Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hello, We Are About To Launch An All-Out Attack On Your Houze.

In case ya missed it, and just so ya know,

my favorite game dudes are now, finally, out on my lawn.

You know, my favorite game? We decorated the front lawn for Halloween around a game.

Yeah, you heard me. The nerdy-ness just never stops, does it?

'Fraid not.

See, I waited to put these little dudes out, since the weather has sucked, and we've only recently turned thee ole sprinklers off. They are plywood, and they've got a clear-coat, but they don't need an all-out hosing every day, knowwhatI'msayin'?

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the hubs for helping me finish cutting out my zombies. My heart was willing, but my arm was about to fall off after a while a that.

And ya know what was the most time-intensive part? They're double-sided, so you can see them from both sides of the street.

I'm fancy like that.

I want you to know,

that the above picture really sucks. It was super dark outside. Don't you judge me! Just so ya know, despite my best intentions of those wooden stakes I made, they really, really sucked. Ended up using croquet hoops, instead.

And I also want you to know, that we've added to our familia de zombies, since.

We had to add the balloon zombie, to hang from our tree. He's just so cute.

In a mutant sort of way.

I also want you to know that I caught my boys playing with the zombies. Broke off balloon zombie's foot and noggin propeller. Wanna know how mad I was?

Mad enough to give out atomic wedgies. That's how mad.

Yep. I know your type; tall, dark, and dead. You wanna bite all the petals off of my . . .

So whadaya think about a Halloween night of Plants vs. Zombies,

Fog level??


Suesan said...

I love them. How fun are they. I'd never heard of that game before so I went and tried it out. It is very fun, but my Man asked me to help him with a project and I forgot to close out the game. I used up my free trial! I may just have to buy that one.

Our Halloween decorating is going to be very lame this year since we won't have neighbor kids to trick or treat at our house.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Oh how fun. How about getting some of those solar lights that aim up so they will be lit at night????

Lesley said...

Yeah! Finally! Something origonal!!! They look awesome...hope your neighbors have stopped to compliment. Neato!

Janelle said...

You inspired me and I wasted my life playing that game yesterday.

I did drive by and saw them up. I am totally going to take the kiddos over and get their pictures by them. Hope you don't mind :) They love that game so much. Yes I love the balloon zombie.

WhettenWild said...

I'll have to show the kids the balloon zombie. They've been dying for more pictures. And they think you are super cool.

Layne Bushell said...

Those zombies are so cool. I'm not a vdo game player, but since all the buzz about it, maybe it should be put under the Christmas tree? They're awesome and I love the fact I get to see them comin' and goin'!

Emily said...

Seriously one of the coolest things ever!! Wanna make some for me? I have a small yard it would take very many just kidding...but if you wake up one morning and they are gone, they won't be at my house :), I'm just sayin.

calikas said...

It's the best!!

SueAnn said...

Yeah! Where the heck is the fog?
They, your zombie dudes, are rockin' it for sure!!

Chiemi said...

I need just a tiny bit of your talent. I seriously wish I could make some of those for my yard!

Jen said...

Husband: "Jen, I think you have a problem."
Me: "Whhaaaattt?? Pssshhh. Just because I'd rather play Plants vs Zombies than do ANYTHING ever since I read Mandi's post? I had to. She begged me."
Husband: "You realize *other* people read blogs too, right?"
Jen: "Absolutely not. She was talking to me, and me alone."

Just wanted to say thanks for my new addiction/time-waster/hand-eye-coordination-improver! Love the game, and LLLOOOVVVEEE your yard decor!

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

You better NEVER get rid of these, they are SO cute! Actually, when you get tired of them, ship them to me so I can display them in my yard. And yes, I'd do it year around.

Jen said...

I think Landon wants to trade mommies! He thinks J is the luckiest kid on earth to have plants vs. zombies in his yard. He loves that game!

Shirley said...

Ok, Halloween is my least fav. time of the year, and I despise that game, but, well, darn it, you make the cutest stuff!

Rachel O said...

I love that game! I am not very good at the endless survival level, but it's just so darn addictive! Wish I had been clever enough to use it as inspiration for decorations!!