Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Final Frontier.

Because I've been cleaning up vomit and diarrhea for days over here,

I want to talk about something I am excited about, if ya don't mind.

Yes, I'm talking about the armpit of my abode. Namely:

THE CARPET (ominous, booming voice). Yes, friends: the removal of my carpet. The bain of my existence-- the fly in my soup-- the eggshell in my omelette.

And it feels so good to get rid of these few, severe, eyesores of my home. The stairs? Not so nasty. The carpet? About to be rectified.

Alright, fine. There's also my master bath, which could be compared to the large and furry mole with hairs growing out, but no one need see that room.

So in a sense, this is the final frontier.

May I take you through allllll the range of emotions on this one? 'Cause it's taken me a year and a half to make this decision.

Thank you, you're so kind.

Tile? Hardwood? Laminate? New carpet? A two-toned look? I considered it ALL.

"Where would the new carpet start? Where will it end?"

"I'm not totally in love with my existing hardwood. . . but I'm not ripping out what I already have. How wasteful would that be?"

"My hardwood runs in different directions-- what about THAT?"

Yes, this dilemma was considered

And after careful deliberation, we're going with the same (ish) color that already exists on the main level. Even though I don't loooove it. It is easy to clean, and I do love hardwood, whatever the color.

Did you know that hardwood changes color over time?

I know that. Now.

But can you see the possibilities? My house will be less "chopped up". The table can be turned out into the family room for eating, if the need should arise. I won't be a slave to the carpet steam cleaner every Saturday afternoon!

And this venture ain't cheap. But you may be surprised to know, that it costs exactly the same price as a decent grade of carpet would cost us.

And that, is a no-brainer.

Now, if I could, I'd have the carpet already ripped out. Every tack strip removed. The installment would commence, right this very second.

But instead, it's all stacked in my living room. I'll be waiting for the wood to acclimate itself to my house. Waiting very, very impatiently.

(This picture is what happens when you hand your camera over to your kids. Shoulda put it on "Auto". Thanks for listening).

So I'll be waiting for 5 more days. And not a second more. Wish me luck, because apparently I'm too stupid to learn how to install it.


Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

OMG I'm so excited for you!!! It's going to be amaze-balls. Seriously, laying hardwoods = super easy. It just takes a while to get a good rhythem going. I found if you have three people working at once (two laying boards and one nailing), it goes super fast. I'll just fly out there and help you, how does that sound?

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

Hey Mandi! My husband used to be an installer, so if you run into any questions feel free to shoot me an email. Good Luck!!

WhettenWild said...

You forgot "the booger in the punch bowl". It will look awesome. oh and BTW, I think your kids take better pictures that I do. Sad, I know.

Make Me Over said...

I'm with you - I HATE carpet with a passion - long live the hardwood!

Emily said...

Its going to look beautiful! I can't wait to see it!!

Suesan said...

It's going to look amazing and I'm sure you'll love it. I installed bamboo floors a few years ago and was surprised how easy it was. The first few rows are the hardest, but after that it's a piece of cake.

BTW - I gave you a shout out in my latest post. :D

Jen said...

OH.MY.LANTA!!! I know just how you feel!!! That whole room separation thing with different flooring. I HATED it! I loathed my carpet as much as you do yours! We did this same project 3 years ago and I haven't regretted it, EVER! Every time I have to dust mop and steam it, I smile because I don't have to clean carpet! Now.....if only I could get Meister to put the baseboards back up and do the trim, I'd be a happy girl. Cuz, you know, I'm not awesomesauce like someone I know and can do it myself! So that dumb dumb lady needs to be put in her place when you walk in with your black girl attitude and shove pictures of your work in her face!!!!! Or just email them. Whatever.

Shirley said...

No, you're not too stupid, but consider this. If you have installers do it, it'll be done like, in a day! We thought we chose smart with a bamboo flooring. Sadly, it's almost as soft as pine. yep, I have dents and scratches all over, and a very unhappy hubs. But, it's life. now I have to go chase down some more of those hair bunnies. You do know you will be sweeping everyday, right?? :)

Halls Huddle said...

We've got barfing over here too. All 4 kids and a husband. I'm really hoping I somehow get overlooked. Can't wait to see the finished project on your fabulous floor makeover!

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

If I can do it, you can so do it cus you are like a bajillion times better!!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

You can totally do this. Are you kidding? Shall I direct you to your pantry? Of course you can install hardwood. All I can say is KNEEPADS. Get some right quick. It's going to look amazing Mandi!!! (Almost as amazing as you on the hardwood!!!!! so funny)

PS do you ever sleep??

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

You will be so much happier with it when it's done. We did this at our old house. It was about the same color and yes, the old one was more amber in color. BUT it didn't take that long and it all blended in.

Anonymous said...

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SueAnn said...

OMG! I so hate my carpet too! It has always been the wrong color!! Don't ask!!!!!!!
I too want hardwood but I am still waiting to win the lottery or until my savings catches up to my desire!
Love your hardwood!!

Pressed Petals said...

glad your kiddos are feeling better. i tell you your house will look like a completely different house when you guys are done. then you'll have to move because you have no more things to redo! heehee