Saturday, August 6, 2011

The End Of An Era.

Dudes, I did it.

Remember my love for trimmed out windows? And my quest to frame them all in with lovely molding?

And how I have one foot longer than the other for this picture?

Well, they're all done.

Okay, wait. Lemme back up (beep beep beep-- that's my back up noise)

I'm a liar. Pants are on fire. I have a ton of windows. A ton. 3,482 to be exact. These windows? They're not getting done.

Alright, fine. They might get done. One day. In a moment of pure insanity.

But for now, we're gonna call it good, here. All the bedrooms man-- they are done. Finally.

See, my boys bedroom?

It was the final frontier.

And their window situation? Not pretty.

Tole ya. "Heavy duty" (I'm making huge air quotes right now that you can't see) curtain rod they were apparently swinging from? Broken blinds? Butt munches.

Now, I did this to my basement bedroom/room to trash up/maybe a craft room:

Faux, indoor shutters. And I loved them. And hey-- I can get away with that sort of thing in a boys' oceany themed room.

For these shutters, I just used 1x4x6's.
Oh, look! I can see the paint from the lemonade stand! And the stain from the last 10 projects! And and and . . .

My gay-rage floor is taking a serious beating, no?

And yeah, they're as easy as they look. The boards are cut to the length of the window, a strip on top and bottom, and I just use scraps to keep my spacing.

Voila. 10 minute project.

Aaahhh, it's nice to finish things sometimes. Occasionally.

I will have you know I extensively ironed their new curtains.

And do I love the new look in here?

Is the pope Catholic?


Jen said...

SOOOOOO cute, Mandi! I think even I could make those faux shutters! Hmmmmm....whose room could I put those in?

Miss Kitty said...

A great "boys' room"! Tons of personality but yet practical and cute to boot.

Heidi said...

I think they look great In there! Congrats on finishing a project :)

Lori said...

Last time I checked the Pope is Catholic and last time I checked you have once again pulled off a wonderful, amazing, make it look so easy project! I want those shutters on my outside.

gina3 said...

The shutters and the new curtains look great in the boys' room! I love the navy/white in there. Congratulations on mission accomplished!

Emily said...

I love the shutters. I think it is such a cute idea!

Dede said...

Wow, it looks fantastic! LOVE the shutters.

Teri said...

What an accomplishment, Mandi! Loving the shutters!

Lisa said...

I'm loving your curtains & shutter combo! Also a navy & white color scheme - you had me at hello. But a carpentry project even I can do? Now we're talking. Love them in that room!

dena4kids said...

Love the shutters! I also love the curtain rod, for I too have the same rod in my living room!:) Great minds!!!

Lesley said...

I have OBSESSED over my windows in my master bathroom to the point of not finishing the project! YOU just gave me the solution! YEAH! Pinned it! Thanks!

Waseem said...

So practical....The shutters and the new curtain so much co ordinate to the decoration of the room..Look amazing in family room.

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