Friday, November 11, 2011

What He Was Up To.

Perhaps you noticed less of an interwebs presence from me. Maybe? Sorta?

Because shortly after we finished the dungeon, we moved our computers on down.

And it looked like. . . this. . . for a while. Anywho, moving our computers down to the dungeon has done me big, BIG favors. I'm the kinda girl who can get lost in google reader, pinterest, and news articles for hours.

But it's 'snot so, anymore. I don't hang out down here, thus, I've cut my interwebs time to a quarter of before.

And that's important for a gal like me.

But I digress. Back to this white trash setup we had going on down here:

Would you believe me if I told you that I searched for a double desk for over a year?

'Cause I did. And finally, once the hubs had taken a week break off from the craziness that 'twas our basement finishing, he had an idea:

"We should make our own double desk." He said.

"Oooh! YES! Lets! Let's get a plan from Ana, and we'll modify it, and. . . we CAN MAKE IT TOGETHER!"

I envisioned us working side by side-- like a team-- you know, "You countersink, I'll pre-drill." And "Hand me the sandpaper, would you now, hon?"

There's something you should know. Jeffro and I- we're like peas and carrots. Carrots and peas. And yet, he's a hardcore perfectionist, and I'm hardcore sloppy.

You shoulda seen his deer in the headlights look when I suggested we "work together".

And so, this project was all his baby.

Solid oak, here.

Pages upon pages of plans for his perfect desk.

Hours of work-- cutting, sanding, staining, and finishing.

Kicked me out of the dang gay-rage while he stained and coated, dang it. I was pulling the saw out onto the driveway to cut everything for a week.

But I must say, that I love our double desk.

Good 'n strong pull out keyboard shelves,

a spot for our towers, including slots on the sides to let the heat out,

and shelving in the back to keep our subwoofers for our sound systems off the floor, for crying out loud.

He really put a lot of thought into this bad boy.

He even put in adjustable lighting specifically for our desk.

And, AND, perhaps the piece de resistance--

the stand that houses our bevi fridge. I love you, bevi fridge.
It houses all our (Huge, ridiculously exaggerated air quotes) "boooooze."

These are adults only bevi's, children. No, you cannot have my grapette!

Wanna know how much this double desk cost?

Man you ask tacky questions. Nah, go ahead and get up on my biz-nis. It was a solid $100. But it's solid oak. And props to my hubs for a non-sloppy creation.


Libby said...

Amazing! I'd like one too! For $100 that is. Love the style and it looks so classy it could be up out of the dungeon someday. It should age well..a family heirloom. Well done Jeff!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

He did a fantastic job! I was sure it was going to be way more than $100.

Leca Unplugged said...

Woohoo! Way to go hubs! That's a nice piece of desk you got there!

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

This looks awesome!!!!!!!! And $100 bones is a freakin steal, you would have paid well over $500 for something like that. Props to the hubs. I NEVER work with my husband on anything either, things always get really tense and we always end up fighting.

Joanna said...

Good grief, you are both too talented. It's beautiful!

calikas said...

wow, that looks amazing!!

My husband's computer looks similar...starcraft.

Suesan said...

I know what you mean about working together, but after so many years of projects, we've finally figured out how to do it without too much blood shed. In fact, just the other day I was passing the man some screws while he built some stairs.

The desk looks great. Tell your man he done good!

Shirley said...

Dang it! Do you have any idea what a deal that is?? Well, of course you do, cause you shopped for a year. I'm so drooling over that thing. 'Cept, in my house, it would only be a desk for me. Yes, I need that much room. And I just hafta ask what kinda spaceship computer is that?? All silver and shiny and stuff. My sweet Mac died, and I am reduced to finding a new 'puter, cheaplike, so it's back into the world of PC for me.

Jessie K said...

That is one gorgeous desk!

Emily said...

That desk is awesome!! You guys are crazy talented!! I love it.

COTTAG3 said...

Wow, he does have some skills. That's a beautiful desk! Perhaps he could whip out a beautiful hutch or shelving unit to go above it on the wall for more storage. He could also make more and sell them for a small fortune and then your desk would be free :)

kristen said...

Ugh. I just want my husband to take out the trash :)
Seriously-incredible work. I LOVE it. I love your blog too. I think we would be friends in real life because your sense of humor is right down my alley! :)

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

I totally get it! My hubs and I don't think anything alike when we work together. I say will you help me move a chair to the next room, he goes for a tape measure and I begin trying to lift it myself. I'm think really, for a chair we got to measure!!! And then he wants to take the door off, and I am thinking can we just shove it thru??? And then on the rare occasion that he folds laundry his shirts are folded perfectly. I'm saying do you realize I had laundry for 4 kids, they are lucky if the get it folded at all! :)Desk looks great!!!

SueAnn said...

He did a fabulous job!! It is a real beauty and sturdy looking too!
Well done dear husband!!!!

WhettenWild said...

Wow. That is beautiful.

Taylor Family said...

Holy sweetness!!! now can you send him up to make me one also : ) or can I send Derek down to show him how to make me one! ... I'm not kidding. No, seriously...seriously I'm not kidding. ... Really I'm not : ) we will talk later. Seriously. : )

Anonymous said...

Awesome desk! I think our husbands would get along well. My husband made me an amazing bed a couple years ago.

Halls Huddle said...

I can't believe he just whipped out a desk! Who does that? You guys are seriously AMAZING!! I love it!

Amanda said...

So, you said pages and pages of plans for that desk? Would you be willing to share those plans? My husband and I LOVE this desk!! Great job!!!

debbie bailey said...

You are SO fortunate to have a 'handy' husband. Saves lots of money, to be sure. Desk looks great, and the best thing is that it's customized for both your needs. Great job!

Teri said...

That desk is GORGEOUS! :) I really want lighting like that downstairs, but alas, I am afraid of electricity, so there's no way I'm attempting it! :)

Roberta MacDonald said...

So did you end up using one of Ana's plans? We are in desperate need of a double desk, and yours turned out fabulous!!

Gregory Pontius said...

Did you ever make plans for this desk that could be shared? It's an amazing desk