Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scenes From The Longest Short Trip Home.

Overheard from the longest 2 hour ride home. Ev-er.:

Me: "Oh my heck we might get lucky- Kenna's asleep through the canyon. Maybe she won't barf?!"

(5 minutes later)

Me: "Oh sonuva. . . never mind. Scratch that. She's wide awake. Oh crap, she's starting to cry."

Jeff: "Dude she's gonna puke! Get a bucket or something!"
Jace: "How much longer?"
Jamison: "Can I have a string cheese?"

Me: "You're asking me for a string cheese right now? Seriously?"

(Me. Turned around in the car holding out a plastic bag for 30 minutes while my 2 year old screams bloody murder from being nauseous.)

Jamison: "Ooh. . . I don't feel so good. . . "
Me: "oh my gosh the whole da$% car is going to be sprayed with puke. . ."

(Jamison emits high pitched girly scream due to his nausea.)

Me: "Dude! Put your head between your knees and breathe slowly! I'm sorry you're sick BUT SCREAMING LIKE THAT IS RESERVED ONLY FOR KIDNAPPINGS AND FIRES."

Jeff: "Does the whole family have the weakest stomach or what?"

Johnny, not to be outdone by all the screaming chaos: "Mommy-- I pooped my pants."

Me, turning to Jeff: "Oh no he did not say he just shat his pants."

He didn't. He just wanted to get in on the action.

"Seriously Johnny? You crapped your pants.?."

Johnny: "Yep. I pooped my pants."

For the record, we made it home without any bodily fluid incidents. But, it's a wonder we go anywhere past our front door.

(many thanks to the Moss family for some freaking awesome trips.)


Sue said...

Wow! Just wow! LOL I think the people who made the National Lampoon Vacation movies should follow your family around for one of your trips. They'd have an incredible amount of material to make a great new movie!

Janelle said...

I want to go on trips with you.

Unknown said...

Wish I could have been in the car with your family for that one! sounds like music to my ears!

Trina Rae said...

I must thank you for sharing this story. I laughed so hard I cried, although I'm sorry it had to be at your unfortunate car ride. I must admit that I've had a similar incident before, though, so maybe that makes it okay for me to laugh? Anyway...glad you got through it without any messes. Have a nice week!

Lori said...

Dramamine! Puts them all to sleep too. Worked on my kids that way anyway. Looked like fun, once you got there.

gina3 said...

Now you made me realize a good thing about my son entering high school this year, we are long past that kind of stuff thank goodness. Looks like an awesome trip once you were out of the car.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

What a cool lake. I think I would have to meet you there and not catch a ride with you. Not so sure I am good with a car full of barfing. :) Glad you had fun.

Jo (@ boogaloo) said...

Oh my!!!! I can relate. My son and I both get carsick (it's hereditary as you might have guessed). Things that help - keeping your eyes outside the car, on the horizon and - my fave - gravol.
Hope that helps for next time?! If you ever actually WANT to get into another car with your kids again lol!

Emily said...

oh my. I'm glad that no one puked all over the car! It looks like an awesome trip, minus the car rides! Ü

Jen said...

I feel your pain, sista! I feel your pain! How do they do on the boat? That's not exactly for motion sick types, either. With our kids, they're fine while we're on the boat, it's after we leave and they have sea legs that's the problem. Dramamine does make a kids chewable tablet though that works wonders! I always make my kids take it a half hour before we leave the house.

Brooke said...

wow what gorgeous photos!!!

WhettenWild said...

LOL! Hmmmm this sounds a little too familar.

Libby said...

in car barfing is why I lament the passing of vinyl floors and seats in vehicles--they'd be soo much easier to clean, just hose them out!

Thankfully my kiddos traveled well but that meant we didn't have the precious backseat conversations you do!

Looked like a fun time at the lake.

Layne Bushell said...

oh my ... i would NEVER go anywhere if that was the story... and if you were up at Bear Lake... don't go through the canyon... go through evanston wy. It's a beautiful drive and not curvy. Might help with the wee one's weak stomachs!

stormyyskyy said...

I am one of those lucky people blessed with motion sickness & min eis REALLY bad. I have astigmatism (my eyes aren't perfectly round), I constantly pinch my ear tubes closed, and I can see more than 180 degrees without turning my head. Dramamine helps, but only Benadryl (actual Benadryl not generic) has the meds to help. Mine has gotten worse with age, & now i can't ride in the jumpseats (one's attached to doors that fold down) of any vehicle for any length of time. My DH & I took our son to the store Sat & I got sick on the 5 min ride back home. I know adults can use patches that stick on the skin behind the ear for motion sickness & I'm refilling mine for our 13 hour trip Thurs to Washington State. And naps certainly help along with covering my eyes or my entire head - basically not being able to SEE the scenery going by outside the window. Good luck with more than 1 kid having it. The Duggars from 19 Kids & Counting all have motion sickness. Imagine 19 kids and both parents puking inside the car on their car trips.

Ann Marie | white house, black shutters said...

hahaha, oh I love it. Hope you've recovered from cleaning it all up, from the looks of those pictures your trip probably made it up to you in no time.

I have that same swimsuit (I think), Lands' End? :)

HI. I'm Julie. The Stalker. said...

I just laughed so hard I farted at my desk. Or maybe that was the beans from lunch.

Teri said...

OMG. You are the funniest freaking woman in life. I want in on one of these road trips.

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

I so need to befriend a family with a boat. Looks like you guys had a blast, so jealous.