Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'm Alive. And In Perfect Hibernation.

Just so everyone knows, I have 3 projects I'm pretty derned excited about.
2 of them are fairly huge, and one is kinda huge.
Oh, let's put this in "Aerobics Speak", shall we?
2 projects are on "High Effort", and one is "Medium Effort", with an occasional dip into "Low Effort".  Man, I loved Hooked On Aerobics. 
since I'm already rambling, I'll also take the opportunity to say that Jeffro has mostly banished the Medium Effort project.
But if "Princess Bride" taught us anything, then we know that there's a big difference between "mostly dead, and all dead".  And this project is only mostly dead. So, lots of hope.
So why am I not right on top of said projects?  I live in a frozen wasteland.  I'm hibernating. 
Seriously-- I can't even handle working out in my garage right now.  It was exactly the same way last year.  Basically, aside from helping other people out on their projects, "Jaws" and "Severus" have seen zero action from me.  And if I were to, say, chop off a finger out there, aside from spurting blood, I swear it'd take me a long time to notice, it's that cold.
So while I'm freezing doing nothing, let's talk about something warm and happy.
Let's talk about the Lakehouse!  Yes, lets! 
Some of you geniuses noticed that I never mentioned the 4th and final bedroom.  The master bedroom.   Man, you're a bunch of whippersnappers.
Just to refresh everyones memory,
Room #1.

Also known as, "The Luggage Room".

Room # Deux.
The "Pirate Ship Revenge" room.  As named by Moi.
Oh my heck my son looks so small I'm going to cry. . . (voice rising to high pitch squeal, fans face)
Room 3.
Sailboat room.  (Was that what I was calling it?)
Okay.  Do you feel refreshed?  Are y'all ready for the Master?
This is my favorite part:
The grass hut in the corner.  I feel this sudden need to get out my coconut bikini and my grass skirt and hula.

Yep.  It's Hawaiian themed.
Isn't it cute?  Taking you around the room, here. . .

Have I mentioned that every room has it's own vanity?  I love that.  Somewhere to get your hair done without hogging one of the bathrooms.
I seriously love all the grass roofs.
And there you have it!  The master boudoir.  I guess all that's left is for them to pimp out the bathrooms.  Although,
after the cruise and the ropes course,

I did hear the Daddy-o mention he wanted to build one up there.  This is your official challenge, Daddy-o.  The gauntlet hath been thrown.


Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

I just love Hawaii. it's one of my most favorite places...le sigh (missing the non rev days...kind of) in other news, I would love to know which lenses you use. Camera that is.

cathgrace said...

Oh my gosh am I in complete hibernation too, the only effort I am putting into anything is wishlisting flip flops on Amazon, and dreaming of warmer days....

Layne Bushell said...

And thank you for firing up Severus or Jaws, can't remember who is who for one of my projects and freezing your arse off out there. Now that your kid lets are back in school you should come see it in its finished state!!!

Rebecca D said...

I am in full on hibernation mode... Each time it snows (which is exceptionally often this winter) I use it as an excuse not to leave home for days!
BTW... Your parents totally ROCK! I hope to be 1/100th as cool as they are for my grandkids! Their weekend place is beyond belief!

David and Rebecca Campbell said...

Hi mandi. I saw this product on amazon and thought of you. I think you asked once if you could ever have too many built-ins. Here is one more for you to try. If you work it out, please post because i am considering trying to build it even though i am still a dry wall sawing virgin. Haha. Sorry dont know how to post links with my fancy phone. Its called Hy-dit toilet plunger storage.

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

I wish I could take some of that snow off your hands it's been so damn hot here I'm not doing anything either.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Now I don't know which room is my favorite at the Lakehouse! How stinkin creative your parents are - I love it!