Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Drive-By Fruitings.

Hope ya don't mind a little update on le jardin, 'cause,

I can't even walk in there anymore.

Everything has just exploded. If there was a walkway, it's been swallowed up.

Tomatoes everywhere, squash, peppers, heck, even flowers are everywhere.

And behold my lil cantalopes!

They're all over the place!

The Daddy-o's all, "Dude, you need to cut that back."

'Cept he probably didn't say "dude". But I can't cut it back--

when ya think everything's bound to wither, you can't just start cutting back insane growth, now can ya? CAN YA? And you can't make me!

This pumpkin's twice the size of this picture now. I kidd not.

It's got its own weather system. We're gonna enter it in the fair or something.

And you better watch your back and your porch if you live anywhere near me--
claim your porch as a zucchini-free zone,

'cause I'm dropping off produce and making a run for it like it's nobody's biz-nis.

Don't want to run the risk of someone sending me back with my zucchini, see.

Yep- money can't buy happiness but a garden can bring it just a little bit.

Even decided to add to this little corner and put in some fruit trees.

(ssshhh, don't tell the hubs I didn't want the plum tree he picked up- I wanted peach.)

And if you live in these parts, then you know we fought for every inch of ground to plant those babies. Seriously back-breaking work.

And if you've had zucchini bread, cake, and every other form you can think of besides that it's taken over your fridge and in frozen shredded form in the freezer?

Might I suggest?


Yes it's not just a movie about nasty rodents.

Picture it:

Normandy, summer of 1992. Or some year around there. I was a tweenager, spending a month in France. And we had ratatouille served just about every day: It's all about the baked parmesian, baby. I serve it with a bit of couscous, 'cause hey, that's what they did. Try it. Savor it. Love it. Heck, come take some of my ingredients. Do me a favor.


Samantha said...

Awwww! your little girl is so cute!

I totally wish our garden was growing as fast as yours, the UK's had it's worst summer in decades this year with average temperatures of 13.6 degrees c. I think that's somewhere around 56 F.

I could only wish my porch was near you to sneak some courgettes onto it! :) xx

Leah Ketchum said...

Gorgeous! Dont you dare cut that back (now you can tell hubs you've been threatened if you do ;) j/k) I wish my little excuse of a garden was doing half that well... we've gotten a total of 5 small tomatoes and 6 mid sized zucchinis. and I check it constantly... darn this hotter than average summer in the south!

Shirley said...

I so wish I could get up there and take some veggies off your hands! And I have to say, as I was reading thru this post, the phrase that kept running thru my head? Watch out, I'm about to throw a movie on ya...."Feed me, Seymour, FEED ME". Ha! So there, my movie buff friend, what's it from?
You know I"m totally in lust with that pumpkin..I can just see all the pumpkin bread now...

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

YUM! If I lived closer I'd totally come still your fruits and veggies {but I wouldn't smash your lights or leave my clothes in your mailbox - I know, I'm totally NO fun!}

Libby said...

Mrs. Doubtfire "it was a drive-by fruiting!"

I know how you feel about cutting back growth...I had to do it to my garden because the "growth" were weeds. I have large jalepenos peppers this year.

I'm going to try ratatoolie (it'll be my version therefore my version of the spelling) It looks good. I'll have to do a midnight run of someone's zucchini patch though that would be needed! Just have to mention to new veggie gardeners and I'll be a squash depository in no time flat!

Wunkie's Mommy said...

RUN BY FRUITING! AH :) :) Mrs. Doubtfire! :) I love that part of the movie! Your garden looks deliciously lovely, and your princess is absolutely precious!!

Libby said...

oooohhhh the gala apple tree yours? We love Galas! They don't brown as fast and are sooo tastey-and that from a eastener who was weaned on Macintosh apples!

gina3 said...

Package the extras and mail 'em to Texas. Everything here is burned up, dried up, shriveled up or dead. That garden in all it's deep green loveliness is awesome!

Lori said...

WOW, it went berzerk. bazerk. bizerk. How do you spell that. Anyway, it looks wonderful.

Halls Huddle said...

I definitely need the ratatouille recipe. Looks delish. Hope you're feeling better. Missed you and your kids at the park!

Teri said...

Gorgeous! What a green thumb! :)

Jen said...

I think I need your ratatouille recipe! That looks super yummy!!!

Janelle said...

ratatouille! sounds intriguing.

WhettenWild said...

That looks so good! I want to try your recipe. And I Totally want some of your produce. Not sure how I'd get there to pick it up though.

calikas said...

yummmm Your garden is epic!

ellie g said...

Dude. Mrs. Doubtfire. I freakin' love that show. And I might frequently refer to my hairy non-shaved legs as "natural". And I also may tell my single mother that "once the father of her children is's total and complete celibacy." And just for the record. I can't grow anything! The end.

Rebecca D said...

I totally wish I lived in your neighborhood... Nobody is abandoning any produce with us this year. I take that back three, not one or two, but three different people have given my husband huge bags of fresh green beans... He loves green beans... I do NOT like green beans. I made some for dinner once just to reconfirm I don't like them... I currently have 2 1/2 bags of green beans rotting in my crisper... Rot faster you darn fresh produce!!

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

What, you got to spend a month in France? C'est tres magnifique! I took loads of French in school, but it never did me much good because I've actually never used it in conversation with a person who wasn't a student or teacher of my class.