Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I've been holding out on you.

I feel like a liar. A cheat. A deceiver.

Surely you remember my big boy's bed nook?

Perhaps you noticed that I'm not zooming out and showing you the whole room.

Did you notice? Did ya? Did ya?

There's a darned good reason for that.

Um. . . .

It's 'cause of this.

And this.

Regard that the spaces chopped off the room's former vinyl message.

"The World Is A Playground, And Life Is Pushing My . . ."

"Buttons". ? .

Anywho, I've left roughly 3'x4' spaces on each side of his lil nook.


While the bed, INCLUDING it's accompanying spaces on each side that I unwittingly plunged into outer darkness were meant to be one HUGE project,

I had to walk away for a while.

This project was all-consuming. I was working on it nonstop-- mornings, evenings, midnight. I was dreaming about it, for crying out loud.

I needed it to be "done". Ish. For a while.

And ya know, that was 90% of it. The other 10%?

I was waiting on inspiration for those little spaces. What did I have in mind? We-he-hell, thanks for asking.

I was hoping for something whimsical. A childhood dream. Epic. And so forth.

Perhaps a hidden door?

A secret little room? A door that went from one room to the next? A bookcase that opens to reveal an evil laboratory?

See, I was waiting on inspiration to smack my bottom forward into working.

Now, hold on there! It's not gonna be even a hundredth as cool!

Practical and useful plans have won over both these lil nooks. Heck, they're small spaces and only so much can be done.

But they'll be nifty, nonetheless.


calikas said...

Cant wait to see it!

Lisa said...

I'm loving that space as-is and want a built in bed in my room!!! This is such a cliffhanger - WHAT are you going to do with those side spaces????

Dara said...

Funny that the stars are still on the ceiling. They were up there when we moved in. Can't wait to see how you finish it!!

Rebecca D said...

Done-ish is what I seem to be aiming for all summer... I'd just pack all the stuff you never want to see again in there (surely you have some gift from some relative too heinous to ever see the light of day... too horrid to even sell at a yard sale...)and wall it up... A little gift from you to the next homeowner in the distant future... lol

Nicki Rocky said...

Done-ish looks pretty good to me! I'd be happy to even get this far.

Lori said...

We took a two month break from our ceiling project 8 months ago! Feel your pain.

Aleks said...

i love looking at your awesome projects!! makes me long for a house of my own soooo bad!!!

Janelle said...

Knowing you, you will make "practical and useful" into fabulous and creative.

Michelle@Somedaycrafts said...

I noticed. The pics were ok, but not great and you ALWAYS take amazing pics. You didn't capture the whole essence of the bed. NOw I know why! Can't wait to see the inspiration!YUMMY!

Emily said...

I'm sure what ever you do with those spaces will be amazing

Teri said...

I'll have you know that I heard the word "laboratory" as "laBOHRaTOHRy". That's just how awesome your bog is.