Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Feeding Trough.

We now continue our series of "What to do when scraps are coming out of your butt", part 2, and let me say,

this pile is not going down. I swear.

But. BUT! These fairly simple projects just soothe my soul.

So! I had some leftover 1x8's hanging around from. . .oh. . . maybe the construction of these?

probably these.

Took my leftover pieces and ran them through Jaws on a 15 degree angle. Why? I wanted a box. Bot not a boxy box. I wanted a nifty trapezoidal box like zees. . .

What the H is it?? A feeding trough! No longer will my children eat inside! I've had it!

No, silly. I have wanted one of those nifty doo-dad wooden boxy thingys for a long time.

Gave it my usual Dark Walnut stain, and 38 coats of poly, and here we are.

Can you see all the possibilities? I have so many plans for this wooden trapezoidal boxy thingy! Flowers! Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations. . . a centerpiece that changes as much as my 3 year old needs to change his underpants!

And ya know the beautiful thing about planting this late in the season?

Some of my annuals were as cheap as 10¢. Serious.

Et voila.

My centerpiece for outside. This thing is ginormous; it's 6 feet long.

And if I'd have been smart enough, I'd have measured my inside table, and then I'd have known it would hang over by a foot. Arrrr.

Guess that means I'll have to make another one, huh?


gina3 said...

Oh yeah, make more! Great center piece. I could see smaller ones holding silverware or small leftover scraps of wood or hanging them on the wall as unique shelving or in the kids' rooms to hold toys and junk or offer one as a giveaway ;) ...endless possibilities.

Bon-Bon said...

But did you drill holes in the bottom to drain out excess H2O? Maybe you don't have to do that in dry, arid U-taw. In Vuhginya it's a must.

Emily said...

I think it looks awesome on that table, But if you insist on making a new one, I will take one.

Shirley said...

Aw man, I want one of those cool thingies....! Not that I really want to be thought of as a green thumb, just cause it looks cool with the dark stain. :)

Pressed Petals said...


Ellie said...

That's so cool! I love it. Guess you'll have to make another one for inside.

WhettenWild said...

LOVE it!! It turned out awesome!

Rebecca D said...

Please don't let your scrap pile go down too far... If it disappears altogether and I still have to leap over mine to get to the chest freezer I don't think we can still be friends... Just sayin'

kj said...

We should trade Apricots for Scraps. Maybe you have some of the wood I need to build the desk for Kaitlyn.


Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

A couple things. First, I love that's there is, I think a stroller? sitting on the scrap pile in the first picture.

Second, dark walnut is totally the best color they have. That's what color I'm staining our beam.

Third, I could totally see someone (me) doing this, but making the back end straight instead of angled, and using it as shoe storage by the door.

Jen said...

You could fill your box with Christmas books and be just like Rhonda!

Loving this blog, you have lots of cute ideas!

Teri said...

It's awesome, Mandi, and you really lucked out on the annuals! I'm thinking the feeding trough idea has merit, though...don't throw that one out yet. I just spent a few days with my nieces and nephews, and once the two new ones are added to the three I already have, I think I might need to commission one of those from you for picnics!