Monday, August 1, 2011

We Interrupt,

our scheduled series (numbers 1 through 492) of "What to do when scraps are coming out of your butt", to update you on


and let you know that the lemonade stand was a success.

Kids cleaned up, actually. But the money wasn't the point--

it's a classic, American summer activity, is it not?

Of course it is. (But still doesn't hurt to say "thank you" in other languages.)

And while we're on the subject of bevi's,
holy.beverage.partaking, batman.

Smoothies, gallons of lemonade, italian cream soda's, whatever floats our boat.

Is this a summer post, or a food post?

And must they be mutually exclusive?

'Cause we are big, BIG, on the lazy summer morning breakfast 'round here.

Flapjacks, waffles, french toast, breakfast casseroles, sweet rolls, muffins, toast,
Scrambled, sunny-side up, hard-boiled, eggs benedict, egg quiches, omelettes--
I am the omelette queen.

18% of the time.

And no, you cannot have an S.O.S. pad to help me out with my stovetop. But thanks.

Oh ho ho! And don't get me started on the birthdays and their cakes!

I made all of these. I did. 'Nt. Did. Not. But my SIL Rachie-poo did. I just sampled half of each of them.

Summer rocks my world. I normally take massive amounts of pictures,

But I've more than doubled all my other months. I'm a snap-happy fool, y'all.

Sigh. I want to die of an overdose of summer.

One day. Year.

60 years from now.

Or more.

Oh, and by the way--

our summer is clothing optional. Apparently.


SueAnn said...

Yeppers!! Summer is the best time of year. Lazy, hazy days!!! Gotta love them. And water...copious amounts of water to drink, to run under and to jump into!! Sigh!!
Make it last...!!!

julie - eab designs said...

With this oppressive heat we've been experiencing, I'd say that "clothing optional" sounds pretty good to me! Love how you've captured all the best of summer here.

Ruth H. said...

Will you adopt me? I know how to use a chop saw.

Emily said...

Clothing is always optional at my house as well. Super cute pictures. And it looks like you guys have had an awesome summer!

Pressed Petals said...

oh...that last photo has me itching to pintch!

WhettenWild said... come you always get to be the fun aunt. LOL! My kids can't wait to see you guys.....Macy keeps telling me that McKenna is her GFF (BFF) and that Mandi is my GFF. SO funny!

Teri said...

So so so so fun. SO.