"Daddy seriously let you guys watch 'Predator' with him while I was gone?  Are you kidding me??  He's dead meat."
Johnny: "Don't kill Daddy!  I like him." )
All I know is, I don't want to forget little nuggets like that one.  'S all I'm saying.  Journal nerds, unite.


Megan said...

I really hope that you teach a RS lesson just like this about this. It's so inspiring. For reals. So often we are taught, or made to feel, that we have to fit a particular mold or do things a certain, specific way and if we don't we're failures and not going make it. You are saying the opposite and I love it. It makes me feel better and normal. And okay that I'm not perfect. Anyway, thanks for inspiring me to be better about writing (or whatever-ing) in my journal. :)

Jasi said...

You're too much. I love this and I used to keep mad, crazy fabric covered journals in candy colored markers until I hit puberty and everything suddenly embarrassed me, even my own mind! I have since been doing the private blog thing (ala doogie howser md)but a journal would be far more fun. Totally in on this. And yes, it is so very choice, Ferris. <3

Jackie said...

A dream journal....I guess that would require me to actually get to that part of the REM sleep cycle in order to have dreams. Man, I could use some good sleep over a prolonged period of time, preferable someplace warm and pretty.

Cathie said...

Before I had my bebe, I wrote in my journal every night before bed. A brain dump, if you will. I slept like the dead. I actually write less now that she's born. I felt bad for a while about breaking my streak, then decided there was no point. Nobody ever said we had to write every day.

WhettenWild said...

Can you keep a journal for me too? =)

MeetMrs.Robinson said...

This is EXACTLY how my journal is. "Great minds..." and all. :D

Rebecca D said...

You are right... I am doing it all wrong. Whenever I start a journal I always think in the back of my mind that someone is going to read it someday so I try to have it be at least a bit interesting and well thought out... It's too much work so I drift away from it for months and sometimes years at a time!

Mel P. said...

I love this!! I recently began journaling like this and it has made such a difference in my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Brittney said...

Thanks for spelling it out for me! All my to do lists and gift ideas and party plans and funny kid quotes get jotted down on random papers and eventually get thrown away, because I had some odd notion that the only thing that I could write in my journal were well thought out entries. Except all those little lists and thoughts are the things that actually make up my life! You are a rock star.

Layne Bushell said...

YOU.ARE.MY.HERO. I think I've told you that at least 500 million times before, but here goes again! Thanks for teaching me the write way (pun intended!) to do it. I need to be better, that this gives me the permission not to fit the mold I was trying to fit journal writing into... :)

David and Rebecca Campbell said...

I was so embarassed by my early teenage diaries that i glued the pages together so they wouldnt fall into the wrong hands. In adulthood i kept small notebooks in my purse. Now its on my phone because i am sick of papers and filing, i want everything to be paperless.

Collette said...

Um WHERE does daddy-o get a graph paper bound book!?!? NEED that, stat. Please.

Eileen Murray said...

Hi Mandy! I just ran across a blog that made me think of you right away! It's called The Joy of Molding!! It has nothing to do with me, I just (for some reason, LOL) thought of you when I saw it! If you google the Joy of Molding, it will come right up!