Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You'll Have To Excuse My Friend; She's A Little Slow.

("The town is that way!")

If you left me a comment on my last post, please know that you are freaking awesome. There are no words for your awesomeness. Besides the word "awesome", of course.

I've learned lotsa things about myself in the last few days. I learned that I do, in fact, love to do projects. I learned that I ruined it for myself with my imaginary people, and that it doesn't have to be that way.

I learned that I do need to slow down, hello. I've read more books to my kids in the last few days than in a year or more. I actually went on a date this weekend. (A 'date'? What the heck is that?) It's where you go out, and kids aren't involved. I know, I forgot what that was, too.

I've learned that only I could manage to ruin one of my favorite things by odd expectations. Let's not let that happen again, shall we?

And so, since it's a day of loooooooove, today I wanna tell y'all about something I've been loving.

(And no, lady, it's not you who sped past the whole school drop-off line this morning to get in front, drop off your kids, and speed off. Yeah, you, in the white Hyundai Entourage with the lips sticker! The only excuse I'm accepting for that weenee move was that you were in labor, and nothing more.)

Sorry. I guess I have this thing about fairness.

Moving on--


Everyone's doing it. And for good reason. Wanna know one of my favorite things about photography?

You start seeing everything in a new light. 'S the beauty of it all.

I totally took this Photo A Day Challenge very seriously-- I's like, even if I took a picture 2 days before that works for the day's challenge, it doesn't count.

The point is the creativity of it all, am I right?

I want you to know that I believe that gummy candies should be bottled in a body spray. Or made into a new Febreeze scent.


have we discussed my son's crazybrows? If we haven't, then you should know that I believe he's the next David Bowie on "Labyrinth". Rock those eyebrows, son. But don't ever wear those tight pants.

And since I'm allll over the place with randoms today,

I want you to know that I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. And I don't clean out my nasty hairbrush for you, or anybody!

So. Yeah-- you should do this. Promise it'll change your view of everything around you.

I leave you with challenge numero 7.

This is just my serving (smacks your hand away)-- yours is over there on the saucer.
These are the best cookies, ever. You need this recipe. Nay, you deserve these.

Be advised they're extra dark chocolate. If you're not a fan of dark chocolate, well then,

you are dead to me. Dead.

No, try these. Allow me to try and change your mind. If I'm wrong, well then, I owe ya one.


Lisa Scibilia said...

wooooo hoooo!! I was afraid it'd be all {crickets} over here for longer than I could care to imagine! So glad you're finding a balance, getting your mama mojo back on! I WILL try these cookies, but only because I trust you so. And I love me some dark chocolate. Happy V day to you and your little lovelies!

Whimsy-ma-blog said...

Those look yummy. The cookies, not the eyebrows.

Jen said...

YYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY! I'm so glad you're back! Nobody puts Mandi in a corner!

Anonymous said...

It's great that your decision to rethink your blogging commitments is having such a positive impact. It's a pleasure reading you regardless of how often (or not) you post!

Veronica said...

My sister had gummies in jars for her outdoor July wedding. They melted from the heat before anyone could eat them, but they sure smelled great! People thought it was some sort of jelly candle.

Nicki Rocky said...

Yipppeee! You're back ;0) Beautiful photos Mandi, you have an excellent eye.

Kimbo West said...

(dumb and dumber.) glad you posted. started to almost twitch. withdrawals are hard..i started to do the feb one...got three days in...and forgot. i suck. what's new.

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

Yay for all the pretty pictures! That's one of my favorite things about your blog.

And I'll definitely have to give that recipe a try, dark chocolate isn't my fave, but I'm always willing to try something new. Thanks for sharing it with all of us :)

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

I just had a gut feeling I would see a post from you today! Glad I did. Now if you can just do another sometime in the near future with that red headed child of yours. The eyebrows on your son make me smile, but the smile on that daughter of yours makes my heart melt. Happy Valentine's Day. Oh btw I am not a big fan of dark chocolate, but I think you will still love me. :)

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

seriously dead? can I count the dark chocolate on my cocoa almonds? Glad to see you back!

Carla said...

my chocolate addict husband thanks you for this recipe... oh, and you don't know me, but I love your blog... in the least creepy way possible

Evelyn said...

Oh yeah, those cookies look GOOD.

I'm a terrible photographer, but I like your thinking. I will start a photo challenge myself now! Thanks for the inspiration!

~ Laura said...

Your pics make me interested in a photo challenge!!! I've seen them around but so far have evaded them successfully...however, you do make it look like fun!! :)

I made your cookies today and WOW!!!!!! Yum times a squillion!!! :) Today is my bday so I treated myself and I'm SO glad I did!!! Thank you!!! :)

I hope you had a beautiful day with all of your lovely people!! :)

SueAnn said...

A photo a day is some challenge. I like the word cues...smart for sure!!
Helps direct the process!
Dead to you...oh dear! Guess I will have to try them. But I am NOT a fan of dark chocolate. No ma'am. Give me some peanut butter cookies or fudge..now we're talking! Ha!

Anonymous said...

You just made my day by breaking your blogging fast. Yay!

Emily said...

I love your pictures! I need you to teach me!

Jessica said...


I thought of you when I saw this mantle with ca-razy molding.


I love your blog.

And your boys baby teeth in that photo are just so darling! Forget the eyebrows. The baby teeth!!! (a thousand pardons if those aren't really baby teeth)

Kerrye said...

Mmmmm.... Mandi's on my reader list. All is right with the world... *wink*

Just Leslie said...

I was so happy to see this in my inbox tonight! Been a rough day and as I said before your posts always make me smile (well except the one where you talked about quitting blogging).
Your photography is beautiful thanks for sharing! And shame on you! -- you should be going on dates like once a week!!!!!!!
:-) Can't wait to make my 12 year old girl bake those cookies for me 'cause I LOVE me some chocolate and cookies and especially chocolate cookies, but I don't love to bake-- luckily she does :-)

Teri said...

Way to take such awesome pictures that you make me hungry. Seriously. Way to go.