Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Because One Can Never Have Too Many Pictures.

It all started with this picture.
This picture of my middle child just melts my stone cold heart.  I said to myself a year ago,
"Self, this picture must be hung somewhere."
I'd also like to add that I feel extreme guilt that this middle child gets so lost in the mix.  Or as Olivia Wilde tweeted,
"Happy middle child day!  Go hug yours if you can remember where you put her!"
Or him.
It does make me feel a teensy bit better that when I decided to do ginormous pictures of my kids, like you're about to see, that said middle child has quadruple the beloved pictures over the other, less ignored kids.
I was a middle child.  I turned out okay.  Ish.
Anyway!  So the idea was to put up some heeeee-uge pictures of my little butt munches up the stairwell because 1. the stairwell is boring and 2. the stairwell is seriously dinged up and we should hide some of the dings.
Also, the Daddy-o lent me his brand spankin' new air compressor-less nailgun:
And we all know I had to try that out on something.  Yes, people!  A nailgun that's battery operated!  The world has finally become a better place!  And I did like it.  It's a tad bit on the heavy side, but we can definitely look past that, can't we?  It's like working and lifting weights all at the same time.  2 birds with one stone.
These may not look huge in this picture, but they are.
They're 20x30's, and I picked them up at Sam's Club, since that was by far the best price.  $8 for that size, thanks for asking.
I had this crazy awesome idea that I would use all my scraps of moulding in the garage and build these fabulously huge, ornate, and unique frames for each picture--
then I came to my senses. I don't keep scraps that long.  That's why they're scraps.  Plus hello I'm holding a 20 pound tool 10 feet over the stairs to attach these frames, hello.
And here they are with absolutely no regard to the ancient art of spacing! 
I hate it when I do that.  I figure no one will notice because they'll be distracted by the ginormous noggins.


Suesan Kennard said...

Love! Not only are your kiddos adorbs, but what a fun way to show it off.

Carla said...

I was a middle child. It's rough, but I'm normal... unless you ask my husband (who's a youngest, so what does he know ;)

-Lisa said...

I'm the oldest so I'm perfect!! (big fat ha ha!!)
Love the ginormous pics! How fun and what a wonderful memory your kids will have knowing they had movie star posters of themselves back at the ole' homestead.

Rebecca D said...

Giant pictures... My family is going to be so bummed you ever showed me that! I have been literally filling my house with pictures of the grand baby... I think it's time for a GIANT one!

Rosemary said...

Your children are adorable. The giant photos are the perfect way to show them off.

kathi @ traybella said...

fun pics of cute kids...but you had me at the battery operated nail gun. so need to get myself one of those! thanks! kathi

FoReVeR WeLcH said...

LOVE a stair full of pics!!!!! my problem is getting them to the top... HOW did you hang these mid stairs so high????