Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Now I Know Why Construction Workers Swear a Lot.

Can we start with the good news?  Let's start with the good news.
The good news is, that on day 4 of project "Sell Our Other House",  I've only kind of cracked.  I've only kind of cried once in pure frustration.  So, yay for the small victories, right?   
Some other awesome news,

is about the cooler vent you see (the hole in the ceiling). The noises I heard coming from within? Remember that? Daddy-o came to check it out. He's all,

"Okay, you stand underneath here with a flashlight, and I'll go to the roof and check it out."

And I'm all,

"Are you kidding me?  I've seen The Money Pit!  I know how this works!  The first thing that's gonna happen is I'll find a raccoon on my shoulder, and then I'll be running around the house screaming, and then the next thing I know the stairs are out."

"I'd help you with that. . .but. . . someone stepped on all my fingers."

I'm totally going to watch that movie when this is all over. 

Well, anyway, the noise was a rattling piece of paper.  Best news I've heard all week.

Let's keep going with the goods. 
I'm overjoyed to report that the bathrooms, the pantry, and the laundry room are all tiled.

I did it all by myself. I did. N't. Did not. Nope, I didn't do it. And it was worth every penny to get it done that fast.

Brass hardware?

Entire upstairs? Painted.

And now. . . the bad news. If we must.

Garbage disposal? Shot.
Basement?  I can't even talk about it.

It's snowballing.

Here's what we've got here.


Nothing's really wrong here.  Nothing's really right, either.
I figured: new hardwood floor,  some pretty new shiny appliances, and it was good enough.

It all starts with a backsplash, folks. And then, it just goes downhill from there.

Check it, yo. Subway tile.
And then, suddenly, the cabinets aren't good enough-- the countertops suck. . . And suddenly the cabinets magically came off their hinges and got sanded down.

And then suddenly the Mommy-o and the Daddy-o appear with a gallon of stain.

And it's a full blown kitchen re-no.
Did I mention I paid for all the carpet today? And my drywaller is a real jerk?

And now I leave you with one of my favorite clips. Just watch from, oh, about 1:45 to the end. I feel like Walter right about now.  This could be me.

"Oh look. The turkey's done."
"So's the kitchen."


Trina said...

What the? You've finished all that in FOUR days? I built the world's easiest shelves in my closet and it took a whole week and a bunch of silent cursing. (And one hammer-head shaped hole in the wall. You know.)

You're my hero more than ever.

amy said...

You're awesome! I love your blog :)

SueAnn Lommler said...

Lovin your reno!! So cool...that is why my kitchen is still in the "thinking about it" stage!!

Jean @ said...

Whoa! I think you're doing fantastic. Thanks for the movie clip...I forgot how funny that movie was! I needed the laugh.

Mrs BC said...

I love that scene when he is stuck in a rug in a hole in the floor. Funny!

Janet said...

The tile work looks so good! Hang in there! :)

Suesan Kennard said...

That scene still makes me laugh just about as hard as he does. So, you are a rock star. Yep. I said it again. I've decided I moved into the Money Pit/Hydra house. For every one problem we solve, two more appear. I'm on the verge of hysterical laughter myself these days.

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

I know it's easy to look at how much is still left, but let me just tell you, you are a savage and it's going to be amazing when it's all done.

Hayley said...

Hey don't worry about the crying stuff. The other day I cried 3 times before 10:30. A.M. Yup. 'Course I'm pregnant.

Anyway, I think you are doing an awesome job. I think you were born for stuff like this (and probably other stuff too).

WhettenWild said...

I can't believe how fast you guys are moving. I think it would take me a year to get that far! You rock. Good choice on the cabinet color. Turned out nice. Hang in there! Wish I could be there to help! Love ya!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I can't believe all you have done. It's taken me two YEARS to do what you have in a week!!!! All your hard work will pay off when it sells super fast (fingers crossed). We have quoted The Money Pit so many times over the course of owning our current house too…..I feel your pain! Hope it's all wrapped up soon and your sanity is still intact :)

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Oh my GOSH I have tears rolling down my face after watching that scene!!

Emily said...

That movie always reminds me of you! So funny!

Maureen said...


Check out the painting station idea and set-up the Kelli and her husband put together @ A Happy Place Called Home. Very smart and why din't I think of this! :( Hope you don't mind but this was the easiest way to get this to you.


P.S. Still cheering but my arms are getting tired.