Friday, October 14, 2011

From Scrap to Crap.

We now continue our series of "What to do when scraps are coming out of your butt", part 342 of 237087987,

and I would like to say that I love making up random numbers.

So, while I wait (terribly impatiently) to figure out what the H is wrong with my nailgun so I can start a massive project that is keeping me up nights 'causeI'msoexcited,

I've decided to make s'more crap.

Remember my planter box I made this summer?

Holy crap balls I love this thing. And my 10 cent flowers have totally filled out. Just in time to die in freezing cold weather.

Incidentally, I've taken to cutting my outdoor garden flowers and bringing them indoors to enjoy.

And I'm lovin' it. McDonald's style.

But I digress.

Well the aforementioned box, which I had fabulous plans to use indoors, is so ginormously long that it won't fit anywhere.

So we moved on to making a "mini-me". Er, a "mini-box".

Clearly you can see that I used total crap to make this box.

'Cause I knew I's just gonna cover it with more sCRAPs.

And then more molding crap. To make this the WORLD'S HEAVIEST BOX.

The moral of today's story?

Fill your garage chock full of scraps, so much so that you can barely park inside,

and you too,

can have the world's heaviest box with which to put your decorations in. It's just that simple.


Suesan said...

I would gladly take a 90 lb planter box if it was as ridiculously cute as yours! You rock, Girl.

Sad Face on the nail gun. I would be lost without mine.

SueAnn said...

I didn't realize how simple it could be!! Sheesh!! And I was waiting for the good stuff and here all I needed was crap!! Ha
Thanks for the smile this A.M. and your planter box is so cute!
Just get out your Dolley to move it!!!

Lesley said...

I am soooooooo glad I found your blog. You are one fantastic, crappyass B!!! lol Loved this post!

Emily said...

I love it! I love the fall flowers in it too. Super cute!

Jen said...

I'm in love! But what's new? Every time you post something new, I fall in love all over again. ;) I'm so excited to see what you're so excited about building this time!!!!! Hurry up and get that nail gun fixed, would ya?!?!?!

Melissa Renshaw said...

I swoon every time I see that table! L O V E love it!! And then there's the commentary. Gotta get my daily dose! Thank you for making me smile!!!

Dede said...

Oh my gosh that's gorgeous...I seriously do not know how you make the things you make...I'm amazed!

Shirley said...

You got my addy, right? Just send this baby right on, m'k? totally in love with it!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Okay seriously please move in next door to me and make me stuff with the leftovers in your garage. That planter box is so cute! You are so stinkin creative.