Friday, August 31, 2012

Crazy With The Cheese Whiz.

I think I've had a momentary loss of sanity.  Or is it, insanity?   (you decide.)
Let me 'splain.

is my family room. People live here. Kids reside and play here. Therefore, it is not a museum.

But it felt kinda incomplete without a rug, didn't it? Just a bit.
And as we all know, (or you should know-- it's an important part of my psyche if we're going to be friends) I was being cheap and didn't want to pay an astronomical price to cover up the new, astronomically priced hardwood we just installed.
I was at an impasse.

And then I saw a sale. A sale changes everything. And that's where I went crazy. Twice.

#1. I bought a rug with an actual COLOR. (I'm very black & white. I just am.)
#2. The style of said rug was. . . CHEVRON.

I know, I know. Chevron. Not much in my house is the height of style. If it was, I'd repaint everything greige and stencil one wall in every room. And I'd like the look. I'm just saying I'm not totally stylin', okay?

So! Do you like it?

A little pop of blue?!?! I know, right?

It came today.

Um. . . um. . . ? (Didn't she say she went with blue?) Yes, I did! I specifically ordered BLUE. Lemme check. Yep. One more time. Yep. Blue.

Is this some kind of sick joke?
(Also, regard that all the pillows are gone.  This is strategic.)

Is someone thwarting my attempts to make my house more colorful?

So now I don't know what to do. Do I like it? Do I care to change it? Yes. No. Yes. No. I HATE shipping stuff back. And furthermore,

will they take back a rug that's already been breakdanced on?


Tami {Curb Alert!} said...

Mandy, it looks great. I say keep it. The kids look like they are having way too much fun on it so how could you possibly return it?

Lisa at Shine Your Light said...

Love the black & white - I am partial to it also. Your baby girl provides all the pop of color you need!! Toooo stinking cute, that one!

kristen said...

I like the black one a lot better than the blue one actually. Except that i just bought a black rug and dangit i hate it. It shows everything! Hopefully yours will work better than mine. I say keep it!

Josh and Brittany said...

maybe the mix up is fate? Athough, I really like the blue, would the blue match your everchanging mantle?

Layne Bushell said...

OHHH NOOOOO! I hate it when that happens. I love blue. I'm a blue girl. What can I say. So while I really like black, I'd exchange. But the black works with everything you have. So it's your call. :)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Hmmm, I know monitor colors can differ, but that doesn't look blue to me, Mandi! Did you call and tell them they sent the wrong color? Sometimes you get lucky and they say "keep it, we'll ship out the right one". Are you feeling lucky? : )

Joanna said...

Keep it. You could even put it at an angle underneath the couch (that's how my rug is under the sectional and I love it). But I'll tell you a secret...if you by chance bought it from Overstock, contact them about their mistake. I got the wrong thing once that was a large item and they said they'd pick it up and bring another, but if they didn't pick it up, then we could keep the other item. They delivered and never picked up the other item. Score. ;)

Chelsey Ross said...

I somehow stumbled upon your blog while on pinterest and I can't stop reading! I love it. Can I ask, what camera do you use? I love your pics.

The black and white was a blessing in disguise. :)

Trina Miner said...

Keep it! That rug looks awesome! Makes me want to bust a move too.

jtatiana21 said...

I bought that exact rug myself, but I went for black and white and I remember they said, this item can’t be returned, however since they messed up, you never know, call them up and see. I like black and white in your room too. It looks great.

Rebecca D said...

I say keep it... It looks good and you know you will anyhow...

Win, Lose, or Blog said...

I agree with Kathy. A polite complaint could result in two rugs or possibly a free or further discounted rug :)

Good luck

julie - eab designs said...

The black looks good, but I would have picked the blue as well. It goes so well with the color of your walls and your couches. And I just adore your little breakdancers too!

SueAnn Lommler said...

I like the rug...two things...why so small? And why does your furniture line up on the wall?
Just saying

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

What's with the comment above mine? I had originally posted another comment, then I read that one I got upset because hers is kind of rude. Maybe the ruge is the size it is because the next size up cost $5000. Maybe her furniture is against the wall because that's the best way it works for her having four kids and for the flow of the room. Maybe since she's opening up her home to us readers you should keep rude comments and opinions to yourself.

Mandi, I think pregnancy has shortened my temper a bit :) Love your guts and love the rug, I want a chevron rug bad though! Maybe for the living room in white and grey. But I just dropped some heavy dough on a dining table set (finally!), but of course, my camera is refusing to connect to my computer so I can't actually post any pictures.

Kelly said...

I like it....I would keep it black and white!

beccalouise said...

i'm reading your blog sitting on the light blue version, which isn't that light, more of a slate blue. so i vote yes, i love it. we have great taste :0)

Jessie said...

It's bold enough I say keep it! I love!

GustoBones said...

I say do what you want. Shipping things back is such a pain in the rear, it's true, but if you will forever look at the rug and wish is were the blue, then I say return it. If you like the black as much and won't ever regret not having the blue, don't bother. Good luck!