Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Is How It Started.

Picture it:

Sicily, 1922. Er, I mean,

it was a beautiful summer night. I had finally brought my table out to it's proper resting place:

remember, this table?

Anywho, it was a beautiful summer night-- we sat outside, played a few rounds of cards, drank rootbeer floats--

it was a night of frivolity, jovialty, cheap fireworks, and totally awesome 80's dance moves.

Man I miss doing the Running Man.

Anywho, it changed everything. The nice summer breeze? The cards outside? I fell in love. Again.

Perhaps you remember my dweam of alfresco dining. Or as my brother said to me, "Al-whatta? Oh, you mean eating outside? That is a stupid word. Just say 'eating outside.' Yeesh."

And perhaps you remember my dweam of a pergola. . .

this ain't happenin'. Why? Oh. . . maybe it's 'cause we've already bit off more than we can chew this year. Maybe it's 'cause a project like that is upwards of 1, maybe 2 grand.

I know. I might have lost a little bladder control when I heard those figures, too.

But we love it out here!

We're eating breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, supper, midnight buffets, etcetera out here!

And half the time we're half nudie! And we don't even care!

I would like you to know that my son cares for his waffles striped: stripe of maple, stripe of blueberry, stripe of strawberry syrup. Thanks for listening.

Oh, son.


Someone stand by with a cattle prod when I get this far off topic. Please.

So I'm still dreaming-- I dream of a pergola, yes. I dream of a much cheaper, much easier pergola. I dream of said pergola with beautiful grape vines growing around it. I dream of these gorgeous solar lanterns I picked up hanging down. . .

CAN YOU SEE IT? It's breathtaking!

Meanwhile, I decided at least, at very least, I can make my table a bench, instead of those fugly folding chairs I've got out there that my kids like to fold themselves up into.

I modified a bench plan from Ana's site,

and let me tell you somethin'.

Call me a wimp, ("WIMP!"), but the "X"'s for an "X" bench? Pain in the badonkadonk.

Don't do these.


do these. If you like to dig out in-grown toenails. If you like getting your license renewed. If you like your annual colonoscopy-- then by all means, do these.

I would like to take a moment to thank the hubs for not getting mad about all the paint/stain marks.

Ta Da.


many squishy bums shall be seated upon you, I swear it.


Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

i'm going to need the name of the table top stain...and brand.

and i love you (not that it has to do with anything but THIs is the FIRST comment and I felt it needed to be said.

p.s. i eat outside half nudie too.

Veronica said...

Ana has pergola plans. I'm a teensy bit in love with this one myself:
Ana has a solution for everything-- like taking that $1000 price tag down to $150. Just to keep you biting off more than you can chew.

MariaT said...

It all looks great so far. Outdoor areas are on hold until next year at our place too. Too many indoor projects.

Shirley said...

So, I'd like to know how you get rid of the mosquitos? We've been prisoners in our house for the last two weeks! We all did the happy dance when the mosquito plane flew over yesterday. I really love the contrast of the stain and white. Awesome job girl!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

The Xs were so worth the frustration. It makes for a really cool bench. I have always wanted a pergola too!!! I hope you can have one. What f fun summer you are having!

Kerrye said...

Dang. I re-did my patio table and chairs this spring too. (Ok, it was just a can of spray paint, but that's pretty major for me...) Now the temps refuse to fall below 100. Even half-nudie, I just can't handle that. My dweams of al-fresh... el fres... um, eating outside will have to wait til fall.

Laura @ Laura's Crafty Life said...

I love the way the benches turned out. And I love the Golden Girls reference at the beginning!

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

Same page girl, so many glorious projects to do, so little money to do them.

Megan said...

a pain in the rear or not- your bench is FAB!!!

and my own 2 hellions- ALWAYS nudie, and almost always more than half. Its all underwear, all the time in this house. *sigh*

Indiri said...

We did a simpler version of a pergola and if you like it I'm sure you could build it easily. Ours only cost about $380 including paint/anchor risers/screws/etc for about 13 feet by 10.5 feet. I have a couple pics here if you're interested:

Rebecca D said...

We have been eating outside all summer too... I broke down and bought some chairs and we love, love, love being out there. We do it fully clothed though... With the exception of the bikini clad teenage daughters and their bikini clad friends since I don't think that qualifies as "fully clothed"... You know, just ignore everything I said before, there is partial nudity at the outdoor table here... Just not me... (And the whole world says Halliuah in unison!)

Foundinthe-ALI said...

You are Hilarious

and This is Awesome!!

great job! I'm a new follower :)


Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

Second breakfast hehe ;)

Michelle@Somedaycrafts said...

Good looking benches! AND you totally need to build that pergola. Who cares about the money:)? Just do it!!!!

Emily said...

I love your table! And I love that you guys eat breakfast outside! How fun is that!

P.S. McKenna's swimsuit is so cute!

WhettenWild said...

The bench turned out super cute! Can't wait to see the pergola. I love those! I still have to show you which plants Conal and I thought would look good on it.

Teri said...

Absolutely fabulous! Loving the bench. I've also been dweaming of a pergola...sounds like it's a pipe dream now that I heard your numbers! Glad to see that you're loving summer pergolaless.