Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's A Good Thing I Have A Lot Of Paint Clothes.

 all my clothes are paint clothes.  It's pathetic. 
it has been a week.  I don't ever want to re-do this week.  Ever.  I kept joking to everyone who helped me with this massive house re-no about going into business flipping houses.
And it's not funny.  Not funny at all. 
You know what was funny? Every time someone new came into the house, it was all like,

"Quick! Someone's coming! Stop what you're doing and hoist up your pants!"
  It's why overalls were invented. Serious.

I have been up and down and in and out of this house.  If this house were a person, I would be its proctologist.  With a really big ring.
But today?  I am happy to report, that my job is done. Mostly. Sooo close.  Appliances got put in today, and the carpet is going in as we speak.

And since I don't do carpet, and painting and touch ups whilst the carpet gets put in is generally frowned upon, I get to totally chill.

After my dishes get done, the floor gets swept of a week's worth of food, the Mt. Everest of laundry piles gets started on, and so on and so forth.

I need a nap.  And then a nap to recover from that nap.

I cannot wait to show you the "other" house-- but since I need to wait on that one more day. . .

let's talk about what I would be doing. You know, if I wasn't remodeling an entire freaking house allatonce. (that master bathroom was a real B. It really was.)

Bam. I caved and totally got myself a kreg jig like Ana White always talks about.

Used it on my last couple of building projects and I like it a lot. ("I like you Mary. I like you a lot.")

Speaking of Ana--

I had to support her and buy her book. Got a couple of projects earmarked, too.

And finally? What I would be doing if I weren't killing myself to complete a house?

Finally got myself a router. And I am so excited. Assuming that I ever, EVER want to work on anything ever again.  I'll go nap, now.


Layne Bushell said...

LAUNDRY...why didn't I think of doing that for you. I kept offering food, but I should've been offering a laundry service. I'll remember that for next time. So can I watch kids while you nap for the next week?

SueAnn Lommler said...

Take a nice long nap then soak in the tub!! You need a break for sure!!
Can't wait to see the results

Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

I love new toys/tools....

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Oh my gosh you MUST share your "other house" when it's all done. Just think, this totally equals training for a marathon or something! I'm sure you have totally transformed it!

Stephanie said...

Cannot wait to see the "other house" pics! Yes, it is hard work...but so worth it in the end. :)

Emily said...

Enjoy your nap...and your nap after the nap! You guys so deserve it after all your hard work.

Libby said...

Flipping houses is only fun when you are being paid for it. Maybe. I've never done it...this house is still waiting for it's big reno. So am I but it doesn't seem to get done while I sleep.

If you filmed it maybe you could be on TV! Isn't there a series on flipping houses? I bet the Hulk could so flip a house. Oh, wrong flipping?

Hope your nap re-energizes you and those earmarked projects are started!