Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Follow-up.

Couple months back,
I talked about my desire to start running.    No, no.  "Desire" is too strong a word.  I felt like my buns needed to be runned.  There.  Better.
Well, I have a few things to say about running.  Or, "running" with huge air quotes as I like to refer to it in my case.
Here we go.


the hubs "ran" with me at first to support my decision to get my resting heart rate down from 1,000 bpm to something more respectable.  

And then he finally admitted that it was more painful to slow down to my pace then it was to run at his pace. 



I don't always quit, but when I do, it's an exercise routine.  So imagine my surprise when I have kept going, every morning or night, 6 days a week.  Mostly.  Usually.  I try for 6 days.

Now don't get excited for me!  My "running" routine is pathetic.  But I swears I'm trying and working on upping the minutes I'm out there.


I'm trying to figure out my motivation for this.?.  I think it's a combination of knowing how bad I hate this, so it's like the ultimate challenge for me, and I just want  to be able to run around the block without collapsing, plus, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, I want to be prepared. 

I don't want the first to be eaten, hello!  And I'm just certain I'd be absolutely delicious.  I mean, how could I not be with all those years of Reese's eating?    I'm the other white meat!

Incidentally, when I went to the grocery store at 10 at night the other night,  as I walked out of the store, and like 5 people were aimlessly walking towards me,

I had a split-second fear of a real-life "The Walking Dead".  And that's one of the reasons I can't watch that show anymore.  That, and whenever I do, I have dreams all night of blowing zombie's heads off.   And let's not talk about the other night's dream where even shooting them in the head didn't finish them off, and I was seriously pistol whipping zombie's with the butt of my drill.

Is this a post about exercise or zombies??  And must they be mutually exclusive?


I'm pretty sure I run weird.  I think this is direct karma for all the times I drove past this one girl who runs in the hood, and thought,

"Dude, she runs weird."

Every time I run and try to analyze my posture and form, it makes me more tired and I decide to screw it so I can just keep going.  So I will run like a dufus for basically ever.

Also, if you drive by and laugh at me, just know that I will pay you back with a punch to the face later when you least expect it. 


can I tase an ankle biter dog that chases me around the block?  Oh, I kidd!  I love dogs!  They're delicious!  No, really, I wouldn't tase a dog, but what do you do when a dog chases you?


I need perspective, here.  I still, after two months, can barely make 20 minutes straight of "running".  Now, for me, this is a huge accomplishment, considering I couldn't run 2 minutes before.  And, no one has asked me if I need oxygen, yet, so there's that. 


--What is a respectable running length of time?  Like, if I could run for 30 minutes straight, is that pretty good?   Will that mean "I've arrived"?  What kinds of goals does one give concerning running?

--How long does it take an average woman to run a 5k?  How far is a 5k?  (I don't want to run a 5k-- I can't even run the big loop around the neighborhood yet.  Just curious.)

You know what I'm thinking?  I'm thinking if I can run half the time my sister runs on a daily basis, then I've arrived.  This might take me another year to work up to.  I'll let you know.


Mallory said...

Mandi! I started the Couch to 5K program with the app on my phone. It is supposed to be 8 weeks, but it took me 12 to finish. It is awesome because it tells you when to walk and run. I'd say if you're running for 20 minutes after 8 weeks, you're right on track. That's where I was! A 5K is only a little more than 3 miles--you can do it in less than an hour!

Good luck to you, lady!

Oh, and I run weird, too! The track at my gym is surrounded by windows. Running at night means I can see my reflection THE ENTIRE TIME, and yes, I'm bowlegged or something. But I run most efficiently and painlessly when I run weird, so it's a trade-off.

cathgrace said...

I had never run a mile EVER before last summer, 2011. (I got lots of notes in school, my mom was happy to excuse me from running because I have a knee thing that if I am honest isn't going to be made worse by running, so it's a pretty lame excuse) and then I built up to 2 miles over 6 weeks of running every night (I started off not being able to run 1/4 of the way around the mile loop I was running) I died every time I got to the end, full on collapse for a few minutes. (Then I stopped running after school started again.) This spring I did a couch to 10K in 6 weeks, and it was SO hard, but at the end of the 6 weeks I ran the 10K in 47 minutes (and collapsed at the end for a few minutes.) I haven't run since then which makes me have guilt even though I've hiked the Inca trail (the real motivation for the training) and moved to Korea since then (tell me those are all good excuses for not running, I've got unpacking to do, LOTS of unpacking) anyway, it hurts, but building up to running can be done if I did it!

Kim @ seven thirty three said...

I started running this summer. I hated it, but I did it anyway. I ran 2.5 miles and it took me about 25 minutes to do... although I did walk up hills... haha. And then I read that rollerblading burned more calories so I switched to that and did 9-10 miles in an hour and that was a WHOLE lot more fun for me... and I felt more of a work out - at least in my bum... and I also used 3 lbs wrist weights to help work my arms. The running thing... i'm proud I tried it, but man, beating the pavement that 25 minutes felt like fuh-everrrrrr! Good for you for sticking with it! I would suggest doing a 5k - it will give you the "competitive" edge to stick with it and push yourself a little harder.

Deborah said...

A 5k is 3.2 miles. If you want to up your running you run for a minute as fast as you can and then do an easy jog for 2 minutes repeat, and repeat til you've worked out as long as you wanted to.

minimonstersmum said...

I can just picture you running like Pheobe does in Friends! Important thing there was that it was how she made running fun - get your arms swinging wildly and your legs kicking out. And if one of those flying feet 'happened' to come into contact with a dog foolish enough to be in the vicinity then just blame it on your running 'style'. I think about going for a run almost everyday. Been a while since I actually did it, so for me, you're doing great!

Tricia said...

I started couch to 5K on 11/1 & I'm almost done with week 3. I love the phone app too, it says "Begin walking now" and "begin running now." It always makes me laugh a little because I'm not sure you could call what I do "running" as much as "bouncy walking". Anyway, in week 2, I only had to run 90 seconds at a time. Week 3 is 3 minutes. I thought I was going to die - that's DOUBLE the previous week! I'm already dreading a few weeks away when you go from running like 3/4 of a mile to 2. Who thinks that's a gradual increase?! At any rate, I'm pretty jealous of you running 20 minutes all at once!

Nicole Resweber said...
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Nicole Resweber said...

"Is this a post about exercise or zombies?? And must they be mutually exclusive?"

They certainly are not. I haven't tried it yet, but I hear great things about Zombies, Run! It's a running-training app with zombies!

Libby said...

You go girl! I don't run, I prefer cycling...I wonder if there is enough snow melted off the streets for me to take the bike for a spin this morning-instead of studying for a test on Thursday...see excuses can run (haha) either way!

I need to get going kneecap sliding around won't get better if I don't do the stretches and actually make the inside muscle stronger.

Keep it up and eventually Jeffro will be eating your dust! (as you run not sawing)

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I am so impressed that you find the time to run 6ish days a week with 4 kids! Good for you!! I want to the Couch to 5K program but I'm just too darn lazy….until a week before we go to Hawaii when I'll be doing 35,000 crunches and sprinting through my neighborhood like a crazy person for 7 days straight, as if it'll make a difference!

Michelle Johnnie said...

Set your goal on a marathon. I ran 2 and felt like I could do anything. I only had to run for 4 hours to get that feeling:) Whatever you do is great! Exercise is exercise!!!!

Kassi Mortensen said...

I have zombie fighting nightmares for days after a The Walking Dead episode! I can dream up some pretty creative ways to kill or corral zombies to I like to think of it as preparedness training... hahaha

Heather said... has some great running info, as well as a running schedule. 20 minutes is AWESOME!!
Before I ran my (tumbleweed) marathon, I enjoyed getting out for a run in the mornings JUST so my husband had to get his bum out of bed and feed the kids breakfast. The REAL test is to be gone for lunch, too...But of course, you don't HAVE to be running that entire time! ;)

Lindsay said...

Too funny! I don't run for all the reasons listed above. I love your posts!

ikylilcrafter said...

running for 20 minutes is AWESOME! I've been "running" for about a year now and can still barely run a mile wthout stopping to walk. And when I do, I'm fully purple faced and panting. it's ugly, very ugly.
you should TOTALLY shoot for a 5k. even though tI have to walk parts of them, I've done several 5k races and that is what makes me keep at the whole running thing, in hopes that I won't finish dead last. a 5k is only 3.1 miles. If you are already running 20 minutes, most likely you are around 2/3 of the way there already!
As far as what time to run a 5k in, it depends. To WIN races, you need to be doing a 5k in close to 20 minutes or so, to finish middle of the pack, probably around 30 minutes. But there are LOTS of us that can't even finish in under 40 minutes yet. Even though I'm slow as crap, I have to say I never feel judged around other runners. I feel like most runners out there just want more people to run, they don't judge or anythign based on how fast or how far you can run.

Kudos to you for sticking with it!

Udygirl said...

I relate in so many ways! I hate running and I try to take it up every months but it never lasts. I have an odd desire to run a half marathon just to say I did it... I never stay motivated. We should run together! There is a good 5k trail I like at DayBreak lake.

Bludart said...

If it weren't for my army husband and plethora of gun-toting friends (it is TX after all), I would totally get eaten first in the Zombie Apocalypse. Like, I can't sprint after an escaped dog without feeling like I'm gonna die. So, you. are. awesome. Even more so, since you actively and willingly try to run.

As for the ankle-biter....stop, turn around, and face it. Stand your ground. Say "No" in your scary-mom-voice. You know the one. Make the mom-face, too. It helps. The punk is trying to scare you away from his home! Don't let him! and/or carry some dog treats with you (cut up hot dogs? hunks of cheese? mini sausages?) and toss 'em at the bugger, opposite direction of where you are going, when he shows.
Hey I might not run, but at least I know how to distract some pooches!

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

Crap let me see if I can type this before the baby wakes up and starts screaming at me.

To answer your question, I don't run for time but instead just do the same distance every time, so sometimes I run it faster when I feel like a cheetah, and sometimes slower when I feel like I'm dragging a car behind me. I also do the exact same route every time, so I always know exactly where I am in my run and know exactly how far left I have to go. I like knowing, what can I say.

Speaking of running funny, I run slow and funny and in college I used to run around the campus and hood, and I would load on all these clothes and hats and sunglasses so no one would recognize me, but sure enough, someone in class would come up to me and tell me how they saw me running the other day. Apparently I wasn't as mysterious as I had hoped I was being.

Kerrye said...

So, I'm 43 and never ran across the yard in my life, until last year. My husband tried to run with me once too, and also said my slow pace "hurt". Next he tried riding his bike while I ran, which resulted in him going in circles around me... I did my first (and probably last) 5K this spring. My time (best ever before and since) was 38 minutes. My goal these days is keeping 15 minute miles, for 2 - 3 miles. (mostly 2 miles) But, I do more of a walk/jog these days... 2 minutes walk, 2 minutes jog... maybe add a minute here and there to the walk or jog... It has never gotten easier, per se, for me, and I still "hate" it. But there is something weirdly addictive... I can no longer stand to just walk - it's just so slow and boring... (And I stick mostly to my treadmill, because I'm sure I look ridiculous!)

Kerrye said...

Oh yeah, you are now a RUNNER! No matter how fast or how far, you are running. It's a pretty cool club. None that I know ever makes fun of how someone looks. When I drive by someone jogging down the road, no matter what stage they are at, I think "You go, girl!" She is out there and doing it, trying, and that is HUGE in my book.

Emily said...

20 minutes is awesome! Do you want me to drive behind you playing eye of the tiger? I hear that works.

Melanie said...

Just run like Phoebe and don't worry about the rest! =)Just as long as your running!