Monday, October 3, 2011

I've Said It Before, 'N I'll Say It Again.

I did not google this picture.

This train wreck of a studio portrait outing contains my niece and my son. I like to call it "hilariously frightening".

Anywho, I've said it before and I'll say it again:

I'm not really into the school backdrop portraits. It's not my thang. Boys had their school portraits last week, and I just won't fork out the dough since we're at the "little boy's grimace" stage.

You can bet when I walk into their school that there's lotsa loud whispers going on.

"She's the mom who won't pay for school pictures. I hear her house is pretty dirty, too. Tsk."

So there's nothing left to do but try and make up for this lack of professional portrait taking--

and I'm tryin' darned hard. You know what I want?

I want my kids to look at their pictures, years from now, and have a clear idea of what they were doing when they were 8. And 6. And 4. And 2. Respectively.

I want their personalities to be captured somehow.

I want 'em to know how a typical day was. What they were up to.

'Cause I sure as heck can barely remember what it was like when I only had 1 child. Or even two.

Heck, maybe I need the reminder of when my 2 year old wore galoshes every chance she could get.

And ya know, I'm loving this little project of mine. No more "Look at me!" 's. "Smile!" 's.

Just, "Hey-- show me what you're up to."

And they don't mind. Yet.

This is my philosophy, and I'm stickin' to it. Hope I don't regret it.


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Thanks for listening. As you were.


Ruth said...

I like your philosophy. It's similar to mine. I find myself hiding behind things just to get that ever elusive genuine pic...the one without the posed grimacing 7 year old ceasing to do the seriously sweet thing I wanted a picture of! who needs school pics? I homeschool so all of my pics are kinda school pics.

Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts said...

yep, I never buy school pics. Or team sports pics for that matter - - love the capture-the-moment versions much better!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I'm with you. My absolute favorite pics of my kids are not the looking-at-the-camera-smiling-because-I-said-so-smile-kind of pictures. (wow that was an annoying sentence wasn't it?) I never buy the school pics... but I do wish I could just get the photo of them with their classmates so they can look back and laugh at them in 20 years!
You capture so many great shots! They will appreciate them when they're older!

WhettenWild said...

I hear ya. But I really do need to take more pictures. I'd never by another studio portrait again if I took as good of pictures as you!

Suesan said...

Not only am I the Mom that doesn't buy school pictures, I also don't do fund raisers. It's a wonder I can hold my head up in the school hallways.

My soon-to-be-16 year-old told me I need to buy pictures at least one year. I'll buy senior pictures, but only from a photographer as good as you are!

Jen said...

Year after year, I grimace as I send my kids to school with a check for some over priced head shots. And year after year, Meister always asks, "WHY do you buy school pictures when you have the ability to take much better ones?" I always figured it was for the they could have school pictures from year to year. UNTIL this year! I FINALLY put my foot down. I REFUSE to pay for crappy pictures anymore!! Their price hikes have finally pissed me off to the point of saying "NO MORE"!!! But I've had to warn my children of an upcoming photo shoot so that I can have some updated portraits of them on my wall! They all whined and belly ached like I was torturing them. It made me rethink my decision. ;)

Jennifer said...

The only reason to buy school portraits is to pull them out if your children hit the stage of thinking they are perfect--so you can smash some reality down on 'em! I don't buy school pic anymore--I did last year--what a waste! Now, those in-the-moment shots are what I love!

COTTAG3 said...

I'm with you! I haven't bought those school photos in years. I'm not anywhere near the photog you are but mine are still better than the school ones. When they get old enough that yearbooks are offered, you can buy those and have a crazy school portrait in it.

Dede said...

See, my own pictures suck, but I totally agree with you. My fave school portrait of myself was when I didn't know it was portrait day and wore my hair in pigtails and was dressed totally was REAL!

I laughed OUT LOUD at the grimace!! We all have at least a dozen of those pictures, don't we? :-) Love it!

Libby said...

my baby is 23 this year (now when did THAT happen?) and I only bought the class pictures of my 4 kiddos. I only bought the odd individual photo. And they've never complained about that. I did however buy (or try to) the high school or post-secondary grad photos, depending on if the kid want them.

Though, with the wedding reception videos/slideshows it looks like my kids hardly went to school!

Your photos are treasures and will make those wedding reception slideshow shine.

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...
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Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...


Kandice McDermott Photography said...

I do the same thing with school pictures. My oldest was in Kindergarten last year, so we bought pictures BOTH times they did them, thinking we had to have the keepsake. NOT! The photos I take are the ones that end up on the wall or on the blog,so why waste SO much money on those terrible school photos? Today is picture day and my girl is devastated that I wouldn't send her with money. Oi.

Emily said...

I'm not paying for school pictures either. I love your philosophy! It is much better to see them doing the stuff they love and want to remember! and your pictures are beautiful!

~ Laura said...

Awkward school pictures are so cute, though!!!!! But I do agree, pictures that capture who they are and what they were doing through the years are way more meaningful!

Also, that first picture would be a great candidate for the Awkward Family Photos blog!! :) I love their expressions so much!!

Leca Unplugged said...

I never get school pictures either. Something is always a little off in them. I promised the mister in exchange for running to the studio every month I would use a really expensive camera too much. So far, it's been well worth it.

The undies pictures are always my favorites. Love it!

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

I never liked school pictures growing up- they never turn out good! So I haven't bought any for my son yet (he's only 2 so we'll see if that changes :) I like to use local photographers and have our family portraits done outdoors, much more fun.

Stephanie said...

I agree about the school pics. Although, I've felt a huge amount of guilt about it. Like I'm doing them a disservice, or something, by not buying the high priced packages. Like my kids are missing out. Lame. I think the thing that I like about school pictures is that they're consistent. They're taken around the same time every year so I know what each kid looked like when they were 6 or 8 or 12 or whatever. I do like that.

Stephanie said...

I've just come across your blog today and I must say, I'm in love. My new favourite read.
But I gotta ask a favour... please please please tell me what camera you use! Your photos are amazing!