Monday, March 17, 2014

I Will EAT My Words. Eat.

Kay, promise to hear me out.  Promise.  Don't get all angry.
Pinky swear. 
Just be patient with me, okay?
A long time ago, I confessed that I found the furniture at Ikea ugly.
Put down that rock.  You promised you'd hear me out.  I'm not totally like, in love, with contemporary furniture, okay? 
 When I was an Ikea newb, and I visited my first in Houston, I expected, from all the hype, to head home with an entire house's worth of furniture and love every single piece of it.
Now.  Keep listening to me, okay?  I promise I try to be super open-minded.  Once I got over the initial disappointment, I actually really truly
like Ikea.  Like a lot.
I gave it another chance, and swedish meatballs and really long inexpensive curtains and fan-freaking-tastic customer service totally won me over.  I'm not saying I'll ever buy a couch there, neccesarily, (I might who knows) but generally it's a fun place to shop.
See?  I'm open-minded.  I don't hate stuff just because everyone else loves it.  That's just weird.  Why do people do that?
Second confession.
At one point, I also did not understand the crazed, willing to sit in line for 2 hours just to get a burger and fries at In 'N Out nonsense when it first came to this state.
I had lived in California prior and had tried In 'N Out, and while I do love me a good burger, I thought the fries were pretty sub par.
Now settle down--
I tried it again, (and again and again,)  and I really do like their burgers.  The fries are pretty good if they're hot.  They're not my fave, but pretty good when hot.
I'm just trying to make personal, unbiased decisions, here!
Now this one's gonna piss a lot of people off.  Let's still be friends.  Actually, I WANT you to tell me why I'm wrong.   We're planning a trip to California, and so this is a question that needs input while I plan.
(The shot heard round the world. . . dun dun dun. . . )
I don't understand Disneyland.
I can't believe I just admitted that.  I feel this huge, pressing weight off my shoulders. 
Now, don't send me hate mail, I do not HATE Disneyland.  Let me repeat, I'm NOT A HATER!
I just am. . . indifferent to Disneyland.  I remember going as a kid.  It was pretty fun.  Pretty fun.  I remember going to Disneyworld as a teenager with all my teenaged siblings and we were bored and went home by 5 pm.  
But, um, has anyone noticed that it's like freaking crazy expensive??  Like I can think of a LOT of things to do with that kind of moolah? 

And then you pay a lot to wait in line for an hour for a ride?

And yet it's worth it to millions of Americans every year.  It's magical to many people.  Just not me.
Apparently I need to be dumped.
Don't dump me.
Why is that?  Am I broken?  Actually I should say, are we broken?  My husband (and my family, for that matter) share the same feelings.  It's fun.  It's not a thousand dollars fun.  It's not my dream come true.  It's not "amazing".  Heck let's save up for a cruise or something instead.

So.  Like I said, I'm planning a trip to California, and while we're in California, it makes sense to take the kids to Disneyland for the one (and maybe only??) time.  Why is it fun?  Tell me why it's magical to you!  Why is it worth the money I could spend on a pergola in the backyard? 

Help a girl out.  Let's still be friends.  If we do go, and it's my kids' favorite thing ever, I will eat my words.  Eat them.  Right here.  Promise.


janette said...

Yes Disneyland is expensive, but there is nothing better then watching my kids faces light up when they watched the parade or want to give there favorite character a hug. If and when we go to Disney again it would be our fourth time we want to look more into the history and how they set it up with there secret Mickeys etc then the rides, would love to do a behind the scenes tour,
Have fun with it and remember sometimes we have to do things for our kids even if we don't like it and I am not a ride person hahaha I just keep my eyes shut and listen to my kids squeals with laughter that they are having a blast.

Susan - Uniquely Yours or Mine said...

I'm actually with you on the whole Disney thing, matter of fact so are all of my girls ages 10, 15 & 19 the last (& 2 time we went) they said "yup we're done!" But we also live 30 minutes from a huge theme park with much shorter lines. I say if the kids want to go then go, otherwise find something more adventurous to do.. Like zip lining or something! Have fun!

~ Laura said...

You always make me smile!!

We live 15 min from DL and I grew up around here so please take this fwiw! :) I enjoy going when we can and loved taking our kids when they were little. Seeing our kids meet the characters was so cute and riding on Dumbo with them I will always remember.

The place is crrrraaaazzzzyyyyy expensive (don't even get me started on the price of churros!! Geez!!!) and if your kids aren't dying to go and aren't really into Disney then you would be way happier doing something more in line with your interest, I think.

I would rather go the beach to Crystal Cove, get a cone and explore the tide pools!! The aquarium in Long Beach keeps getting better, the Santa Monica pier has a cool fun zone, the 3rd St Promenade is nearby with restaurants and a great vibe.....oh, and Huntington Beach and/or Laguna Beach are super for strolling, snacking and sand time.

So yea....Disneyland and California are great if you are into that, but there is so much other great stuff you wouldn't miss it!!! :)

Brown-Eyed Girl said...

Definitely skip the theme park and head for the coast! Tide pools are wicked awesome and so is watching people from the pier catch waves. Get some good grub at some seashore place and be sure to pack extra swim suits cause no one like a sandy suit!

Deanna said...

We went to CA about 5 years ago, and had a 2 yr and 6 mo old. I'm not crazy about theme parks anyways...we saved our $$$$ and hit up the beaches instead. SO.MUCH.MORE.FUN!!!!! I totally agree with the "there are so many more places to spend that good hard-earned money".

Shirley Moore said...

We lived 45 minutes from Dollywood when my kids were little. We loved the safety focus, and the cool rides. I'm not a fan of Disney in general, therefore my kids have never been. I went to Disneyworld in Fl when I was 25. Had a great time, but wasn't extremely impressed.

Karin said...

Also not crazy about Disney. I do want to see Harry Potter World at Universal Orlando though.

What about the Winchester Mystery Hoise or Hearst Castle? I enjoyed those (pre-kids). We're going to Legoland on our California vacation.

Karin said...

Mystery House. Promise I can spell.

LauraLynne said...

I'm with you - I don't "get" Disneyland. Not at all. And for the cost of a trip there, I'd rather take my family to Europe. Yes, seriously.

Juli said...

TOTALLY with you on the Disney thing. My husband is begging to go back (Disneyworld) saying that the window is closing on the kids getting to experience it as "kids". WTH? If you ask the kids, they want to go to Universal, not Disney. They are RIDE kids, not "dress up" and pretend kids.

That said, we will go next January provided we can run in the family 5K. We will spend ONE day at Disney (entry is free with race admission) and the rest of the time at Universal.

Honestly... it's not worth the money.

Mandy Beyeler said...

we did Disneyland and Legoland in California a few years ago. We liked Legoland better. Yep.

cathgrace said...

Oh I heart Disneyland (I really do think it's the happiest place on earth!) I love the effort and care that has gone into making things beautiful, I love seeing so many happy children that are experiencing the magic, and I love the nostalgia that goes along with the rides (I love me some space mountain, and anything in fantasy land.) EVERY TIME we go we get Dole whips and go to the Tiki room, we eat churros in Critter Country, we sing the songs, we ride Pirates a dozen times, we ride the Haunted Mansion ride and squeal when the hitchhiking ghosts sit on us, etc. I love the new Car's land in California adventure, and the apple frosty's they have there are to die for. :) I am actually ditching my children and going to Disneyland without them next month when I go to the states to visit my sister :) (we are also going as a family to Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea this May) For me it is about parades and colors, and memories, etc. I don't mind the lines, I don't mind the commercialism, or any of it, because I'm so PRESENT with my children and the people we are with when there. (I cry for joy during the fireworks displays; my favorite picture ever of my children is of them spontaneously holding hands during a Disneyland fireworks display - they were just so stinking happy it was bursting out of them by way of affection towards each other.)

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

I have never been to Disney and have no desire so I am no help. I do however want to visit an IKEA store.

Rach said...

I agree with you 300% on everything you said! From ikea to fries at in n out to Disneyland!!! You nailed it! : ) so glad I'm not the only one. (Except we haven't taken our kids to Disneyland and hope not to ever!)

GustoBones said...

Ok, let me start by saying that I am a girl that skips to first ride at Disneyland. For me, it isn't the death defying rides(because there aren't any), or the fun trinkets and food(we skip out on most all of that and do Disney on the cheap! :) ). What I do love is that it is kind of an "experience". I love walking down main street and feeling transported in time. I love seeing the characters from my childhood come alive and sort of get to pretend I'm a kid again. (Yes I would love to go to Disneyland sans kids). I refuse to buy into the commercial stuff too much though which is why we don't do the "meet the princesses" stuff or "eat with Goofy". There is enough stuff to enjoy with your admission ticket and because it is so expensive, we usually stick with that. I also always remind the kids not to ask for every little thing they see(although we usually let them pick one little souvenir) I didn't think I would like DL as much as I do because as a kid/teen, it was fun, but not off the charts. I think I like it more now. Might as well try it, and if its still MEH, then at least you can say you did it! :)

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

Don't go during the summer when you have to wait hours for a ride...That kills the joy. Go in the off season and watch your kids faces light up! That makes it worth it!

The said...

It sucks, don't waste your money on Disneyland. I agree with you, too expensive and a drag to wait in line for hours.

Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

I am a disney lover, but married a disney hater, so it's difficult to merge the two. There are two different people people who LOVE the magic of disney and people who just don't connect with it. I think if you don't love it don't go! no biggie (less in line ahead of me ;0)

the angry bee bakery said...

I am so happy to hear that someone else doesn't understand Disney. I just don't get it. Magic?? I'm like you, I can think of A LOT of better things to do with all that money. I do like Ikea, but not all the super space age stuff. I go for the dishes and curtains and lamps and stuff like that.

Carla said...

I like ikea ... for some things.

I dont care for in n out. I think it's overpriced and the fries and shakes aren't good. Of course I'm from nc, so it's all about cook out for me.

I went to Disney for the first and only time when I was 21. It was amazing! I loved it. I love the atmosphere. It's clean, employees are friendly, the rides were fun and the parades and fireworks are cool. (Of course I went in February so there weren't really lines) I totally want to go back! But not with my kids. .. I feel that would tags away from the fun, and then we'd have to wait in line to meet Anna and Elsa ugh

Carla said...

I like ikea ... for some things.

I dont care for in n out. I think it's overpriced and the fries and shakes aren't good. Of course I'm from nc, so it's all about cook out for me.

I went to Disney for the first and only time when I was 21. It was amazing! I loved it. I love the atmosphere. It's clean, employees are friendly, the rides were fun and the parades and fireworks are cool. (Of course I went in February so there weren't really lines) I totally want to go back! But not with my kids. .. I feel that would tags away from the fun, and then we'd have to wait in line to meet Anna and Elsa ugh

Jean @ said...

You are NOT alone! I do not GET Disney either. From the theme parks to the movies....that Frozen song is driving me MAD! I do like Ikea for some stuff...not necessarily the furniture. Never had an In n Out burger and probably won't since I'm grain free, but before I was I loved Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

justltee said...

You need to order In N Out fries "extra crispy". They'll know what you're talking about since a lot of people order like that. It's so much better!

Jenna Pennell said...

Disneyland/WDW are not about the rides. I repeat, NOT about the rides. If you're a thrill-seeker, by all means, hit up Universal. Disney is about the experience. The fact that when you walk down Main Street, U.S.A., you remember that It Was All Started by a Mouse... and a man with a dream. It can be pricey, sure, but in my mind, it's totally worth it. Oh, and comments about the long lines are FALSE. You will wait 3-4 times longer at any other theme park than at Disney (unless you go at Christmas. DO NOT go at Christmas!). Disney Imagineers are such smarty pants that waiting in line is also part of the ride experience. I find that going in May is the best time (at least at WDW). We seriously never wait more than 20 minutes when we've been in May/early June. Even if you're not sure you'll like it, it's definitely worth going ONCE just to see. Every time we go to Magic Kingdom and are waiting outside the gates for the park to open (seriously, if you get there when the park opens, you will get to ride most of what you want before the crowds get there), I get goose bumps. Then the entry music starts playing, the kids start running toward their favorite rides, and all the cast members stand outside waving at you with their Mickey hands... there's no better feeling on Earth.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Shh don't tell anyone, but I'm not a Disney lover either. The cruise you took with your family sounds about 1million x better than a trip to Disney but on the other hand, the munchkins are only going to be munchkins for a short time, so I suppose it is worth it if they love it!

Lanna said...

The key to Disneyland is you have to go at the right time. You have to go on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. NEVER go in the summer, the lines are ridiculous. We go the week after Labor Day, or 2 weeks before Christmas. No lines. My daughter loves Disneyland, and that's all that matters to me. Seeing her so happy makes all the money worth it. Also, find some "extra" things that your kids would enjoy, like character dining or the bippity boppity boutique. My daughter loves meeting the characters more than going on the rides, so we are willing to spend the extra money to get some one on one time with the princesses.

Kimbo West said...

you know...everytime you post i read it and think...this woman. ying to my yang. pb to my j. rizzo to my sandy.

but this post...
oh this post.
water and oil.

i love disneyland.
that being said...i have to continue was the only family trip we took...we went like...a lot. (mom apparently loved it too)
so i go and it's all about memories and remember whens and how we all hate the tiki room but we still have to go in it....

and i love ikea...cause it's cheap.
and i love cheap.

and i love in and out. but i wouldn't stay in line for 2 hours to get some...cause aint' nobody got time for that.

we can still be friends though...

Labyrinth Gal said...

I like Ikea book cases--when they're at a thrift store.My sister has a bunch of kitchen stuff & anytime I complement her it's the "I-got-this-from-Ikea."

Disneyland--went there as a kid. Meh. Not really a place for introverts or kids who like quiet. Lots of sensory overload with any theme park AND it's so expensive. I don't think your family will be deprived if you do something else!

mE said...

FINALLY! Someone who understands me... LOL!

I don't get (read NOT a hater) Disneyland, either... but... let me 'splain... I did not grow up in the US and the first time I went to DL was on my honeymoon. I think the magic wasn't there for me because I was an adult, without kids, and missed the hype as a kid. It's not a terrible place, just seemed horribly overpriced and crazy.

I like Ikea, a lot.. .but I mainly like-love it for their organization schtuffs. (I am a professional organizer and their goodies come in handy often!)

Not a fan of In N Out... When I lived in UT I think I went there twice and both times the fries were coolish warm and soggy and the burgers were boring.

BUT, I do LOVE your blog and look forward to your posts. :) Thanks for posting!


Rick said...

IKEA: I'm not into that modern look, either, but I love my Ektorp sofa so much, I bought the sectional, too. That's the not-modern looking one.

In N Out: Double Double protein style! Lettuce instead of bun. Onions grilled. I'd rather eat the bun, but a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do.

As others have said, Disneyland is not about one ride or another, it's about the experience. Every attraction is a story, not just a fun ride with a themed name. (I'm looking at you, Magic Mountain!) The parades and fireworks are really amazing, and I think a big part of the experience. There is so much to see, everywhere you turn, down to the smallest detail. I don't know any other theme park that even comes close with 'atmosphere'. If your kids don't watch Disney movies, they might not appreciate all that, but I love it.

I went 3 or 4 times with my family when I was a kid or teenager. The park is very well run, but my favorite memory is actually when my sister and I (teenagers at the time) got stuck on the Matterhorn. The "mountain climbers" came to rescue everyone in the ride and led us all through the middle of the mountain. There was a birthday cake in the break room. :) Then there was the time it was a teensy bit drizzly, and that place was empty! We rode Space Mountain like 5 times in a row, in under an hour.

We've only gone once as parents with children. Something I really appreciated is that MOST of the rides are for the whole family. There are only height restrictions on a few of the coaster-type rides, so we spent a lot of time riding rides together, rather than waiting with the stroller and taking turns, or snapping yet another set of blurry photos while your children look bored on the kiddie rides.

Because of the cost, we don't visit often, even though we have family in the area. We have done other things, like museums (my kids loved the Getty Villa). We will probably take the kids to Disneyland once or twice more before the oldest is in college.

If you DO decide you want to try Disney, there are loads (LOADS!) of resources online to let you know what to expect and to help you get the most out of your time and money. We used tips on when we should visit, and how to eat while you're there without breaking the bank. We also used RideMax software (I'm not affiliated with them), and we spent more time riding and playing and less time standing around. I liked having the day somewhat planned. I will definitely use it next time.

Maura said...

Hahaha, ^^^that^^^ was me, not my husband! Oops!

hippymom83 said...

Ok. So I'm totally with you on Disney. {never been to California though - just to let you know}. We took our 9 year old son in 2009. He had a really good time, but he actually seemed way more into the Children's museum in Indianapolis! He would like to go to Disney again because he missed out on some rides he really wanted to ride on because the lines were just too dang long. But for me, it's just not worth the money for a kid who isn't all that into it. If I had a child who LOVED it, then I'd consider a second trip.

That said, my best friend is a Disney FANATIC! She got married there 10 years ago [Disney FL] and has been back just about every year since then....And she DOESN'T EVEN HAVE KIDS!!!! But last year, they went to Disney CA for the first time and LOVED it even more than FL. They are already planning their next trip to CA. And all long as I've known them, they have NEVER taken a trip to ANYWHERE but Disney. Who does that??? Don't you want a little variety in your life???

I personally, would go to the San Diego Zoo before I'd visit Disney CA. That's the only place in the US where you can see Pandas [so my hubby tells me]. But again, I'm not speaking from any experience because I've never been to California. :)

Rebecca D said...

Okay, clearly you do not need my 2 cents but here it is anyhow...
Ikea = Disposable Furniture... Hear me out, I LOVE Ikea but I know (K.N.O.W.)that with furniture you get what you pay for... Even at Ikea. We shopped there a lot as newlyweds back in the early 90s and some of the things we bought are still kicking around but generally they have either needed replacement or have been upgraded. I know people who swear by their cabinets and they my be different but if you buy a $500 sofa you are getting $500 worth of use and after that you have a sad looking sofa!
Disney: We went to the "land" as newlyweds (again back in the 90s) and were not impressed... It was crowded, over priced, hard to get to, and we left vowing to never return. BUT we took the girlies to Disney World for a vacation when they were 6 & 9 and they had such a good time we went back several times and Disney world is what we compare all vacation destinations (as in "it's no Disney world but it was fun"). We stay at the resorts right on site (the wilderness lodge is our personal favorite!) and prepay for a meal plan and feel pampered like kings all week! I would skip the Land for other peoples suggestions, then save up to do the world!
That's my unsolicited 2 cents!

Pattie Moss said...

My hubs and I got free tickets a few years ago when we did some volunteer work. We were like you. We left at 5:00 feeling kind of guilty/weird for being tired of it. I think though if I'd had my granddaughters there it might be different. Seeing their faces as they meet their princess idols might be a hoot!

Pattie Moss said...

Oh and the parking garage I think was $17.00 bucks. Not kidding. That didn't make me a happy camper! But I'm cheap. :D

Two Dollars said...

Disney is not only expensive but exhausting. I think we'll go once every 5 or so years, but that's because we are in Oregon and can drive. My boys prefer Legoland over Disney right now. Legoland is also expensive and tiring, but less so. It has less "magic" but that's fine with me :)

RachelK said...

I have an even worse confession to make. I've never been to Disneyland. And I've still managed to live a decent life. Proof that it wasn't the end of the world.

Jocelyn said...

My hubby is going for the gusto and our first experience at Disney will be Disney WORLD. :( Seriously, I have ZERO interest in going. None. Nada. Zip, Zero, Zilch. I feel like the worst mom in the whole wide world. And the closer it gets to us going, the more I dread it. No word of a lie. Seriously. I would much rather spend my money going to the beaches, renting super fun convertibles (because we are coming from the frozen wasteland known as "Canada" I would much rather go and SEE Florida but nope, we are going to Disney. I will pray for you. Pray for me, K?

Ruth Harding said...

So, before my daughter's last heart surgery, she had the amazing opportunity to be granted a wish by Make a Wish. She was four, so OF COURSE she wished to "be a princess at Disney World". Our family was sent on a once-in-a-lifetime, all expenses paid trip to Orlando that was miraculous and life-changing and over the top fun. (I am so serious. We will be forever grateful.) We spent four days at Disney World and had a special pass that caused all Disney employees to drop whatever they were doing, shower all our children with attention and free fun stuff, and escort us to the front of every line. WE DID NOT WAIT IN A SINGLE LINE. It was unbelievably wonderful. Well, fast forward a few years and we're actually living in California. Naturally, for our first west coast vacation, we asked our kids if they wanted to go to Disneyland. They asked, "Will we get a special pass?" When we said, no, not this time, we'd have to wait in line like everyone else, they all said, "Meh." Then they asked enthusiastically, "Can we go to The City Museum in St. Louis instead?" Not kidding. We had an all-expenses paid, no waiting in line, trip of a lifetime to a Disney park, and the place my kids want to go back to is a quirky (but admittedly super fun) children's museum in St. Louis. Which cost something like $12 per person. So I recommend a trip to St. Louis, where the zoo is FREE.